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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mark Magsayo stops Chris Avalos

As expected, it looks like this fight will gonna take the spotlight out of the main event.

Mark "Magnifico" Magsayo gave out a magnificent performance tonight, stopping American Chris Avalos in the 6th Round of their featherweight title fight at the full-packed Cebu City Sports Center, in Cebu City at the undercard of Nonito Donaire vs Zsolt Bedak title fight.

In the first round, it was already an action-packed fight. Both men got no feel-it round as they unleashed vicious punches. But it was Magsayo who got the better of it as his looping overhand right find its home on Avalos' head.

In the second round, Magsayo came out like a blazing bull with both nostrils smoking as he peppered Avalos with power shots upstairs. A big right-hand wobbles Avalos and Magsayo were all over to finished Avalos' up, but the more experienced American managed to hold on and survive the Magsayo onslaught.

In the third, it was obvious that Magsayo really burned out as he slowed down his offense. Avalos on the other hand recovered his footing and was in the offensive mode. Big left and right tagged Magsayo, which sent him flat on his ass. Magsayo was on unsteady legs this time, but he managed to hold on. In the final seconds, Magsayo took a knee and was ruled a slip by the referee as Avalos looking for the kill.

In the fourth, Avalos came out blazing with the momentum shift on his side. But the sound defense of Magsayo was able to fend off those power shots coming from the Californian opponent.

In the fifth, Magsayo again stunned Avalos by walloping their right hand. Magsayo was all over Avalos to finish him. But the experience of Avalos really took over. He tried to hold on and regain his footing. But this time it was obvious that the power shots landed has taken a toll on him.

In the sixth, all-out aggression of Magsayo was unleashed. Winging left and right hooks tagged Avalos at will upstairs as Avalos' hands dropped as he was stunned by the power shots from Magsayo. An unanswered left and right from Magsayo that tagged Avalos while on the ropes opted the corner to throw in the towel of surrender, and referee Tapdasan immediately stopped the fight.

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