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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Collazo defends mini flyweight title, retires Diagan in Round 6

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (August 26, 2023) – In a history-making performance in front of a massive showing of thousands of Puerto Ricans in attendance at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Oscar "El Pupilo" Collazo (8-0, 6 KOs) kept his coveted WBO Mini Flyweight World Championship Title in his homeland. Garen "Hellboy" Diagan (10-4, 5 KOs) retired in his corner stool at the conclusion of the sixth round, handing Collazo the technical knockout victory.
“I want to thank God, my team, Miguel Cotto Promotions, Golden Boy, DAZN, and all of Puerto Rico for the support to get to this victory. I knew he was going to break down eventually. We had the strong jab, and the physical, and the mental pressure that got us the victory. Puerto Ricans know how to celebrate, and we will do a lot of it tonight,” said Oscar Collazo.

In a spectacular co-main event, Juan Carlos "El Indio" Camacho Jr. (18-1, 7 KOs) defeated Jorge Luis Orozco (17-4-2, 11 KOs) with a jaw-dropping, first-round knockout. Camacho took home the NABF super flyweight title.

Former world champion Angel 'Tito' Acosta (24-4, 22 KOs) defeated former world title contender Carlos 'El Chocorroncito' Buitrago (37-10-1, 21 KOs) via unanimous decision in a 10-round flyweight fight. The judges scored the bout 99-91, 99-91, 98-92.

Yan Carlos Santana (9-0, 9 KOs) of La Romana, The Dominican Republic stopped Jostin Ortiz (4-1, 3 KOs) of Vega Alta, Puerto Rico at 1:11 in the first round of a scheduled six-round super featherweight fight.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Spence vs Crawford: Views and Opinions

I was not able to watch boxing fights on screen as frequently as before. It's difficult to watch boxing when you are in a place where Friday is a holiday or rest day. Out here, Sunday is the first day of a work week. Friday and Saturday is the weekend. Boxing fights usually happen every Saturday night, and that's early Sunday morning here (7 hours ahead). That's when I'm preparing my ass off for work. I'm usually at my work desk when the main event started.

However, for the Spence-Crawford fight, I made sure I'm able to watch it live. I came to work late. I didn't care much that day.

I wanted to write a prediction about this fight but I'm afraid I will not give a thoughtful piece. I wasn't able to follow the careers of both boxers. So, I opted not to and instead, I wanted just to sit back, relax and watch the fight.

I had some expectations prior to the fight though. I thought the fight should be competitive. A chess match where both operators carefully push their wits against each other. But man, I was wrong! As early as Round 2, when Crawford scored a knockdown from a jab, I thought the fight is over.

In Round 1, Crawford (40-0-0, 31 KOs) was accurate with his loaded and committed jab. In Round 2, Crawford scored the first knockdown of the fight with a right jab. It was Errol's first knockdown in his career. 
Spence and Crawford posed for photographs during the weigh-in.
In Round 7, Crawford scored two knockdowns. At this point, he got Spence completely figured out. Spence's face was a mess and must have tried every trick on his sleeves but none of it was working. 

In the same round, Spence (28-1-0, 22 KOs) landed a hard overhand left that could inflict a staggering impact yet it was he who visited the canvas after being hit with a counter right uppercut from Crawford. Two things: 1. Crawford hits harder and 2. Is physically stronger than Spence. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Crawford said that "big don't mean stronger." 
He might be bigger than me,” Crawford said of Spence, “but big don’t mean stronger.” Not that everyone felt that Spence was going to win. “I was favored in Vegas,” Crawford said, “so Vegas must have had it right.
Well, if that was the case, which obviously was, what else Spence could do. Crawford's punches had a devastating impact whereas Spence's hardest shots were absorbed or stifled with well-placed counters. Crawford outclassed and outfoxed Spence, a one-sided beatdown.

Crawford scored a total of three knockdowns; one in Round 2 and twice in Round 7. Going into Round 8, and way behind in the scorecards. The urgency was massive for Errol to score a knockout but instead, he was technically knockout in Round 9 trying.

With the win, Crawford has indicated that he's willing to honor the rematch clause even at a higher weight class. But the question is: Is there a point in a rematch? Well, I expected the same outcome of the rematch if it happens. If it happens. Your thoughts.