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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mayweather: Winners win and losers have excuses

Mayweather: Winners win and losers have excuses

Following Floyd Mayweather Jr's decision victory over Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao on Saturday. And Pacquiao's revelation of his shoulder injury during the post-fight press conference. Floyd posted on his social media a status that somewhat directed to Pacquiao's injury as an "excuse" for losing the fight against him.
"19 years in the fight game and I've had one excuse: "Don't have an excuse". Winners win and losers have excuses." Mayweather wrote on his Facebook page timeline.

Mayweather (48-0, 26 KO's) won the fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. But Pacquiao's injury cast shadow on his victory.

Shoulder injury put Pacman on the limelight

Pacquiao is on the media spotlight, instead of the media talking about Floyd's victory. The media has been following Pacquiao's developing injury story. Pacquiao did not disclose an injury he suffered during the training. A move that might brought him to trial by perjury.

Yahoo Sport's Kevin Iole first broke the story.

Two Las Vegas residents already filed $5 million class-suit in Las Vegas district court.

Michael Koncz, admitted he checked the wrong box on NSAC's pre-fight questionnaire. But listed the medication Pacquiao needed for the fight.

What Pacman has to say on Koncz

In a report from ABS-CBN TV Patrol, Pacquiao told that he might replace Koncz.

"Papalitan ko na yan si Michael Koncz" (I will replace Michael koncz), says Pacquaio in Filipino, followed by his usual charming smile.

I don't know if Pacquiao is serious about what he said. But if the intention of Pacquiao's camp is to disclose the injury. But Koncz checked the wrong box, then I think he should replace Koncz. Even if it's an honest mistake. It's negligence on his part. What he did might cost million dollar case on Pacquiao for violating Las Vegas rules.

On a possible Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch

Pacquiao pointed out he's not making his shoulder injury as an excuse. Instead, he still thinks that he won the fight. But the shoulder injury now becomes the talking point of a rematch.

Initial fans reaction after the fight is that it doesn't need a rematch. It's the biggest fight. The biggest payday for the fighters. But with little action.

There's no rematch stipulated in the contract for last Saturday's Mayweather-Pacquiao bout.

Showtime's president and general manager of sports programming not convinced of a Mayweahter-Pacquiao rematch.
"There have been a lot of challenges. There's a lot of history between the principles here, history of negotiations, a relationship that went sour between Floyd and Top Rank, a lot of emotional baggage and that made the negotiation part difficult and getting the fight together difficult and then you layer on to it two different competing networks, different business models, different competing networks, different strategies, different philosophies, different creative viewpoints sometimes. So you're bringing in three sets of different viewpoints, promoter, fighter and network. And trying to layer them all together and it's a challenge," says Espinoza as quoted in

But to those that think that there's merit for a rematch, don’t lose hope.

It was earlier reported Floyd Mayweather Jr. texted Stephen A. Smith. He will agree on a rematch with Manny Pacquiao in 2016 when Pacman' shoulder fully recover.

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