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Monday, February 25, 2019

Humberto Soto foils Brandon Rios' desire to win in ring-return

Humberto Soto foils Brandon Rios' desire to win in ring-return, wins a decision on Saturday night at the Auditorio Municipal, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Soto, (69-9-2, 37 KOs) looking sharp with his combination punching was able to pull a unanimous decision victory over Brandon Rios for the junior middleweight contest.

The scores were 119-111, 118-112, and 118-112.

It was a fun fight, watching two former lightweight titlists fighting far way north from their best division and fast their prime too. But the entertainment value never faded as the two were battle-tested warriors on their rights.

In the end, it was Soto who got the nod of three judges. He was able to bank the first few early rounds of the fight. He utilized his experience well throwing uppercuts that connected at will to a surging and leaning forward march of Rios.

The combination punching of Soto was effective as Rios looking for an opportunity to counter moving forward. Soto fired combinations ranging from 3 to 5 punch combo and then disengage. His strategy would force Rios to reset, move again forward, met again with combination, and then Soto disengage.

To his credit, Rios (35-5-1, 26 KOs) never back down, continued to surge forward. He absorbed the best shots Soto can muster and had some few moments in the ring in the later rounds. He was very game to match Soto in a toe-to-toe action. He was in the pocket all night to engage but came up short.

Rios had great plans for his return as he had his eye on another world title. He promised her daughter to bring another title belt. But for now, he has to go back to square one and check what are his options.

Rios was successful at the lightweight division where he used to bully opponents. As he climbed north of the lightweight division his power was simply not there.

With the win, Soto at 38 years old could be somehow got some boost in this stage of his boxing career, but of course, he's really on the other side of the hill. And could probably have few fights left. With his performance, could probably pull one big fight before really calling it a day, depending on the outcome.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Duno vs Dhanda result: Romero Duno obliterates Kuldeep Dhanda in Round 2

Romer Duno chose to hold momentarily his celebration in the ring after knocking out Kuldeep Dhanda. The fight was held at the Midas Hotel and Casino, Pasay City for the lightweight title.

Duno (19-1, 15 KOs) was worried about Dhanda who was lying unconscious for a few seconds. This was after he landed an overhand right on Dhanda's jaw in the second round.

The official time of the stoppage, 1:19 mark in second round.

The over-matched Dhanda (7-2, 1KO) was down in the first round once. Then he was knockdown again in the second round and ultimately stopped in the same round.

In the first round, Duno controlled the ring and landing the heavier blows at will to the body and head of the Indian opponent. Duno landed a hard counter that sends Dhanda down. Dhanda was able to beat the count and continue. Duno landed another hard shot to the head that forced Dhanda to backpedal wobbly. Duno sensed the first-round stoppage and tried to stop his wobbly opponent. Dhanda held his ground tried to fight back and survived the round.

In the second round, Duno scored another knockdown and eventually landed a bombshell that stopped Dhanda. It was a terrifying shot as Dhanda was literally out even before he hits the canvas. Dhanda was knockout real cold. The way he was dropped looks a resemblance to a Juan Marquez knockout of Manny Pacquiao.

The KO shot was too scary and the referee made the right decision for not bothering to execute the mandatory count, immediately signaled for ringside paramedics to come for Dhanda's help.

Below is a short clip of the knockout.