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Sunday, December 26, 2021

World Cup Boxing Series Announces “4-Man Lightweight Tournament”

LOS ANGELES (December 22, 2021) -- World Cup Boxing Series (WCBS), co-founded by CEO Terry Hollan and matchmaker Guy Taylor, today formally announced its “4-Man Lightweight Tournament,” commencing with the February 24th semifinals in Mexico.

The venue, competing boxers, and streaming details will soon be announced.

“We’re so happy to see this tournament finally become a reality,” WCBS/matchmaker Guy Taylor said. “It was a lot harder than we had anticipated due to ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions. It seemed like once one country’s ban was lifted, two others were banned. After talking with the CEO, we decided to do an All-Mexico Lightweight Tournament featuring the top available prospects.

“I have always been infatuated with tournament elements. When we started the World Cup Boxing Series, we wanted to give boxing fans an opportunity to enjoy the same excitement that other sports fans get to enjoy with tournaments and playoffs.”

The “World Cup Boxing Series 4-Man Tournament” will begin Feb. 24th with the semifinals, contested in 8-round matches, and conclude with the 10-round championship final on June 2nd.

Several locations are being strongly considered for the semifinals as San Carlos, Los Mochis and Obregon are all actively pursuing the opportunity to host the first Mexican-based boxing tournament in many years.

“We haven’t made up our mind yet on the exact location,” Taylor added, “but I do know which city we are looking at closely. Wherever we end up going, it will be the hottest ticket in town.”

Although names of the competing fighters haven’t officially been announced, several reports have mentioned one of the top contenders is Mexico’s No. 1 lightweight prospect, undefeated Luis “Koreano” Torres (14-0, 10 KOs), the World Boxing Council (WBC) Youth Lightweight Champion.

“Knowing Taylor’s aggressive matchmaking style,” WCBS CEO Hollan noted, “his bouts are nothing short of electric and entertaining, and he may even pick it up a notch or two for this tournament.”

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Jake Paul knocks out cold Tyron Woodley with 1-punch in Round 6

Internet sensation turn boxer Jake Paul knocked out cold former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in Round 6 of their boxing rematch at the Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL on Saturday night.

Woodley brutally hit and went down face-first to the canvas. It was a hard overhand right that landed on Woodley's face. Paul really has some serious power with his right hand.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Watch: Paul-Woodley II Open Workout

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley and the rest of the card will face the media and fans for their open workout. Paul-Woodley II will be on Saturday, at 9PM ET/6PM PT On SHOWTIME PPV.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Donaire stops Gaballo with signature left hook in round 4

Donaire's campaign to become the undisputed bantamweight champion of the world continues as he stopped Gaballo with his signature left hook in Round 4 at the Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, California on Saturday night. Stay tuned for the review and observation of this fight. 

Friday, December 10, 2021

Watch: Donaire vs Gaballo weigh-in

Nonito Donaire and Reymart Gaballo Official weights.

Both men weighed below the bantamweight limit, Donaire weighed 117.2 lbs. and Gaballo weighed 117 lbs. 

Both men look in excellent physical shape. Both were very cordial and respecting each other throughout out the build up of this fight. Both were looking to let their fists do the talking in the ring.

Donaire vs Gaballo Preview and Prediction

Veteran Nonito Donaire will take on undefeated challenger and kababayan Reymart Gaballo for Donaire's WBC bantamweight title at the Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, California on Saturday night.

Looking back at Donaire's (41-6-0, 27 KOs) spectacular performance against Naoya Inoue in November 2019 and his strong come back against Nordine Oubaali in May this year, I think this fight will be good only till Gaballo last. 

Donaire, now 39 years old, definitely not at his best but the vast experience and with that still potent left hook intact, I think Donaire still has that edge over the younger, less-experienced Gaballo. Donaire's experience extends not only inside the ring but also how to handle pressure from big events. To be in a huge crowd could bring too much pressure to a fighter not getting used to it. 

Donaire was ask about how he will handle Gaballo's power --- he referred to his experience. 

"The thing about being experienced is we have no fear of it, (referring to Gaballo's power) I believed that we are only as strong as our mind and so I know that I am 100% because I have a purpose. And that purpose is to becoming the undisputed champion of the world," said Donaire. 

