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Monday, September 30, 2013

Video: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II Press Conference

Video Credit: Fight Hub TV

The result of the first fight was my first ever post about Mix Martial Arts. A very confident Anderson Silva was knockout cold by heavy underdog Chris Weidman. Now, for the rematch, I can't help but to follow this match. I'm interested to find out what will be Silva's mentality now facing again the man that froze him in their last fight.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

James Daryl spars with his classmate for Unit Meet

My little guy--James Daryl-- sparring session in preparation for his fight for the school unit meet at Baroy, Lanao del Norte.

Chavez wins UD against Vera in another controversial judging in boxing this September

Photo: Jeff Gross

If I could only borrow the eyes of boxing judges' Gwen Adair, Carla Caiz and Martha Denkin so that I will understand how they scored the fight between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Brian Vera. I just don't understand how.

Chavez escaped a unanimous decision win on Saturday night's HBO main event, at the StubHub Center, Carson, California after 10 rounds of supposed to be 163 pounds contracted weight limit. Then later on was changed to 165--these weights still under the super middleweight range. But again changed to 173 pounds--two pounds short to reach the light heavyweight limit.

This is the weight issues of Chavez prior to the fight.

Vera clearly the underdog in size so with power, I supposed. But was able to established enough difference between who won and who lost in the fight, which were not determined by our judges.

I thought the Mayweather-Canelo was the last controversial judging that will happen this September, which started early this month, with Beltran-Burns fight. I'm mistaken.

After all, this is what Vera could say in his tweet on tweeter, "I appreciate all the love and support... I did everything I could possibly to do win. At the end of the day I'm happy with my performance"

What to do? This is what it is man!

I appreciate all the love and support... I did everything I could possibly to do win. At the end of the day I'm happy with my performance
— BRYAN VERA (@BVWARRIOR) September 29, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Preview and Prediction

The battle of Manny Pacquiao tormentors will be on 12 October 2013 at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada for the world welterweight title.

Juan Manuel Marquez (welterweight TBRB rank no. 2), will return to the ring to face Timothy Bradley (welterweight TBRB rank no. 4), after a spectacular knockout victory, in November of last year, over arch-rival, Filipino boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao.

Marquez 55-6-1 (KO 40), ended the rivalry of his long time nemesis with exclamation point. Marquez knocked Pacquiao out, with a big right hand, sending Pacquiao face-first to the floor with a second remaining in the sixth round.

Bradley, another Pacquiao tormentor, will climb the ring against Marquez, coming off a thrilling victory in March over Russian banger, Ruslan Provodnikov. Bradley defeated Pacquiao in paper, rather than in actual combat; awarded by a split decision victory of what has been considered as the most controversial decision in recent memory of boxing.

Judge C.J. Ross scored the bout, a mind-puzzling, 115-113 for Bradley. Ross is the same judge that scored 114-114, a draw, for Mayweather-Alvarez 'The One' fight card on 14 September. Ross made a self-imposed leave of absence from judging boxing after ‘The One’ controversy.

Going back to Bradley-Marquez fight; I think the winner of this fight will be Pacquiao's potential opponent in a rematch; after of course, if Pacquiao, will get past Mexican-American brawler, Brandon Rios in November. A Pacquiao rematch to either Bradley or Marquez is more feasible because they are all under Top Rank.

At an advance age, Marquez continues to explode like dynamite in every fight. I predicted Marquez to lose his 4th fight with Pacquiao. But the 'Dinamita' unleashed a deafening explosion that was heard in the four corners of the boxing world. It was really shocking. Some doubted as to how Marquez, 39 years old at that time, did it to Pacquiao.

A doubt, that Bradley even threatened that, "If this guy [Marquez] doesn't get drug tested at all by VADA or USADA then the fight's not going to happen." Bradley said.

What a big doubt, is it?

Well, Top Rank boss, Bob Arum managed to convince Bradley to go on with NSAC—not VADA or USADA.

Now, after a long introduction, let me breakdown Bradley vs. Marquez.

I consider Marquez as one of the most intelligent fighter in the sport, along with Floyd May weather Jr. and Bernard Hopkins. The Mexican veteran is a thinking fighter and excellent counter-puncher inside the ring. He can use opponent's aggressiveness to his advantage--ask Pacquiao.

