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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Teofimo Lopez is the new Sheriff in town

It was shocking the way Teofimo Lopez defeated the pound-for-pound kingpin Vasyl Lomachenko in their lightweight unification world title fight at the Bubble, MGM Grand, Las Vegas on Saturday night.

If it is for Lopez (16-0-0, 12 KOs) to win that fight it should have been not like that. Most boxing experts were not able to somehow predict the manner he would win.

Lopez was fighting Lomachenko as if he was the one having the experience advantage. I mean, he was there very calm, not overreacting to the feinting, side to side head movement, up and down lead right-hand movement of Lomachenko.

Every time Loma tries to set-up and throw punches, even before he can execute it, Lopez simply distracting him with jabs or a textbook one-two combo --- a stiff left jab and a right straight to the body.

One move from Lopez caught my attention too. It was a quick pivot to his left every time Loma attacks and pivot to his left. Lopez's counter move was to duck a little bit and pivot to his left at the same place.

Rigo was not able to figure that out that kind move to counter Loma's lead right foot to his side. Southpaw vs Orthodox must establish the lead foot outside the lead foot of his opponent to get that firing angle wherein it’s very difficult for the opponent to counter. Left-handed mostly execute this move with ease because they are used to it. Just like Pacman. The right-hander wound practice this move when fighting a lefty. Lopez was just excellent at that.

Lopez was really not doing anything against the extra activities of Loma as I mentioned above. He just gets ahead with his jab and body shots whenever Loma tries to set-up.

The first-half giveaway of Loma to Lopez did not pay so much in the later rounds as Lopez did not give enough info to digest. Loma is a slow starter that figures out his opponent in the first half of the fight by showing some extra movements in there as I mentioned above (feinting, side to side head movement, up and down lead right-hand movement, lead right foot tapping side to side) and if an opponent overreacts to it showing tendencies of possible openings, Loma would remember those information and the second time you’ll react to it you will receive a surprise from him.

One more thing to note, Lopez's natural or bigger frame at lightweight really was a big factor too. Loma might consider moving back down to 130 or even at 126. He can do more ass-kicking there.

Well congratulations to Lopez, he really walks the talk regarding the boxing skills he told about behind his knockout victories. A new sheriff has just been installed. A 23-year-old Sheriff.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Manny Pacquiao's MP Promotions partners with Paradigm Sports

Senator Manny Pacquiao announced on his Facebook fan page the official partnership between MP Promotions and Paradigm Sports on Monday, 12 October 2020.

"Excited to have officially partnered with Paradigm Sports Management. Grateful for the support of my family, team, and fans as I continue my boxing journey. Big things coming! Stay tuned!" according to his post.

Excited to have officially partnered with Paradigm Sports Management 🥊👊🏼Grateful for the support of my family, team, and fans as I continue my professional boxing journey. Big things coming! Stay tuned!

Paradigm Sports is a leading global sports management, business, and media agency. Their core business: professional sports management and consulting.