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Friday, May 22, 2015

"Pinoy Pride" will be back in Dubai in a much bigger venue

ALA Promotions' successful "Pinoy Pride" series will be back in Dubai. And it was earlier planned to take place on June 12 in a much bigger venue.

ALA Promotions' CEO and President Michael Aldeguer have been working on two international events: In the US and Dubai. "Pinoy Pride" will debut in the US as California State Athletic Commission has released their license to stage events in the US.

The series will be back in Dubai, in a much bigger venue, after a successful debut in September 2014. But the event could be push back to August.

"Actually there is no postponement because we have not formally launched it yet. We are targeting it for August because of a bigger venue", explains Aldeguer as quoted on The Freeman.

Aldequer's plan to stage the fight in a much bigger venue is good news not only for the fans but also for the local media.

"Pinoy Pride" Dubai debut lost opportunity to get featured by local media. Gulf News reports that local newspaper trying to cover 'Pinoy Pride 27: Duel in Dubai' were in a "rude shock" after being told that there was no allocated seating for the media.

Aldequer was apologetic though: “I am extremely sorry for what has happened. Hopefully, things will get better next time,” he said.

With the bigger venue, I think things will indeed get better this time. Not just for the local and international media that will cover the event but for the boxing fans. The bigger venue can accommodate more boxing fans this time. And the fighters will get exposure from the local media with following not just in Dubai but in GCC areas, home of 2.5 million OFWs.

The event will still be held at the Dubai Convention Center.

"It will still be held at the Dubai Convention Center but in a bigger place, double of what it was last year", says Aldequer.

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