I do not expect Marquez to show something different here rather than what he usually does, which is to counter... counter... and counter. Well, JMM is JMM, he will do exactly what a JMM should do.

It is with Bradley, whom I am excited to see, not just one but several approach to this fight. Bradley is famous to find ways to outwork his opponent. In his fight with Pacquiao, he tried to match speed with speed in the early rounds. He then realized that yes; he could match Pacquiao's speed, but not Pacquiao’s power. So, he tried another approach: which is to hit without getting hit. He tried to outbox Pacquiao, keep himself busy with the jab and moving around in the later rounds. That could have kept him earning the judges’ scorecards.

Fighting with Marquez, I think Bradley will try to be the aggressor in the first three rounds because Marquez is a slow starter. I see Bradley winning these rounds. Then, Marquez will start catching him up in the fourth and fifth round with crisp and precise counters. Bradley will then switch to boxing. In this approach, I’m afraid the fight could become boring. Maybe in the sixth until the tenth round, there will be lesser activity. Remember that: Marquez will not open up as much, if his opponent will not throw more. See Mayweather-Marquez. I feel that these rounds could be given by the judges either way.

Not unless, Marquez will realize that Bradley really don't have enough power in his punches. And opening up a little bit more is worth the risk. Well, I’m in doubt if Marquez will shift to being the aggressor once Bradley will go back a little deeper to his shell.

Then, I think in the championship round Bradley will go back to the offensive. He will then close the gap and work more the way he did with Devon Alexander, because Marquez, at 40 years old, might tire and may not have enough power to catch him with a single punch. This is where I believe Bradley’s third-hand played its role--the head-butt. You know Bradley's tendency. Will I hope Bradley's trademark head-butt will not be a factor here.

Larry Merchant commented on Bradley-Alexander fight: "It was another head-butt from Bradley that turned out to be the lethal fight-ending punch."

My final verdict:

I pick Bradley to win via unanimous or a majority decision.

What do you think Bradley vs Marquez outcome?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

David Haye vs. Tyson Fury fight postponed, Haye gets cut from sparring

A very disappointing development now for the all-British heavyweight non-title showdown between David Haye and Tyson Fury: the fight was postponed in a yet to be determined date. Haye sustained a cut from a sparring on Friday night according to David Haye's official website the The cut needed six stitches to close.

Davis Haye said on his tweeter that, "This is the worst tweet I've ever had send. I'm so sorry everyone."

— David Haye (@mrdavidhaye) September 21, 2013"

The cut, Haye sustained was during the sparring against a 6'9" Croatian sparring partner--Filip Hrgovic.

Tyson Fury also tweeted and ask for apology to the boxing fans but criticizing Haye saying that "Haye excuses are boring." The duo are thrashed talking each other even before this fight was agreed.
Sorry for every1 who bought tickets & hotels. Haye excuses r boring. He don't want to fight me!
— Tyson Fury (@Tyson_Fury) September 21, 2013

In the above photo it is very obvious that Haye can not fight next week, (so it is right to postponed the fight) although it is very disappointing to those who already bought tickets and scheduled their travel to the venue at Manchester.

Fury's tweet might be out of his disappointment but I think this should be subject to his consideration. For sure, Haye did not want also the fight to be postpone nor he don't want also to wear a stitched cut during his fight next week. That's odd also.

However, I have a question in my mind: how Haye sparred?  Without headgear? I throw the same question on twitter to Mike Coppinger--USA Today contributor and below is his reply:
@RetechSon you can get cut with headgear on, just a lot harder. He might not have had the faceguard
— Mike Coppinger (@MikeCoppinger) September 21, 2013

In another note: I am interested to know who's this Filip Hrgovic that busted a spot over Hayes' eyebrow? How he hard he punches could be, cuts Haye wearing headgear? Well check out the below video.

(Update: Haye vs. Fury could be possible on January 25, 2014.)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photo: USD 40.870 Million Dollar Pay-Check issued to Mayweather

A picture of what seemed to be the check issued to Floyd Mayweather Jr. from Golden Boy Promotions as a purse for his fight on Saturday, 14 September 2013 against Saul Alvarez at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Mayweather won easily on a majority decision that is supposed to be a unanimous.

