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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jhonny Gonzalez and the Top Six First Round Knockouts of 2013

Every boxing fan loves to see knockout-ending fights than those fights that last to the distance. There is a tendency of unfair decision once the result being laid to judges’ hands. Bias decisions happen almost in a weekly basis. That is why, for me, the best judge is the fighters’ fists: knockout your opponent, no questions ask, you are the winner.

Sometimes, ‘knockouts’ would stun not only the fighter that is being knockout, but also to the fans that were watching. Why it happen too soon? Have you ever felt that a fight is not worth your money because it ends so soon? Here are my top six stunning first round knockouts thus far in 2013.

Number 6 – Deontay Wilder vs. Siarhei Liakhovich

In this fight Wilder 29-0 (KO 29) is heavily favored to win but not at least in the first round. The fight was expected to be good while it last. But that is not the case. Even before some of the fans settled to their sits, Wilder already blowout Liakhovich 25-6 (KO 16) 1:43 in the very first round.

Number 5 - Edwin Rodriguez vs. Denis Grachev

Denis Grachev 13-2-1 (KO 8) have noted wins against Ismayl Sillakh, whom he stopped, took Zsolt Erdei's ‘O’ in his ledger, give Lucian Bute one hell of a fight. But Rodriquez 24-0 (KO 16) bulldozed him in less than one round, official time 2:50.

Number 4 - Shinsuke Yamanaka vs. Jose Nieves

Japan’s Shinsuke Yamanaka 19-0-2 (KO 14) knocked out his challenger Jose Nieves 22-3-3 (KO 11) of Puerto Rico with a lightning straight left to retain his bantamweight title in Tokyo. I wanted to see some more action from this fight, but the champion was coming out smoking in the very first round. The referee waived it off for the helpless challenger, at 2:40 in the beginning round.

Number 3 - Javier Fortuna vs. Miguel Zamudio

Javier Fortuna 22-0-1 (KO 16) made his hands looked like a machine gun: firing nonstop of ammunition into Zamudio. It was a tremendous beating that made the helpless challenger flat on his back and was carried out by a stretcher. Really, it was a mismatch that ended at 1:08 in the very first round.

Number 2 – Chad Dawson vs. Adonis Stevenson

Chad Dawson 31-3 (KO 17) went back up into the light heavyweight division after his knockout loss to Andre Ward at the super middleweight division. He wanted to prove that he is still the top dog at light heavy. But Stevenson 21-1 (KO 18) unleashed a powerful punch that sent Dawson to the dreamland. He managed to get up but the referee was not sold even he said that he is okay. The referee stopped the fight right away at 1:16 yet again in the very first round.

Number 1 – Abner Mares vs. Jhonny Gonzalez

The expected ‘fight-of-the-year candidate’ turns out to be the ‘upset-of-the-year candidate’. Abner Mares was the heavy favorite. Even before the fight, his promoter, Golden Boy Promotion already talks about a possible showdown with Santa Cruz.

Boxing writers and experts expected an action packed fight that Mares will definitely win. They write off the hard hitting veteran Jhonny Gonzalez. That includes me, predicting Mares to win by stoppage in the middle rounds.

However Mares was caught by one of the best left hooks that landed its target. Mares was able to get up and beat the count, but never regain his footing. Gonzalez did not let the opportunity slipped through his hands. He jump immediately to a wobbly Mares and finished him off with multiple shots at 2:55 in the first round. The fans were like… what? That’s it? A question which I feel similar to saying that I am not satisfied I need my money back. Hey! This is boxing. This is not a concert that you can yell to the performer and say more! more! more! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gonzalez vs. Mares result: Gonzalez bulldozes Mares in Round 1

The expected "fight of the year" candidate turns out to be "upset of the year" candidate.Jhonny Gonzalez proved that he was never near a 'shopworn' fighter, going into the fight at StubHub Center, Carson, California, USA, against the undefeated and former sparring partner, Abner Mares. Gonzalez now improves to 55-8 (KO 47) stops the heavily favored young champion, Abner Mares. Gonzalez catches Mares with a devastating left hook that sends him (Mares) down for the second time in his career. And Gonzalez ultimately knocks him out for good and take that 'O' in Mares's ledger.

