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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rod Salka wins a bloody fight with Monty Meza Clay

Well, Rod Salka, no longer reminded me that he was once the fighter that Danny Garcia has been criticized fighting with. On Friday night, at the CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Salka fought an extremely entertaining fight against Monte Meza Clay. Both men were bloodied in the onslaught. The fight was the co-main event on eIN Sports, promoted by Iron Mike Productions.

It was a battle of attrition.

Although, Salka did not stand in there to fight toe-to-toe, instead he boxed around Clay for the entire fight. But it did not make the fight boring, as Clay relentlessly pressed forward the entire ten rounds.

Salka, now improved his record to 20-4 and 3 wins by knockout, was easily knockout in August by Danny Garcia in Round 2. But that fight happened in a catch-weight of 142 pounds. But, against Clay, Salka defended his title at lightweight -- Salka's natural weight.

Salka showed he can take a punch in his natural weight class. He was able to withstand the bombardment from Clay -- who had tremendous power and conditioning.

Clay, now dropped to 36-4 with 22 knockouts, was able to sustain the aggression for full 10 rounds. Although most of his power punches were swing on the fences that may took a lot of gas out from him; yet he still able to maintained pressure till the final bell. And the result, both men soak with blood after the fight. Both men cut and sliced above both eye. Salka also had a big mouse under his eye.

It was a terrific fight.

Salka landed fast combination with regularity while Clay landed the hard shots, but not in succession. Salka would eventually stay out in the pocket once Clay mounts his offensive. In the end it was Salka's hand raised as the victor to the tuned of 97-94, 98-92, and 99-91 on the judges' scorecards.

Final stats says Salka landed total 0f 226 punches out of 79 thrown while Clay landed 180 out of 764.

Well, I'm thinking what if the Salka's fight with Garcia was in the lightweight division. Maybe Salka can take Garcia's punch at lightweight and give Garcia troubles. Garcia was struggling against Mauricio Herrera who's a boxer like Salka. Anyway just saying!

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