The total amount is USD 41.5M, according to a tweet from Fight_Ghost (@Fight_Ghost) on twitter. This became USD 40.870M after some deductions. This amount doesn't include the pay-per-view share for Money May that will be determined soon.

Wow! How nice it is to be a boxer like Mayweather. Nice if you have the skill like him because it will an "easy work... easy work baby" this is what Floyd  and his team use to say. Just like that for 12 rounds. If you are going to break it down: 40 divided by 12 rounds X 3 minutes =  USD 1.13M per minute. Therefore, Floyd rate is a shocking USD 1.13M per minute. And let us try also to break it down in per-punch basis.

According to Compubox, Mayweather thrown a total of 505 punches. So USD 40.870M divided by 505 punches = USD 80, 930 per punch. Perhaps the most expensive punch thrown in boxing.

If I know from the beginning that a boxer like Mayweather could earn as much as 40 Million in just one fight; I'd rather continue my interest and passion of boxing before. But my parents wanted me to held a pen than wore a boxing gloves that is why I'am writing not-boxing, about, silly at times, boxing articles. But if I continue, I think I will not earn also like this amount, because my boxing skills ain't like The 'Money May'. There is only one Floyd Mayweather... sorry there is another one: the senior.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Unsolved Puzzle: The expectation versus the outcome of Mayweather–Alvarez fight

I put myself into the casual boxing fans shoes, before the fight between undefeated boxing pound-for-pound kingpin, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Transnational Boxing Ranking Board [TBRB] number two), and Mexico’s best, TBRB number one, also undefeated Saul Canelo Alvarez in the junior middleweight division. I put it by expecting these scenarios that:

1. Saul Alvarez will give one hell of a fight to Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Although I predicted that Mayweather will win this fight, which he did. But as a “casual fan” I am expecting that at least, Mayweather will be bruised, as much or even more by Alvarez, than what Miguel Cotto did. Alvarez was the bigger and younger man. But he was not able to utilize his size advantage.

Mayweather vs. Guerrero

2. “The One” will be more entertaining to watch than Mayweather vs. Guerrero.
The casual fans were disappointed here—not if you are rooting for Mayweather. But overall, for the casual fans, the fight may have no difference at all, if you are going to compare it to Mayweather-Guerrero. Yes it is majority decision on paper because of Judge C.J. Ross eyesight (I’m very curious about how C.J. Ross saw it a draw). And only if I have the chance to ask her why; I would love to hear her explanation right away. But the fight is a UD—no brainer, for Mayweather

3. This fight will be as competitive as Mayweather-Castillo I.
I’m sorry, but I did not see any explosiveness from the part of Alvarez. It seems he was very heavy that night. He trembled twice in the beginning not that by a punch but by his own action. It seems that his legs were not able to hold his upper body weight. If the game plan was to outbox Mayweather in the first half—this is not a good idea anyway. He should have executed for a plan B. Rough housing would be a good one, (Ortiz have a good chance using this technique but was KO’d by a cheap shot) utilizing his power and size advantage.

With the above being said, as the expected scenarios by casual fans, I think, nothing close happened from the outcome on Saturday night at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada except C.J. Ross scorecard. Her card reads: 114-114 a draw.  Making the obvious and should be unanimous decision in favor of Mayweather.

The blueprint to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to be a mystery. Now, 45 have tried and 45 have failed. This number now included Saul Canelo Alvarez. The red-headed young gun from Mexico tasted his first defeat and will be out forever in my undefeated boxers list. Mayweather at 36 is still at the top of his game and showed once again to the world why he is still the number one. Yes he is "The One" in boxing before he even fought Alvarez and just proved it once more.

“Easy work baby… easy work” as what Floyd and his team use to say. Indeed an easy work for an expected 100 million dollar payday.

Although for the casual fans, Saturday night’s outcome was no difference from the previous UD wins of Mayweather but for the trained eye and hard core fans, it is yet another brilliant—not boring, performance by the boxing cash-cow Money Mayweather.

In fairness to Alvarez, although, I think it is impossible to outbox Mayweather but the Mexican star was able to land good shots especially to the body while trying to fight Money May from the distance. It is just that he was not fast enough to catch more on Mayweather. Now, I really believed that the quickness of Pacquiao might be the key to beat Mayweather if they ever meet in the ring. But when? God knows.