Mares on his way to the floor

Mares now dropped to 26-1-1 (KO 14) was able to got up from the knockdown but was very wobbly. Gonzalez didn't let the opportunity slipped and finished Mares off with barrage of combinations that Mares took before going to the floor and the referee did his job to waived it off at 2:55 in the very first round. Gonzalez known that if Mares had recovered he will be in for a long night, with an outcome that might not be in his favor.

With the win Gonzalez's career revitalized and it will be a different story now in the featherweight division.

Mares will be out for good on SPB's undefeated boxers lists.

Mares said that he will take time with his family, and as what Gonzalez had said to him, Mares will definitely become a champion once again because he is still young and tonight was just a tripped up of his career and tonight is Gonzalez's night. This is what I like the sport, when boxing scribes, writer and analysts scratching their heads astounds by the result that they don't expect that includes me. I predicted Mares to win. Boxing as always continues to surprise everyone.

What about a rematch?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Boxing Schedule for August 23 and 24, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fight Nights ESPN2: Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Argenis Mendez vs. Arash Usmanee

IBF Super featherweights title

12 rounds

Claudio Marrero vs. Jesus Cuellar 


12 rounds

Isiah Thomas vs. Glen Johnson 

Light heavyweights

10 rounds

Juan Carlos Payano vs. Roberto Vazquez


12 rounds

Saturday, August 24, 2013 Showtime: StubHub Center, Carson, CA

 Abner Mares vs. Jhonny Gonzalez

 WBC Featherweight title

12 rounds

Victor Terrazas vs Leo Santa Cruz

WBC Super bantamweight title

12 rounds


Kubrat Pulev vs. Tony Thompson

IBF eliminator Heavyweights

12 rounds

Juergen Braehmer vs. Stefano Abatangelo

European title Light heavyweights

12 rounds

Arthur Abraham vs. Willbeforce Shihepo

Super middleweights

12 rounds

Abner Mares vs. Jhonny Gonzalez: Preview and Prediction

On Aug. 24, Saturday night (10:30 p.m. ET/PT), featherweight champion Abner Mares will defend his title against former two-division champion, Jhonny Gonzalez in StubHub Center, Carson, California, USA, for another all-Mexican war in the squared circle. The fight will be aired on Showtime.

Undefeated Abner Mares, 26-0-1 (KO 14) is coming off from another impressive knockout victory against hard-hitting fellow Mexican Daniel Ponce De Leon. Mares in his fight with De Leon proved that he can box—not just roughhouse opponent. Although De Leon is not a technically sound fighter, Mares shown versatility, at least.

What I like about Mares is: he can beat every style of fighter you will put in front of him. He always finds a way to win. In finding ways to win, Mares has a tendency to use out-of-the-rule-book tactics—this is what I don’t like, especially when Mares use illegal blows. Anselmo Moreno, who is a pure boxer had the advantage to win (style wise) but lost a UD to Mares because of the rough-housing. Abner Mares was able to pull Moreno to fight his fight. And did not give the distance needed for a boxer like Moreno to be effective.

Now, I am intrigue as to what kind of fight-plan Mares will use against a guy who paid him to spar seven years ago? Will Mares tries to outbox or roughhouse Gonzalez?

Jhonny Gonzalez 54-8 (KO 46) hired Abner Mares as one of his chief sparring partners during his failed campaign at 122-pounds against Israel Vazquez in 2006.

Gonzalez, is coming off from a win against little known Japanese contender that he demolished in just four rounds. He is 2-1 in his last three fights. He lost the same title he once held, which he will try to recapture from Mares, from Daniel Ponce De Leon. So, if you will look at it; Gonzalez was defeated by a man who was knockout by Mares. But it doesn’t mean that it will be easy for Mares.

Gonzales has several advantages going into this fight. At 31, and having a total of 62 fights, Gonzalez is the experienced fighter. He is also has the height and reach advantage. At 5’7”, Gonzalez is three inches taller than Mares who stands at 5’4”. Gonzalez also had three inches reach advantage and is crucial for an outside fight, which I believe will be his game-plan against Mares—to fight from the outside. Gonzalez, capitalizing his height and reach advantages with his experience plus his vaunted power will be a difficult task for Mares to overcome.

