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Friday, May 22, 2015

Alexander Povetkin vs Mike Perez results: Povetkin brutally stops Perez in Round 1

Alexander Povetkin vs Mike Perez results: Povetkin brutally stops Perez in Round 1

Alexander Povetkin brutally stops Mike Perez in 91 seconds, in the very first round, of their heavyweight clash in Luzhniki, Moscow in Russia on Friday and becomes the mandatory challenger for Deontay Wilder’s heavyweight title.

Povetkin (29-1, 21KO’s) wobbled Perez with a powerful right hand to the chest, 2:21 minute mark. Again another right hand landed but this time put Perez to the floor at around 1:48 mark. I thought at that point Perez had enough and the fight is over.

Perez (21-2-1, 13KO’s) was able to beat the count and referee Massimo Barrovecchio allowed him to continue. A couple of shots from Povetkin put down again Perez and the referee stops the fight without counting.

It was the most spectacular Povetkin performance tonight. I see a Klitschko rematch in the near future if Povetkin get past Wilder if their fight materializes.

Here are the rest of Alexander Povetkin vs Mike Perez results

Grigory Drozd TKO9 Lukasz Janik

Grigory Drozd (40-1, 27 KO's) retains WBC cruiserweight title by stopping Lukasz Janik (28-3, 15KO's) in Round 9. Referee Ian John-Lewis stops the contest around 2:07 mark of the ninth round. Drozd pummels Janik with couple of hard lefts and rights that opted the referee to stepped in.

Rakhim Chakhkiev KO8 Junior Anthony Wright

Beijing Olympic gold medalist Rakhim Chakhkiev (23-1, 18 KO's) knocks out Junior Anthony Wright (22-2, 17 KO's) with a cracking left hand to the body that sends Wright crashing to the floor at 2:29 in Round 8 of their cruiserweight title match.

Dmitry Kudryashov TKO 6 Vikapita Meroro

Dmitry Kudryashov stops Vikapita Meroro in Round 6 at Luzhniki, Moscow in Russia.

The pro-Kudryashov crowd keep chanting Kudryashov name from round 1. But it took more than the expected round for Kudryashov to finish the job at hand. Kudryashov is very tentative in his offense in the the first four rounds, although his walking Meroro. He keeps coming but not able to get through his offense as Meroro smartly clinch as Kudryashov try to execute his offense. Read More...

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