What do you think is the difference between Mayweather-Guerrero and Mayweather-Alvarez? Is it only the hype? Say something below!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fan Prediction: Mayweather vs. Alvarez

The fight between boxing's pound-for-pound supremo Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the young gun from Mexico, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will finally takes place tonight, Sept. 14 at the MGM Grand. Las Vegas, Nevada. Wow! that's gonna be several hours away from the time of this post and I am very excited for this fight.

I should have been somewhere near the venue if only I can afford to. But since I can not travel to the boxing mecca, not that I don't want, but it's just that I can't. So while daydreaming of being in the Vegas strip; I catch up with my good friend who is an avid follower of the sport.Its been a month, that we are discussing about this fight and sharing our thoughts on what will be a possible outcome.

We use to discuss this fight during break time from the same office that we work. And finally he shares his final thoughts and prediction for this fight, and how is it like to follow boxing in Kuwait, a country where the sport has poor following compared to his home country Ghana.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video: The One, Mayweather vs. Alvarez All Access Full Episode 4

Watch All Access Full Episode 4 of the fight between Flyod Mayweather Jr. and Saul Canelo Alvarez this coming Saturday, September 14.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse Prediction and Analysis

Aside from the possible biggest fight of all time in boxing; that’s the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night, Sept 14, I am also excited about the undercard. And that is the fight between Transnational Boxing Ranking Board number one fighter Lucas Matthysse and number two, Danny Garcia, in the junior welterweight division.

I believe that Garcia vs. Matthysse will outshine the main event in terms of action and fireworks. That in case Mayweather refuses to engage Canelo and sticks on pure boxing, which I believe he will (read my prediction here).Danny Garcia 26-0 (KO 16), is a young undefeated fighter who has decent power in both hands, especially his left hook. Garcia was able to register wins against highly regarded or shall I say overhyped Amir Khan and former champions Zab Judah and Mexican legend Erik Morales (although Garcia fought them when they were clearly past their prime).However, when Garcia fought Khan, although not past his prime (Khan) but was coming in from a knockout loss against Lamont Peterson and vowed to come back strong.

Garcia was the underdog when he fights Amir Khan. Amir Khan’s speed and decent boxing skills was expected to overwhelm Garcia. But Garcia’s well-timed counter shots negate Khan’s speed advantage. Garcia’s counter left hook find its mark on Khan’s crystal chin. It took only four rounds for Garcia to stopped Khan for the third time in his (Khan) career.

In the opposite corner against Garcia comes Saturday night is Lucas Matthysse 34-2 (KO 32), a boxing dynamo, which has the aggression that I can compare with Manny Pacquiao’s aggression inside the ring. Matthysse is an all out action fighter who has a good left hook too. A cliché that says “don’t hook with a hooker”, in boxing, trainers said that don’t throw a hook if your opponent’s specialty is the left hook. I am excited to see whose left hook will beat the other.

Many boxing scribes have been writing off Garcia coming into this fight. But I believe that this is a 50/50; even fight. I assume that experts believed that Matthysse has more power. But Garcia said that, “Matthysse has power but I have power, too. I fought a lot of guys with power. Trust me, I plan to take away his power, make him miss and make him pay.”

I believed what he said. The kid can punch and his previous opponents that went down with that hook, didn’t saw it coming. And that is the one that really hurt.

But talking about power, Garcia can not deny that fact that Matthysse's 34 wins came with 32 by way of stoppage--that's a stunning 86.49 percent. Only two of his opponents went to the distance.

Going further into the stats by looking at the tale of the tape; Garcia has the height advantage at 5’81/2” to Matthysse’s 5’61/2”. Both have the same reach at 68”.

My prediction:
I bet on Garcia to knockout Matthysse in the middle rounds. Garcia might be overwhelmed in the early going but is able to weather the storm and continue to fight using more angles and catching Matthysse with precise counter left hooks. Garcia’s keys will be his improve defensive skills, max out height advantage and well-timed counters.