I'm not totally writing-off Gaballo, (24-0, 20 KO) here because any fighter having at the same age as Donaire, I think it is just a matter of one night in the ring to look old. If father time shows up on Saturday night on Donaire's corner, well we might see a passing of torch here.

However, If Donaire will show up on Saturday night with the same level of performance when he faced Inoue, I've got Donaire to win, KO Round 7. 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Pinheiro prepares to make waves in 2022

ORLANDO, Fla. (December 8, 2021) – Undefeated Polish cruiserweight prospect Adrian “Pretty Boy” Pinheiro (6-0, 6 KOs) recently closed out his first year as a prizefighter in Nashville, knocking out veteran Eric Abraham (6-11, 3 KOs) in the opening round via the 3-knockdown rule.

Pinheiro first dropped Abraham a minute into the fight with a right hook, followed that with a straight right, and finished the fight with a vicious right hook to the body with only one second remaining in round one.

“I could feel the punch in my knuckles on the first knockdown,” Pinheiro remembered. “I new I had hurt him, but I didn’t want to rush and get caught with a punch. I picked him apart and was surprised he got up after the second knockdown. He’s a tough guy. Everybody is a headhunter. I knew that he had been hurt in the head and was covering up, so I saw a body opening and took it.

“I went into the fight with a plan and flowed it. I was happy with my performance, but there’s always something we see that needs improvement for the next fight.”

Born in Poland, raised in Brazil, and now living and training in Orlando, the 24-year-old Pinheiro, was active this year, making his pro debut May 8th and fought five additional times in 2021, winning all by stoppage.

Standing 6’ 4” and cut, Pinheiro is a huge country music fan who looked forward to fighting in Nashville for the first time.

“We went to Broadway and all those bars with live music,” Pinheiro added. “We stopped by the Music Museum too. We were only there for a few days, and I was fighting. I do plan to go back and seem the real Nashville.”

Back home for the holidays and training at the Orlando Boxing Club, Pinheiro plans to make waves on higher platforms in 2022.

“I was very busy in 2021 and didn’t start until May,” Pinheiro concluded. “I hope to be as busy or busier in 2022. My goal is to fight on television and win a title or two. I’d really like to get a fight in Chicago to fight in front of a large Polish crown. I love my people!”

“I’m so happy for him because he works so hard,” Pinheiro’s manager/head trainer Tony Blanco commented. “I believe in building fighters accordingly and for his sixth pro fight, I got him an experienced opponent who I thought would give Adrian some good rounds. Adrian just crushed him. I’m so proud of him. He wants it so bad. He is young and hungry. He does well sparring bigger guys with good names. I’m excited to be working with him.

“In 2022, I’ll work to get him a TV fight. He’s very popular on Tic Tik and Instagram, even before he started boxing. We’re also looking forward to him fighting in a city with a large Polish community. Adrian Pinheiro is a star in the making!”

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Davis vs Cruz Preview and Prediction

Normally in boxing the bigger man beats the smaller man. Here in this fight between Gervonta Davis (25-0-0, 24 KOs) and Isaac Cruz, it looks like not only Davis the bigger, he's also the taller and has longer reach. If being taller and longer (reach) is our definition of what we called the bigger fighter... then it favors Davis. 

Well, what about who's the heavier fighter? Or shall I say who's more comfortable at fighting at 135 pounds limit.

Interestingly, If you look at the records of these two fighters, I observed that Davis started early in his career at 126 pounds. Whereas Cruz started at 130 pound division and never fought below 130 pounds. In fact, the lightest he weighted in was at 132 pounds against Diego Magdaleno in October 2020. Magdaleno weighed 134 and 3/4 pounds and Cruz knocked Magdaleno out in the first round. 

It seemed to me that Cruz (22-1-1, 15 KOs) is comfortable fighting in the lightweight division.

Now, with the above observation, the question is who's the stronger or powerful puncher? If your bet is Davis punches harder than Cruz, then the question is will Cruz handles it? What about Cruz's power? Can Davis handles it? Hehehe, all questions remains to be seen on Sunday night at the Staples Center, Los Angeles. 

My prediction is that I think Davis is more skilled and defensively sound than Cruz. I noticed that Cruz's crouching stance although his hands are tucked tight on his chin but this posture is susceptible to Davis's signature left upper cuts. Tank KO 6 Cruz.