My prediction
Gonzalez will try to move around and use his above advantages. He fights from outside using his jab to keep the shorter Mares at a striking distance but in a difficult position to counter. Gonzalez will try to score on points and will pick his power shots in hope for a knockout.

On the other end, I feel that Mares will choose to outbox Gonzalez in the early rounds, which is not a good idea fighting a taller opponent. I feel he is incline to use his boxing skills in the early rounds like what he did against De Leon rather than the style he used against Moreno. He was criticized badly on that.

However, he will realize that out boxing Gonzalez is not really a good idea. In the middle rounds, I think Mares will get nasty and will frustrate Gonzalez. I think this will be a sort of plan B  (to close in, to level Gonzalez’s advantages) Mares will use every rough-housing he employed against Moreno that might result in point deductions. A penalty for low-blow and hugging are inevitable. But down the stretch, Gonzalez, due to accumulation of body shots he took, will wear and tire and Mares will knock him out.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boxing is not 'dying', It is getting better and better

Boxing is "dying": this is what many believed and keep on saying. I don't believe it. Boxing maybe slacking, but never came a point that it is dying. Boxing is just getting better and better. Controversial results in judging and officiating which is almost in a weekly basis, keep the sport alive in discussions and forums. Good or bad 'publicity' is’publicity’.

Boxing started to surge forward when Showtime sealed a 6-fight contract with the pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr. A move that shows Showtime wanted to topple top rival HBO in terms airing PPV top grossing fights.

As a result, HBO and Showtime give the best boxing card they can put together. Because of this, the obvious winners are the boxing fans. You cannot have Mayweather-Canelo plus Mathysse-Garcia together in one card if this move did not happen. Before HBO used to have a good main event and then partnered with crap under-cards. If the main event flops, then the entire card is crap. Now, HBO cannot afford to do like this. HBO will definitely equal or surpass Mayweather-Canelo and Mathysse-Garcia kind of card in the future.

A clear borderline was drawn between boring’s top promoter--Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotion. Below is my mathematical formula or equation. I don't know how you will name it; I am damn brainless in mathematics.

[Showtime + Golden Boy Promotion = Love] + [HBO + Top Rank = Love] = Hate

Base on the above equation, GBP fighters cannot fight Top Rank fighters and cannot be aired in HBO. The same goes to Top Rank fighter towards GBP and Showtime. Fighters should not sign long contracts with either promoter so that they can transfer to the other promoter. Maybe per fight agreement will happen to those big names in the sport so that they can fight the fighter they want. Donaire for example, if having per-fight agreement, can jump to Showtime to fight Mares.

Then, there's that statement from HBO that they will no longer take Rigondeaux fights because of his boring performance against Donaire. What does it mean? Maybe it is an indication that they will not allow fighters similar to the fighting style of Rigondeaux? HBO is bitter with Mayweather leaving them? That is why a fighting style similar to Floyd is 'persona non grata' in the network? But what I like Mayweather Jr. is that he can choose to fight very defensive and boxing like what he did against Guerrero or he can fight in front of his opponent, the way he fought Cotto.

Fighters who wanted to sign up Top Rank in order to get a shot to be aired on HBO, better adapt the brawling style. It seems HBO is inclined to have this fighting style and wanted action packed cards for the fans that really love knockdowns and knockout ended type of match-up. Is it the idea of HBO to counter the 'boring' style of Mayweather?  Showtime will give you the boring style of Floyd, but we (HBO) will kick out Rigo and give you entertaining and action-packed fights. I'm assuming HBO's thoughts here.

But Showtime will definitely do something to this approach by HBO that is why they put on Mathysse-Garcia. This under-card is sure fireworks.

If this is the case, I think the fans are the winner. Winner, because they give the fans what the fans wanted. And as a boxing fan, which I get what I want, then I do believed that boxing is not dying at all it is just getting better and better.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Is Nathan Cleverly overly hype or is just that Kovalev is extremely underrated?

Commentary│After Nathan Cleverly fought his Russian challenger, I read several articles that showed somewhat sympathy to his devastating fourth round knockout loss and blaming his promoter for the defeat.

Cleverly was defending his WBO light heavy weight title against a fighter who was also seeking recognition inside the squared circle, a 30 year old born in Russia, now residing in Florida, USA, named Sergey Kovalev.