Stats used based on

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Video: Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios China Tour in Seven Minutes

If you missed the highlights of Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios press tour in China; you can watch it here in a seven minutes video released by Top Rank.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Video: The One, Mayweather vs. Alvarez All Access Full Episode 3

Watch here if you missed the All Access Episode 3 of "The One" Mayweather vs. Saul Canelo Alvarez.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Video: Chris Arreola destroys Seth Mitchell in the first Round

Chris Arreola 36-3, (KO 31) destroyed Seth Mitchell 26-2-1, (KO 19) in the first round on Saturday night at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California. Arreola claims the WBC International heavyweight title.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Efrain Esquivias stops Rafael Marquez in Round 9

Every great fighter has its downfall. I hate to see them happen. But it is what it is. Once you get to the top the next thing for sure will happen: is to go downhill. This is the case Saturday night at the Fantasy Springs Casino. Rafael Marquez at 38, wanted to stay relevant in the featherweight division taking on a younger foe in Efrain Esquivias in the under-card of Arreola-Mitchell heavyweight contest.

Rafael Marquez 41-9 (KO 37) was knocked out in the ninth round. The TKO defeat might send him to retirement—which I think he should. The younger Esquivias dominated Marquez almost every round, landing the cleaner shots. Although, Marquez showed flashback of himself some years ago, prior to his great wars with Israel Vasquez by pinning Esquivias against the ropes. But his age was evident from what he did inside the ring. After he unleashed those shots that back Esquivias up, Marquez seemed so slow and tired entering the ninth round. There was no sting from his punches. His reflexes were not there. Totally old.

Efrain Esquivias walk through those shots and continue headhunting Marquez that paid off in the ninth round; connecting solid right hand sending the Mexican warrior to the floor. 

I think this is the end of the road for the great career of Rafael Marquez. He should retire from boxing; he has done great for the sport. He’s been into epic battles with Israel Vazquez that I believed both fighters became damage goods after the third encounter. It was a brutal fight. Although Marquez won the fourth and final battle against Vazquez, he was 2-3 since then, out of five fights. He won by stoppage against journeymen—Eric Aiken and Eduardo Becerril but knockout by champion caliber opponents—Cristian Mijares and Toshiaki Nishioka. A clear indication that his career is nowhere going up but on the downside instead. 

I think Rafael Marquez was motivated by the victory of his older brother, Juan Manuel Marquez to continue fighting even after his knocked out defeat against Mijares in October 2012—which I believed he should have retired soon after that fight. 

Well, who will not get motivated to fight again also, if you have an older brother, who pulled a stunning KO victory against his arch-rival at age 39? I assumed Rafael might be thinking that: if my brother can do why can’t I? However, the result last night was not exactly he wanted. I hate not to see again the kind of fighter Rafael use to be. But I think that’s it for him. He should retire. 

Do you think Rafael still has it to keep on fighting? Or he should retire?  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pacquiao: Preparation pushes through, assures fans his ankle is fine despite reported injury

Filipino boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao posted on his column "Kumbinasyon" on that after a doctor's check up and medication on his ankle he can now run and continue his training for the fight. 

"Matapos ang pagsusuri at pag-gamot ng aking doktor ay nakakatakbo na ako ngayon at naipagpatuloy ko na rin ang pag-train para sa laban"

According to him, there were a lot of fans that expressed concern about the reported injury. Pacquiao said that fans should not worry because there is nothing serious about the injury.

"Nakapaglaro na nga uli ako ng basketball dito sa Gensan" (I even played again basketball here in Gensan).

Despite the injury that Pacquiao sustained from playing basketball, it seems it is difficult for him to refrain from playing. Pacquiao has tremendous passion also for basketball. But I think this is time for him to forget playing basketball for sometime and focus more in his boxing training. If Pacquiao was injured earlier, it's more likely that he will be injured again.

Pacquaio's fight against the younger Brandon Rios is drawing near. And Pacquiao could not afford to have another injury for the same reason or else it will be hard for him to train while nursing an injury.

Pacquiao also wrote that he is inspired to bring back the joy to his countryman that were very proud to the world in every win he registers.

"Inspirado po ako na maibalik ko ang dating saya ng aking mga kababayan na taas-noo na humaharap sa mundo sa bawat panalo na ating naitala."

