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Sunday, July 31, 2011

World Cup Brazil 2014 Securing A Spot:FIFA Draw Preliminaries/Rankings

Azkals Before their loss to Kuwait

The World Cup will return to Brazil after 50 years in 2014. The Philippines hopes to secure a berth denied by Kuwait in round two of the qualifying match in a home and away series. But how difficult is it to secure a spot in this prestigious and the world's biggest sports following? The World Cup!

A quick look at the path every nations has to go to qualify defending on their previous rank in FIFA and location. The Preliminaries takes place on July 30, 2011.

Overall there are 203 nations registered to participate in the qualifying process this includes Philippines represented by Azkals.

In Asia (4.5 Slots)has 20 teams that survive from last week's 2nd round home and away series. This includes Kuwait which advances round three after defeating Azkals. This 20 teams will be divided into five groups consisting of four teams each group. The top two of each group will then advance to a two groups of five teams (10 total). The top two teams in this two group will advance securing the four slots allocated for Asia. The two third placer in each group will face off and the winner will take on the winner from Oceania that will complete the 4.5 slots.

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In Oceania (.5 Slot) the overall winner will face the best fifth placer in Asia.

In North and Central American and Caribbean region (3.5 Slots)wherein USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica and Cuba are already in round three. The six teams that survive in round two will advance in round three. So the 3 group winners and 3 runner up winners will advance to round 4. The best three finisher will make to the slot and the 4th team placer will up against the fifth of the South American side.

South America (4.5 Slots) including Brazil who directly qualifies being the host nation of the World cup.

Africa (5 Slots), the 52 federations are divided into two. The lowest 24 will compete in the preliminaries and the winners will advance to a home and away series and will join the other 28 upper ranked side from the continent and will play to the third round. 10 winners will play a home and away playoff and winners will take the slots.

Europe (13 Slots). 53 federations will be split in to eight groups of six and one group of five. All nine group winners will qualify automatically and the best eight runners up will play two legged playoffs to which team will take the remaining four slots.

Preliminaries drawn to determine the final slots for each territories.

A total of 31 slots to be competed by 203 nations excluding Brazil that qualifies automatically, to complete the 32 nation FIFA World Cup 2014.

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