A promoter would always make his fighters looked to be on the top. He will hype his fighter as much as he can. That is his job. Really, that is what it is. That is why he is called a promoter. His job is to promote. But promoting in a way that will make his fighter becomes complacent and overconfident against an opponent is another story.

A prizefighter should keep in mind that having a great promoter, which is excellent in doing his job, is an advantage to his career. But the fighter’s job is to keep oneself ready to any opponent that his promoter will put in front of him.

In the other side of the coin, a fighter, which is poorly promoter might be underrated. But this will not keep him from shining. Whenever there is an opportunity for a fight at another level, he will capitalize if he truly has the skill-and-will to be on the top. In the contrary, a over hype and also complacent well-promoted fighter, most of time, will get exposed.

I think this is the case between Nathan Cleverly and Sergey Kovalev.

Cleverly might not be ready at 26, to face the real Kovalev. But Cleverly will defeat the kind of Kovalev his promoter perceived. That is why I can see the confidence in Cleverly during the weight in.

Though, I’m not in the position to tell, whether Cleverly is complacent in training. Trainers are more inclined to know firsthand if their fighters have the chance against another fighter if scouted properly.

Cleverly was hype in a way that he will think he can easily handle Kovalev or any other opponent that might made him become less motivated.

As always, never underestimate you opponent.

I agree. Certainly, Cleverly will rebound from his defeat. He is young. He can work out his flaws.

Meanwhile, Kovalev is now recognized how potent his power and how good his jab.

In another note, I am not happy how the referee handled the fight. He is not supposed to aid a fighter to his corner. I am sick about hometown favoritism that Instead of trying to help the hometown hero, whom is not supposed to be done by a referee, it made Cleverly take more unnecessary punishment. The fight should have been stopped in the third round.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fonfara stops Campillo for another win coming from behind, earns title shot

The crowd at U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago was ecstatic with this ESPN2 Friday Night Fights edition. Boxing fans just love to see knockdowns and knockout ending fights.

Fonfara was trailing on the scorecards and is eating straight lefts from Gabriel Campillo, now dropped to 22-6-1 (KO 9), from the start till the middle rounds. Andrzej Fonfara now improves to 23-2 (KO 14), then starts to step on the gas and staging his own assault. He stalks Campillo and catches him on the ropes and Campillo almost down to close Round 8.

In the Round 9 comes the explosive end. Fonfara unleashes a devastating right hand to the midsection--somewhere in the spot where medics apply pressure when conducting CPR. That part of the upper stomach is really painful if gets hit. Try to hit it. It really hurts. Fonfara take a knee and from his face's expression, it's clear that he cannot continue.

With the win, Fonfara earn the shot for the IBF title that Bernard Hopkins held.

Meanwhile, Mike Mollo, 20-5-1 (KO 12) didn't get the sweet revenge he hopes for the rematch. The undefeated fighter from Poland, Artur Szpilka16-0 (KO12) knocks Mollo out again in a very entertaining fight. Although, Mollo had his moment in the Round 3 when he first scores a knockdown that slightly hurt Szpilka. But Mollo was unable to follow through. Szpilka was moving around and recovers his footing.

In the fourth round Mollo is breathing heavily, probably not in the best shape and could not keep up the pace of a constant moving opponent. I think he gain a lot of weight overnight. In the fifth Szpilka popped a quick left that landed on Mollos face. Kaboom! Mollo went down flat on his back. But with tremendous heart he got up, however the referee waived it off.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Freddie Roach:"If Manny slips camp he's done"

Commentary│Multi-awarded trainer-of-the-year and Manny Pacquiao’s long-time trainer Freddie Roach said in an interview on Fight Hub TV via YouTube that “if Pacquiao slips camp he’s done”.

A clear indication, that Freddie Roach is worried on the consequences, if his top-pupil keeps on slipping training camp. Manny face-first knockout defeat in December 2012 against long-time rival, Juan Manuel Marquez is blamed on outside-boxing commitment, which Pacquiao did during training camp. This claim is immediately right after the fight, but now, prior to his comeback fight against Brandon Rios in November, after almost a year off, becomes him being careless on that fight.

