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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Pacquiao Submit to all Mayweather Jr’s demands?

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When fighter of the decade Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao loss to a controversial split decision against Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley, I try to think of all the possibilities, why it happened? Many believed Pacquiao clearly won, if not dominating Bradley that night.

First, I try to watch the fight closely with sounds off—just to focus on the action not the commentary that obviously favored Pacquiao. In this way the anchor’s comment will not influence my judgment.

However, in my opinion Pacquiao still clearly won the fight. So, I try to think again other possibilities.

Second, I try to think what will be the effect of this controversial decision to both Pacquiao and Bradley’s future fight.

So I think ah! Perhaps they let Bradley won the fight so that there will be a rematch. Bob Arum did mention after the fight that,

    "I'll make a lot of money off the rematch, but this was outrageous."

But I am not sold in this reason although Arum promotes both Pacquiao and Bradley because the fight didn’t generate the anticipated amount. There is no demand also for a rematch—except Bradley who slams Pacquiao after he chose Marquez to fight in December for a very obvious reason.

So, I try to think of something else, this time on Pacquiao fight against Mayweather—if it will ever happen.

In my opinion, that is why Pacquiao is now submitting to all Mayweather’s demand because this is the real reason why he was robbed against Bradley. Force Pacquiao to give in.

Now that Pacquiao finally give in let us see who's ducking who.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chavez vs. Martinez: Do you want a rematch?

Photo Credits: Associated Press

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fell short in his last hurray in the final round of the World Middleweight championship showdown with Sergio Martinez at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas Nevada, United States. Martinez get the decision via a wide margin.
Chavez was not able to put Martinez to sleep when he try his last surge of power. After that crushing trip to the canvas Martinez still managed to hold on to survive the onslaught.

Personally I like the idea of a rematch. Why? Because of the major adjustments which are too exciting to note. Why? Again because first, Chavez will think of his performance tonight as to why Martinez toyed and show-boated him for eleven rounds.

Yes! Not one but eleven straight rounds. Now he tasted defeat. Maybe he will get serious now in training. There were talks that he is not taking training seriously.

Don’t tell me also that he will agree with the perception that he was overrated, over-hyped and overprotected baby Chavez.

Of course he will not. To prove that he is capable of defeating real deal opponents he should insist a rematch. In round 12 he already showed what he is capable of when he will catch an opponent with his power.

The adjustment maybe he should impose is more head-to-head movement when applying pressure to evade jabs while coming in. Plus a pick-a-boo style might be considered. I’m no boxing tactician here but I clearly saw that he came short of this basic tricks.

One more thing also I notice—Chavez seemed so cautious in terms of covering his face. I will not blame him because he’s cute. If I were Chavez, of course Ill cover my face the same way Clottey cover against Pacquaio.

Although Martinez also is equally cute but he just put his hands down and showed his face to Chavez. My point here is that I think Chavez should have let his hands go why applying pressure.

Chavez was able to absorb Martinez hardest shots but send him down with his own power shot. This are just some of my anticipated adjustment that I saw Chavez would take if and only if there will be a rematch.

Now, let’s go on Martinez would be adjustments. I think he is still thinking of that knockdown in the last round. If how he used speed to evade Chavez—more should be done in the rematch. I mean he should maintain and keep up his speed all throughout the entire twelve rounds.

Otherwise he knows what will happen to him if Chavez will catch him—trip to canvas for good. That if he will exclude also the plan of knocking out Chavez—which he should not.

Again if and only if a rematch will happen, that would be for sure next year. In 2013, Martinez will be turning 38 years old. So father time would not be in his side.

It is a major challenge on his part to keep up stamina and speed. He should make sure his oxygen tank is full. His accelerator and speedometer are in place, good-running condition.

There were talks that Jerry Jones shows interests to host a rematch in his famous Stadium in Texas. Wow! That would be huge. How I wish I would be in the ringside covering this would-be-rematch.

However, up to this point Ill just be content in browsing free live stream on a full-of-advertisement live streaming sites.

Now back to Cowboys Stadium. Fans from Mexico would get a lot easier. So let us remove the idea that a rematch is pointless because it is insane. The adjustments they will make alone, made me so excited about this.

Again my question is… Do you want Chavez vs. Martinez II? Hell yes!

Martinez vs Chavez: Maravilla wins by UD 12

Photo Credits: Associated Press
Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez puts on a show and gives Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. a boxing clinic in their Middleweight bout at the Thomas and Mack Center Las Vegas Nevada. Martinez wins via unanimous decision with a wide margin on the judges official scorecards 117-110, 118-109 and 118-109.
Until 11 rounds, Chavez was unable to touch a very busy Martinez who keeps moving and circling around him—popping with jabs and lead straights. Chavez was chasing Martinez all night.

There were few occasions that Chavez connects when he corner Martinez through the ropes. However, Martinez was so quick on his feet to come out in the harms way.

Chavez is in a situation that requires him to knockout Martinez or else, it will be a blowout against his favor.

The frustrated Chavez has his moment in the last round when he drops Martinez. However, Martinez not only showed boxing skills, stamina but also his heart. Martinez is badly hurt, that eventually earn Chavez a 10–8 lin the last round but it is not enough to put the fight in his bag.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Canelo, Chavez, De Leon, Pacquiao and the Boxing Super September Updates

I believe this September is great month for boxing to remember. A lot of match up already happened and yet there is a few exciting to happen this weekend. I am very excited each time I open my Facebook update to see an overflowing boxing updates from all boxing sites I liked.

