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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fight Note: Absurd happening on Golovkin-Geale fight

Fight Note: Absurd happening on Golovkin-Geale fight
Fight Note: Absurd happening on Golovkin-Geale fight

On Saturday night, at the Madison Square Garden, Gennady Golovkin won against Daniel Geale via knockout in Round 3. Boxing experts expected this result and Golovkin just did what was expected from him.

Golovkin (30-0, 27 KO) just did what he normally do in the ring: knocking opponents after opponents. This has been his 17 straight victories by way of stoppage. The most on current champion in the sport.

There are few absurd happenings during the fight. In the first round we've seen Geale (30-3, 16 KO) tripped by a camera-strap by one of ringside photographer and went down. I just don't know why our dear photographers on that fight spread the strap of his camera deep down inside the ring. 

That incident was really dangerous, but I'm glad that there's nothing serious happened to Geale. He can be seriously injured. And take note; that was Geale's first knockdown of his career -- not by a punch but by a camera strap -- absurd!

Don't you know also that the first round lasted for four minutes instead of the regulations 3-minute a round. I don't know what exactly the reason. But it looks likely that the timekeeper enjoyed watching the fight and forget the time. That's a possibility.

I was not able to notice the time during the fight, I just happen to read it from here: and by watching the replay -- it's too obvious.

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