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Friday, May 22, 2015

Dmitry Kudryashov stops Vikapita Meroro in Six

Dmitry Kudryashov stops Vikapita Meroro in Round 6 at Luzhniki, Moscow in Russia.

The pro-Kudryashov crowd keep chanting Kudryashov name from round 1. But it took more than the expected round for Kudryashov to finish the job at hand. Kudryashov is very tentative in his offense in the the first four rounds, although his walking Meroro. He keeps coming but not able to get through his offense as Meroro smartly clinch as Kudryashov try to execute his offense.

In my unofficial scorecards Meroro is ahead through Round 4. But in Round 5 it's obvious that Kudryashov is taking over. He was able to wear down Meroro. In round six Kudryashov scores a knockdown. Meroro (28-5, 14KO's) gets up and continue but with unsteady legs. Kudryashov steps up his offense and lands a body shot that put down Meroro again for good.

With the win Kudryashov maintains his perfect record, 18 wins, 18 by knockouts, no defeats.

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