During the press tour Pacquiao keeps on elaborating that the big right hand that landed on him was just a lucky-punch. He told that during that fight he was in superb condition. Marquez reacted on this and said that he practiced that shot during training camp and even knockout two sparring fighters with the same shot.

Whatever it is, whether Pacquiao got careless, or he was not focus during training, the question is: Will Pacquaio still does the same mistake?

The same mistakes like: slipping training camp because of politics, show-business or anything that distracts the former eight-division champion during his training.

Freddie Roach is very clear in predicting the consequences if Pacquiao will continue to be distracted and interrupted during training camp---he is done.

The likes of Bernard Hopkins and even his longtime rival Juan Manuel Marquez continues to win besides advance age because of focus and dedication towards training camp.

I think this time, the ability of Pacquiao to manage time, which he was admired in the past that he is good at, is no longer good at it (because he keeps on winning despite distractions). It is time for him to learn when to play and when to work. But being a congressman is another work. So, this will answer another question: What is Pacquiao’s first priority if he is on training and will be called in the Philippine Congress.

In another interview on Boxing Channel Coach Roach told that Pacquiao learned his mistakes and improves. Well, let us see, because this kind of drama will continue to pop-up as both men will start their training camp. I am very excited on what will be the story angle for 24/7 series for Pacquiao side of training.

What make it more exciting to me is that the venue of the fight is in Macao, which is only several flying-hours away from Manila. I hope Manila-Macao will not become like a bathroom to kitchen trip for Pacquiao once he start his final leg of training in Macao. Quick trips will be very evitable if Pacquiao might be called to Manila for pressing concerns as a congressman.

Coach Roach plans to train Pacquiao for six weeks. Five weeks in the Philippines and one week in Macao.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nathan Cleverly vs. Sergey Kovalev: Fight Preview and Prediction

Transnational Boxing Ranking Board (TBRB) rated number five boxer Nathan Cleverly fights TBRB rated number four to defend his WBO light heavyweight title. The fight will be held in Cleverly's territory in Wales on Saturday, 17 August 2013 on HBO, that's Sunday morning in the other side of the planet. Although this fight’s not held in the boxing capital of the world in Vegas, but this fight is big in its own little way for both men.

Cleverly is undefeated in 26 fights and is looking for recognition inside the squared circle, so with Sergey Kovalev, which is also undefeated in 21 fights. The records itself speaks for it. Two hungry fighters, in a clash and are in the verge of losing the precious “O” in their respective records. Both men will enter the ring undefeated and only one will come out with unblemished record intact unless otherwise this fight will be declared a draw or no-contest. But the possibilities to have these outcomes are rare.

If you look at Kovalev’s record, 21-0 and stopped 19 of his opponents, a stunning 86 KO percentage. But who are those he defeated? That’s another question. But this will not take out the truth that this guy can punch. Not just can punch, but he is really a hard puncher. I just hate to write the unfortunate thing that happen to one of his opponent. It hurts. A puncher’s chance is at his side when he is trailing on the scorecards. A single punch right in the button could stop Cleverly and scores on the cards doesn’t matter at all.

Cleverly is fighting in his territory which is an advantage. There is what we called in boxing “hometown decision” which I am sick about. I don’t know why it becomes a culture in boxing. An obvious reason is to avoid violent reaction from the crowd. So what? If a hometown hero deserves to lose, then he should. And fans should learn to accept. Kovalev’s decision to cross the Atlantic and fight is a brave move. Kovalev is ready for everything.

Cleverly, told that Kovalev’s KO after KO wins gets him more motivated with the fight. He said, he will surprise the hometown crowd that he can outbox Kovalev and can knock him out. He said he will fight with his heart and skill. Cleverly embrace this fight because this is the fight he wanted and he was not intimidated with Kovalev’s notoriety.

I expect an all out war in this fight if Clevery will be lured to fight toe-to-toe, which is not a good idea to fight Kovalev, but Kovalev’s power punches will started to take effect in round 7 and he will stop Cleverly in this round bringing home the title with him to the other side of the Atlantic.

Weekend Boxing: Fonfara-Campilo, Cleverly-Kovalev, Julaton-Salazar and many more...

