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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri preview and prediction

After all the preparation, it boils down to two men finally tangle in the ring.

During the fight's build up between the Filipino boxing icon and undefeated Chris Algieri; they were very cordial to each other. Nothing to trash talks about. No drama. No nothing.

Instead, what they promised is that they had the best training camp. And it looks like they did have good training camps. Both men look sharp and physically strong during the media workout. They don't have weight issues as both men, for sure will comfortably make the  the contracted 144 pound limit.

Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri preview and predictionPacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KO) will defend his WBO welterweight title against unbeaten Chris Algieri.  The Venetian Macao’s Cotai Arena of Macau in China will hold the event and can be watch on HBO Pay-Per-View.

So, I think, if both indeed physically prepared for this fight, then we have a great fight this weekend. Plain and simple. No gloves issues. No one's threatening that the fight will not push through. But I hope the fight will sell by itself. The last time Pacquiao fought in Macao was against Brandon Rios. The fight generated unsatisfactory less than 500K PPV buys.

Well, it's not my forte to talk about this fight's business point of view. Instead let me do my preview and prediction.

I think, in Round 1, Pacman will try to surprise Algieri. He will use Germany's blitzkrieg attack. Pacquiao knows well that Algieri doesn't hits hard. Algieri's only eight knockouts out of 20 wins is a testament that he doesn't have that one-punch knockout power. Pacquiao's early onslaught will keep Algieri on the back foot. Algieri survive the round by covering up tightly. And riding his bicycle.

In the second round, Pacquiao lands a powerful left straight on Algieri. The undefeated New Yorker took it, but he felt it. Then he realized Pacquiao power. It is really powerful. He thinks that he can run, but can't hide. He stand his ground and trades with Pacquiao, which is a bad move. But Algieri, is just swinging with the fences. He can't catch Pacquiao clean. Now he realized what speed is all about. He thinks of Tim Bradley words. “He’s gonna learn November 22 what fast is all about. Manny Pacquiao, lightning-fast feet, reflexes, angles, he's gonna see what that's like. He definitely is. Good luck to him." Algieri said to himself. "Yes! Good luck to me!

In the third round, Algieri (28-0, 8 KO), is obviously in the survival mode. He just was trying to avoid as much punches from the eight division champion. Although Algieri landed some jabs that momentarily back Pacquiao on his track. But it is obviously Pacquiao who controls the pace and the fight. Pacquiao uses superior foot speed and lightning fast combinations to score whenever he wants. It is Algieri's tremendous physical condition that keeps him up in the third stanza. But swelling started to show on Algieri's handsome face.

In the fourth, the 35 year old Pacquiao focuses on Algieri's body. The 5'10' Algieri continued fighting on the back foot. He uses his jab to keep the 5' 6.5" Pacquiao off. But Pacquiao was able to slip and move in behind the 72" Algieri's reach and fired four to five unanswered combinations.

In the fifth, the 30 year old Algieri looks frustrated. He's behind the scorecards. His nose is bleeding. He breathes with his mouth. His head started to fall because of Pacquiao's body assaults.

In the sixth, the Kia Sorento head coach, started to mix his combinations. He fired shots to the body and ended to the head. Few seconds before round ends, a short left hook catches on Algieri's chin. He has no idea where in came from. Algieri went down. Face first. The referee did not bother to count. He waived it off. Manny Pacquiao KO6 Chris Algieri. Don't worry it's just my prediction. What's yours? Say it in the comments section.

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