Let us talk about those updates.  Let me say September is “super” for boxing. Let us begin with AndreWard vs. Chad Dawson's fight last September 8, 2012.

Prior to that fight I was intrigue with the confrontation between Adrien Broner and Robert Guerrero during Ward-Dawson weight in. It is Broner who was calling out Guerrero on twitter about a possible fight. Giving the fact that Guerrero is now campaigning at a higher division compared to Broner—this fight may not be possible at the moment.

If you miss that confrontation you can watch it here and notice how Broner reacted to it.

Now back to Ward vs. Dawson, this match-up was very rare according to Jack Slack (Combat Sports Premier Analyst) of Bloody Elbow. Slack told that,

    “…Chad Dawson is a right handed southpaw, while Andre Ward is a left handed orthodox fighter. This is possibly the most unusual type of encounter in boxing because of the blind following of tradition that the coaching of the sport is rooted in. Both fighters' power punch was their lead hand, while the traditional strategy against an opponent in the opposite stance (which I refer to as Open Guard) is to step the lead foot outside of their lead foot and land with one's rear hand.”

Pretty interesting huh! Casual fans love to see crowd pleasing performance and looking for a knockout ending fight. But in here Jack Slack beautifully explain why Ward easily beaten the bigger Dawson.

What I understand is that Ward used the most practical technique considering and understanding their arsenal and stance.

Personally as a boxing fan I know little about the technical perspective of the sport I love and followed since I am like six years old. Looking into every fights technical perspective will make us understand and appreciate the beauty of the “sweet science”.

Although technical fighter or shall we say scientific boxers are boring to casual fans but we can’t blame them because of match-up like this here.

Don’t get mistaken. This is not welterweight or any lighter division. This is heavyweight man. Heavyweights that traded fast combinations and exchange knockdowns. This fight is real fun that both casual and hardcore boxing love to watch.

As I continue to scan my Facebook stream, another one which I will not miss to share to you who was just announced on Thursday. Yes! Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao finally announced the opponent for his December 8 schedule. It is Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV.

Now the question is why team Pacquiao come-up with Marquez? In an interview, Michael Koncz told Boxing Scene,

    “It’s very simple. Manny wants to put on an entertaining show for the fans. We know that we have the Filipino fans, the whole country, but we also know that we have a large following of Mexican fans.”

We just finished with the recent happening in boxing now, let us discuss the up-coming fights this weekend. Let us start with Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon. I am interested in this match-up since De Leon has been a vanquisher of two prominent Filipino boxers. That is Rey “Boom Boom” Baustista and Jerry Penalosa.

I would be fun to watch a hungry hard hitting De Leon try to capitalize another title shot in his career. He was a cocky rising star then, with 90 percent knockout rate in his record. Most of them in round one. But when he face former undefeated Puerto Rican star Juan Manuel Lopez, De Leon was knocked out in round one.

Another thing to note also is a showdown of boxing cards this weekend in Las Vegas between Top Rank Promotion and Golden Boy Promotions.

Golden Boy presents a double header Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez and Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon from the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Top Rank will feature Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for the Middleweight showdown from the Thomas and Mack Center UNLV campus, also of Las Vegas Nevada.

Sizzling September huh! To top all these, again from my Facebook stream, Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton is returning to boxing. In a post by through iFilm London Ricky Hatton said,

    “Thank you everyone for coming. It's great to be back. I think the first thing I can start with is to answer the question of, you know, why have I decided to come back? For me -- where do I start? There's a lot of reasons. A lot of people will say, 'What are you doing it for, Ricky? What do you need to do? You got beat by two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in recent years, your generation. Don't risk your legacy. We don't want to see you get hurt.”

Ricky Hatton retires after back to back losses from the two pound for pound greats Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hatton go up in weight to Welterweight to challenge Floyd and was knocked out in the tenth Round. In his next fight Ricky face Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao in the weight he is undefeated—at Light welterweight but suffered a devastating defeat just in the second round. Manny knock Hatton cold.

Total it is the boxing fans who would be very happy with the jammed-packed September. We are hoping that kind of match-ups will carry over to coming month and the coming year.

December would be exciting too, since Pacman will be back against Marquez for the fourth time.

Let us brace ourselves for more this weekend as we see results from the cards we just breakdown above.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Filipino Conqueror: Daniel Ponce De Leon to Fight for World Title

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Daniel Ponce de Leon, the hard-hitting southpaw, will be fighting for the word title against the reigning and defending WBC featherweight world champion Johnny Gonzalez at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

This match-up is De Leon’s second chance to be become a world champion. As per World Boxing News, De Leon told,

“I want to be a world champion once more, I have been looking for this fight for a long time and I won’t waste this second shot, I don’t want it to be a last chance at the title sort of thing.”

De Leon 43–4–0 (KO 35), a former WBO Super Bantamweight Champion, is the vanquisher of two prominent boxers, Gerry Penalosaand Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista.

Penalosa at that time aimed to become a world champion again but lost in a decision many thought he won. In Penalosa’s succeeding fight, he finally got another world title in the expense of Johnny Gonzalez.

On the other hand, Bautista was then a young 20-year-old promising fighter thought to be following the footstep of Manny Pacquiao. De Leon denied Bautista’s dream to become a world champion knocking him out in the very first round.

Since then Bautista has been fighting for International titles, and unable to secure another title fight in the world stage.