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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Farenas delivers unwanted birthday gift for 50 Cent

Farenas delivers unwanted birthday gift for 50 Cent

Michael "Hammer Fist" Farenas was supposed to be the main course for the birthday celebration of rapper-turned-promoter 50 Cent. And the assigned cook to prepare the dish is former undefeated Mark "Too Sharp" Davis.

Farenas (31-4-4, 31 KO) refused to be butchered and instead became the bull that botches the matador. Farenas power was too much for the young matador. And Davis (18-1, 5 KO) doesn't have enough power on his sword for the surging bull.

Davis' promoter Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent will celebrate his 39th birthday on Sunday, 6th July.

Farenas and Davis fought for the IBF title eliminator as the main event for ESPN Friday Night Fights at The Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

In the first stanza, Farenas power showed the difference. He threw punches upstairs and downstairs with real bad intentions. The left hand from Farenas' southpaw stance caught Davis attention early.  A cut opened on Davis left eye in the first round.

In the succeeding rounds, Davis tried to avoid Farenas' power left hook. He tried to stick and move. But Farenas was able to pin him down towards the corner and connected hard lefts to the body. Those hard shots to the bread-basket definitely took Davis legs, as he was not able to move effectively.

In the sixth, the accumulation of punches started to tell on Davis. He almost went down after a hard left hand connects from Farenas and was only saved by the bell.

From round six, referee Smoger has been watching carefully on Davis. Smoger warned Davis' corner about stopping the fight if he continue to receive punishment.

In the eighth, Farenas connected a cracking left hook that pushed back Davis reeling towards the ropes. Davis is in big trouble and immediately on the defensive. Farenas then followed up with unanswered blows. The referee stepped in and stopped the contest to save Davis from further damage.

The official time of the stoppage: 0:59 in round 8.

Farenas is a battle tested veteran. Although, he lost already four times but those losses were close decisions. Farenas only knockout defeat was in the hands of Yuriorkis Gamboa, who is also promoted by 50 Cent. It is actually a sweet revenge for Farenas indirectly on 50 Cent through the promoter's fighter.

50 Cent was also coming off from last week's devastating defeat of his top fighter, Yuriorkis Gamboa against Terence Crawford.

50 Cent was on a good start this week because of the victory of his other fighters. Bily Dib and Ryan Martin won, which 50 promotes. But the Filipino southpaw spoiled the best birthday gift a boxing promoter would love on his birthday. And instead he delivered an unpleasant birthday present.

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