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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Canelo wins split decision over Lara

[caption id="attachment_3643" align="alignnone" width="800"]Canelo wins split decision over Lara Photo Credit: Hogan Photos[/caption]

The 23 year old, Saul Canelo Alvarez (44-1-1, 31 KO) wins split decision over Cuban slickster Erislandy Lara (19-2-2, 12 KO). Judge Roth scored it 115-113 for Lara, Moretti 115-113 for Canelo and Martinez 117-111 for Canelo.

It was a close fight that if you have to score; the outcome will depend on which four components in scoring you will give weight. It is a debatable fight of who "really" wins. Judges tends to give weight to one or two of these four components in scoring; ring generalship, effective aggressiveness, clean punching and defense. But judges are supposed to equally put in mind those above factors in assigning their scores. But some judges favor certain characteristics.

With the above being said, I believed judge Roth favor ring generalship, Moretti and Martinez favor effective aggressiveness. I try to keep in mind those components equally in my mind and I have it a draw.

Lets talk about the fight

As expected, Canelo was in pursuit for Lara from the opening bell down to the final round as Lara used the entire ring. Canelo looked composed and not frustrated, although when he missed, he missed wildly, catching nothing but air. He was inclined to target Lara's body, hoping this would slow down Lara. And he connected most his punches to the body. However, Lara was able to maintain his footwork and movement around the ring.

"The body shots connected but they didn't have any force. I still have no respect for him. I'm asking for a rematch. One hundred percent I'll do the same and we'll win again." says Lara after the fight. But Canelo's body work did bother Lara especially in the fourth and fifth round. Lara signaled to the referee that Canelo's punches-to-the-body were below the belt line. But I think those punchers were good.

Lara on the other hand, was able to catch Canelo clean upstairs, causing welt around Canelo's right eye. At times, he made Canelo looked extremely bad, making Canelo missed wildly. Lara was upset of the decision and thought he won. "One hundred percent I won this fight. I was controlling the rounds and, worse, I made him look bad in front of his fans. People know I won this fight." Lara said.

Canelo said that he came to fight. "I came to fight, I didn't come to run here," Canelo said. "You don't win by running. You win by hitting. He does have a great jab and he moves around, but you don't win a fight that way. You don't run."

About a possible rematch.

Canelo told (maybe jokingly, or seriously) that he will give Lara a rematch if he learns how to fight. "When he learns how to fight then I'll give him the rematch." Canelo said.

During the post fight conference, here's Oscar De La Hoya had said when asked about a possible rematch.

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