Boxing fans, this is another action-packed weekend that you should not missed. Although the biggest fights will happen during the "ber-months", that's September and November wherein pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao fight different opponents, yet this weekend should not be overlooked.

Here are the boxing schedule for this weekend:

August 16, Friday

Andrzej Fonfara fights Gabriel Campillo, for 10 rounds of light heavyweights boxing and Artur Szpilka faces Mike Mollo, in a heavyweight rematch for 10 rounds at the U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago, IL for another edition of Friday Night Fights on ESPN2.

August 17, Saturday 

HBO After Dark triple header, Daniel Geale battles Darren Barker, for 12 rounds in the middleweights, for Geale's IBF title. Jhonatan Romero fights Kiko Martinez for super bantamweights supremacy for 12 rounds, for Romero's IBF title and Thomas Dulorme squares off Frankie Figueroa, junior welterweights, 10 rounds at the Revel Resort, Atlantic City, NJ


Nathan Cleverly defends WBO title against Sergey Kovalev for 12 rounds light heavyweights showdown at Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales

FOX Sports Deportes

Cancun, Mexico Takashi Miura fights Sergio Thompson for 12 rounds super featherweights,  for Miura's WBC title and for women's boxing Ana Julaton exchanges leather against Celina Salazar, for 10 rounds of featherweights action. 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Team Pilipinas vs. South Korea Result: Gilas routs Koreans 86-79, advances to Finals against Iran for the 27th FIBA Asia 2013,

Is the Team South Koreans the kryptonite for Philippine National Team? Well, that is several matches in the past, this time no-more.

The Philippine National Team wins over South Korea 86-79 in the semi-final match for the 27th FIBA Asia 2013 tournament held in Manila. Gilas will face Iran for the crown tomorrow, Aug. 10.

With the hard-earned win, Gilas will make it the Spain next year for the FIBA World Cup. This is the first ever comeback of a Philippine National Basketball team in a world stage in 35 years. 

Replay click here.

Deontay Wilder knocks out Siarhei Liakhovich in round 1

Deontay Wilder deliver the goods in a brutal manner, crushes Siarhei Liakhovich in 1:43 in the very first round. I am expecting this will end in a knock out, but not in round 1.

It is a short night for Wilder, who does not even drop a single sweat. When the bell sounds to signal the start of the first round, Wilder look to box more and establish his jab. He moves around, throwing counter quick jabs and lands them.

Wilder is just about to step a little bit of gas, lands a jab, Liakhovich backing up towards the ropes and boom! that's it. Just like that. A good right hand ends the fight.

Liakhovich drops with his back on the floor and his legs seizures like that of Fernando Montiel, when Monteil was got knocked out by Nonito Donaire. But Referee Tom Tailor stops Liakhovich right away and did not bother to count.

Wilder now 29-0 is still untested with that win. That was still an easy work for him. Although Liakhovich is clearly in the downhill of his career at 37. Liakhovich was expected to put on some experience on that fight, but he just can't do that.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ESPNs First Take: Brandon Rios's goal, to stop Manny Pacquiao's plan

Filipino boxing icon Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and his opponent on November 23, 2013, Mexican Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios visited ESPN headquarters in Bristol as part of their U.S. Press Tour on August 5, 2013, that kicked-off in Asia in July.

Pacquiao was very game during the interview and as always he used to be, was laughing most of the time. When Pacquaio was asked about why he chose to fight the younger, Brandon Rios instead of any other fighter for just a tune-up fights.

Pacquiao answered that, "We pick Rios, a top opponent, because... we are not thinking about... another tune up fight...” Pacquiao continued saying that "I wanted to show up that I'm still okay, I'm okay..."

Base on Pacquiao's answer to this question, for me, it suggests only two things: Pacquiao is damn stern about coming back to the top immediately, and with the best fighter out there.  He chose Rios for his comeback fight, hoping for a spectacular win, maybe by stoppage, in an all action fight.

Rios knows only how to come forward. He wants to fight. He wants to trade punch by punch. This is Rios style. Paired with Pacquiao style, this is going to be an entertaining fight that the new boxing market, in China, would love to watch. And would crave for more of Pacquiao performance, if he will win according to plan.

But the question is how sure Pacquiao will win from a guy like Rios? For me, chances are 50/50.

