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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ryota Murata evens the score, retires Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam in Round 7

Ryota Murata wasted no time and immediately marched forward toward Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam firing heavy shots from the start of the first round of their middleweight rematch in Tokyo Japan, Saturday night.

It was definitely Round 13 as the Murata didn't need any round to feel Hassan. He worked hard and threw heavy punches against a backpedaling opponent. In Round 2, Hassan adjusted and tried to engage Murata but the Japanese landed more blows than Hassan felt. Hassan resorted to holding looking the fight ugly.

In Round 4, Murata stepped up his work and hurt Hassan. The French national tried to fight back but Murata was accurate with punches. Murata's overhand right to the head left and a hook to the body combination were very effective.

In Round 6, the pace of the fight slowed down a bit in the first minute as Murata relaxed his offense. Hassan looking tired too. Then Murata exploded with a five-punch combo that stunned Hassan.

In Round 7, Hassan tried to box Murata from the center of the rings as Murata continued to pour more pressure, following Hassan leading with his stiff jab that snaps Hassan's head back several times.

Hassan did not answer the bell that signals to begin Round 8. Murata won via RTD 7.

Murata was emotional after knowing N'Dam N'Jikam want no more from him. His record improved to 13 wins, 10 by KOs with only one defeat, which he avenged tonight retaining the middleweight title.