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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bradley endorses political bid during final press-con

Timothy Bradley endorsed Manny Pacquiao's senatorial bid during a friendly final press conference.

Although Bradley wrongly mentioned the position Pacquiao is running to when he said 'governor'. But Bradley believed that Pacquiao is "truly the only one that gonna do right for the Filipino people". Pacquiao is running for senator in his native Philippines. The national elections will be on 9th May, one month after the scheduled championship bout between the two top welterweights this Saturday night 9th April.

"Sooner or later he'll become the governor of the Philippines. He had shown everybody what he is made of, what he has done in the Philippines and to the Filipino people. He is truly, truly, to me, the only one out there that's gonna do right for the Filipino people", Bradley said.

Bradley also reiterated that the fight has nothing to do with and should not be a factor for the incumbent congressman to win his bid for a higher position in his country.

"He (Pacquiao) rightfully deserves to win," said Bradley.

Pacquiao deserves to win on May 9 to Bradley.  But of course for Bradley not on April 9.

"This is about legacy for me. I get a third crack at it. I'm ready. And if I gonna win this fight, is now... is now!", said Bradley.

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