Brandon Rios has a different plan. Rios said that "My goal is to win and be ready". It is pretty clear to Rios that everything has been planned for Pacquiao, through Top Rank promotion: to win against him, conquer the Chinese market, and get back in line and “perhaps” fight 'Money' Mayweather Jr.

"My goal is to stop that and prevent that, my goal is to train and be ready with the best Manny Pacquiao ever, so my goal is to stop any other plans, anything, anybody, promotion, anybody..." continued Rios.

Pacquiao is so determined to fulfill his plan and Rios is so determine to spoil the plan.

Who do you think will win, THE PLANNER OR THE SPOILER? You may cast your vote on our poll, on the top-left-side of this page.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Brandon “Bambam” Rios: After the press tour, it’s time to start training camp

Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and former Mexican champion Brandon Rios is already in the U.S. to continue the press tour for their upcoming fight in Cotai, Arena, in Macau, China on November 23, 2013.

The first stop for U.S. press tour will be at ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, Conn. on August 5, 2013, appearing in various ESPN platforms.

The next stop will be in New York on August 6, 2013 and will end the tour on August 8, 2013 in Los Angeles.

After laying down everything to the fans, through the media, during the press tour, I think everything has been said to hype this fight. After August 8, it’s the time for Pacquiao and Rios to prepare their selves what they promised to the boxing public. It’s time for them to start shaping up what will transpire in the ring.

I am excited to see what will be the changes in Pacquiao’s training camp to avoid distractions. It has been here-and-there distractions that made Pacquiao out-of-focus during training. Pacquiao use to train as hard as he can when he is inside the gym. But when distraction put him out of training camp is another story.

Whether its politics or showbiz commitments, it requires focus too.  Shifting focus in many different things will never do well for a body that undergoes rigorous training.

On the part of Rios, he seemed so eager to start training right after the fight was confirmed. I have seen videos of Rios doing light training even before the press tour, whereas Pacquiao, I’ve seen him playing basketball in interview footage, in his hometown in Southern Philippines.

Pacquiao and Rios are in a must-win- fight on their respective careers right now. Both men will be coming in from a defeat. If Rios will lose, it will be two in a row, but if it is Pacquiao will lose, it will be three straight losses, although I am not considering his fight with Bradley a defeat; but in paper, it is.

Neither Pacquiao nor Rios can afford another defeat. Refusal to lose means only one thing: train harder.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fortuna vs. Franco ends up split draw in a very strange judging

ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights Judge, Chris Ritter seemed had his eyes lights-out even after the house-lights at Buffalo Casino were put back on after it went out in the first round. The fight between Fortuna and Franco was stopped and resumed only when the lights went on again.

The fight declared a split-draw at the scores of an odd 99-91 for Franco from Judge Ritter, 96-94 from Judge Jerry Griffin for Fortuna and 95-95 even, from the other judge.

Teddy Atlas, at ringside saw it the other way around, also at 99-91 but in favor of Fortuna and is furious about Judge Ritter’s score. He mentioned that there should be somewhat policing on the judges.

“…somebody better do something about policing these judges...”

Javier Fortuna’s flaws I noticed on his performance against Luis Franco.

Javier Fortuna was impressive in his previous bout against Zamudio, Cruz and Evans, knocking all of them in less than three rounds. He was explosive and is expected to render the same performance against Franco.

Franco told during the pre-fight interview that Fortuna never fought a live opponent like him.

That was really the case as Fortuna, although landing the crispier shots, could not deliver the goods that he is expected to bring.

Fortuna was throwing power punches that most of them did not find its mark. He is looking for one big shot that never happen. I think his major flaw was that he was not able to adjust. In fairness to Franco, he is a kind of fighter that can’t be caught right away with those power, yet somewhat telegraph shots. Fortuna needs to set them up with effective jabs.

At age 24, Fortuna, can still hone his craft and could still be the fighter his handler envision him to be.

Kermit Cintron vs. Jonathan Batista

In the co-main feature of FNF, Cintron look to revitalized his career but only settled into a somewhat gifted unanimous win against Jonathan Batista.

The only remarkable on Cintron’s performance is that he did it wearing a pair of shoes having different colors.

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