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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Demarcus Corley vs Manuel Perez set on May 16

Road Warrior, Proven Champion...he’s heard it all & almost done it all. He’s never been one after
fame & never has he once came out of character. Still he has dreams & goals.

Fastly approaching 41 years old, DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley knows the windows of opportunity on achieving those goals are closing for him from boxing promoters & much bigger shows. 

He knows that he’s probably going to be an afterthought fighting on the same weekend as two of boxing sports exciting Champions in GGG and Chocolito. This Saturday, May 16th Corley (42-22) faces another obstacle & formidable opponent in his hometown of Colorado in Manuel “Manos” Perez (22-11).

Both Perez & Corley have had their fair share of facing & sparring with World Class Champions. Corley knows what’s at stake & feels that this is his time, a time now to make a statement to put to boxing world on notice once again. By speaking with Corley, he has a rage inside him in which many that are close to him has never seen in which he plans on using in his upcoming fight against Perez. 

Less than a year ago, Corley was honored at the “Night of Champions” as one of the few to come out of the Nation’s Capitol as a World Champion. Corley still feels that DC doesn’t really care about him. 

Maybe this is where some of the rage sets in. Maybe it’s from promoters stating Corley is too experienced, he’s a southpaw, or has nothing left. Far too often we hear these statements, but not from someone like Corley or someone like Perez. Both are ready to put on a show. Perez is game ready & Corley has been on this stage plenty of times himself. 

Even though this weekend GGG & Chocolito will get most of the publicity from the boxing world, a potential barn-burner in Corley vs Perez will be happening almost at the exact same time. The fight this Sat. May 16th can be viewed online via under the promotion brought to you by Duran Hill, “Sting Lke A Bee Entertainment.”

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  1. Well corley came up short! He retired after the 6th round,perez was relentless with his body shots and corley couldn't handle the pressure.