Do you think that playing basketball helps Pacquaio to improve stamina or just risking himself for injury? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below. 

Chris Arreola vs. Seth Mitchell Fight Press Conference

Heavyweight boxer Chris Arreola fights fellow American, Seth Mitchell for the WBO NABO and WBC International title at the Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California on September 7. The card held press conference for this fight.

Video Credit:
Arreola 35-3 (KO 30) is coming off from a unanimous decision loss against Bermane Stiverne on April 27 and hoping to rebound from that defeat.

Both fighters are trying to rebuild and revitalize their respective careers in order to stay relevant in a non-American dominated heavyweight division. Arreola and Mitchell were not able to make it to the top ten heavyweight ranking of Transnational Boxing Ranking Board.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Marc Pingris vs. Kelly Nabong brawl in PBA

Marc Pingris and Kelly Nabong fought a boxing-like action during their play in the PBA game--actually it is more like of MMA--Nabong throw a knee to Pingris. Both Nabong and Pingris were thrown out from the game for fighting. And the rest of the players that involve were penalized.

Filipinos followed basketball more than boxing in the Philippines. Even the Filipino boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao himself, admitted that if he has the height he prefer to play professional basketball rather than prizefighting. Boxing, I think is the second sport who had a massive following next to basketball, in the Philippines.

At some point in basketball in the Philippines, not only in the PBA, but also in every corner of the archipelago that has a basketball court, fist fighting is a common thing when a game is not won in the hard-court.

Here's the video of the brawl.


Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse Video

When it comes to video editing, no one does it better than GP Boxing. Take a look at GP Boxing's promotional video on the most anticipated boxing under card of the fight between pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez on September 14.

Garcia vs. Matthysse promised nothing but carnage in a non-stop high octane action till someone will drop. It is a battle of chin. You will gonna be watching Gatti-Ward or an Alvarado-Rios type of war.

As an appetizer, watch this teaser from GB boxing for Garcia-Matthysse fight plus highlights from both fighters from other YouTube channels.

Danny Garcia vs. Amir Khan 2012 Highlights

Lucas Matthysse Highlights 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Will the bigger and younger Alvarez upsets Mayweather?

The prediction for the most anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez that will finally takes place on September 14, 2013, at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, experts seem incline to favor the pound-for-pound kingpin to win. The fight is produced and distributed live on Showtime PPV®.

But as a boxing fan, who do you think will win?

Well, here I am again, predicting a future fight. The usual stuff I do in this blog to every fight that I cover.

Let me begin with what are at stake on this fight.

For Mayweather, he stakes his crown as the number one pound-pound boxer and that “O” in his ledger, which he protected all these years. More than that, he risks also his front sit, as the main draw of the sport. And he also risks his plan to stay undefeated, while fighting the remaining four fights of his 6-fight mega deal with Showtime to the bigger and younger Alvarez.

For Canelo, what is at stake is bigger than what he will gain if he will win this fight. He can gamble everything he has at this early stage of his career for greater gains—to be “The One” in boxing. That means bigger and bigger payday and glory.

With the above being said, plus being the bigger, younger and hungrier fighter, can this be enough motivation for Canelo to beat Mayweather?

Well, I think the answer is NO.

Canelo’s advantages will not be enough to beat the skill-set of Floyd. The pound-for-pound kingpin dealt successfully in the past, the same advantages his previous opponents had.

Not taking anything away from Canelo as a fighter, I think the only way he can win this fight is to land a ‘lucky-punch’. He has the punchers chance because I believe he hits harder than Floyd. If Canelo can land the same punch Mosley did in the second round against Floyd—Canelo will win. He knows how to finished a hurt opponent that's for sure.

You know and I know that Canelo cannot outbox nor outsmart Floyd. That is, what it is. If he has to win, he needs to knock out Floyd or Floyd will cruise to another unanimous victory.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. vs, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez both not tasted defeat but on September 14, somebody's "O" has got to go.

Boxing experts also pick Mayweather Jr. over Canelo. Check out this post of Kelsey MacCarson of The Sweet compiling the prediction of more than 50 boxing experts.
What is your prediction to this fight? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

If you missed any of Mayweather-Canelo All Access Episodes, feel free to click below video. Enjoy!