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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Golovkin-Geale reasons to watch

It's been a while that I was not able to watch live boxing fights. Not because I don't want to, but this is because I've been too busy with my day job. As a recruiter, I've got a huge manpower requirement to fulfill this last quarter of the year. It's a massive short term mobilization actually.

However, on Sunday morning (Saturday night US) I will make sure that, I will not miss the fight between Kazakhstan's heavy hitter Gennady Golovkin and Australia's Daniel Geale. This is a 12-round middleweight fight that features the number one middleweight fighter in the world that yet to be tested. I really like Golovkin as a fighter because he is there to do the work straight away. He's a fighter that will immediately start his job inside the ring without any delay. As a fighter, you can't see any hesitation in his eyes, or any fear. He will be on hot pursuit to his opponent and will unleash punishing blows that so far, 26 opponents out of 29, were not able to hear the sound of the final bell against the man who has name initials of "GGG", "Triple G" or Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin - that is his complete name. Here's my preview of this fight, and you can read it here if you want by clicking this link:

Not just that I love to watch Golovkin, but I'm interested also on his opponent. Tonight, Golovkin fights Daniel Geale. It is actually a step-up in competition for Golovkin and a step-up in venue too. He will headline the fight in Madison Square Garden. The undefeated Golovkin, six fights ago, fought in Turning Stone Resort and Casino. And now he's headlining a fight at the famous MSG. So, imagine how fast Golovkin catching the attention of American boxing fans. But anyway this is still interesting to see whether he can draw the crowd at the arena. This one of the reason also why I need to watch this fight. 

Daniel Geale is a battle tested veteran who has fought who's who in the middleweight division. He has been an alphabet belt holder and has been defeated only twice. And that's against split decisions -- a fight that may go in his way, but he was just unlucky on the scorecards. Geale would really give Golovkin some serious problems based on his ledger. He throws volume of punches that can overwhelm an opponent. If Golovkin has to be exposed it should be tonight, as Geale will be there and tries to handle what he really got. 

However, this could be easier said than done, as Geale has to receive some power punches while giving his own volume of punches. For sure, If he wanted to give some he will receive also something from Golovkin that has tremendous power on both hands. It's obvious that Golovkin has more power on his hands. But Geale has more bullets in his magazine that he will unleash in rapid fire. 

Wallah! This is really an exciting fight. This the type of fight you should not missed. It is by far much more better than any pay-per-view fights out there that has keep on coming and coming this year. So as a boxing fan is a must fight to see.

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