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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Love Boxing Above All Sports (Part 3 of 10)

My enthusiasm for boxing even more fired up during my high school days. Though it all started during my elementary days as what I have written previously (click here), but it is during high school that I am more excited about it. I become more active and getting deeper into the sport I love.


Let me tell you why? It is in high school as we all know, (almost all of us went through) we are full of energy, the freshness, the youth, the blood keep firing in everything we wanted to do. Personally, I don’t know the word tired during those days, (not unless it is an errand from my parents, I have all the reasons for being tired.


Most of my friends and classmates played basketball. I also played with them, I enjoy also playing and in fact nowadays it is where I physically engage with. Given the fact that boxing is a contact sport, I basically didn’t engage in sparring which I did during high school. I love boxing but right now, I am not in a position to do so. Instead I love to watch, write, and read everything about it.


During my elementary days that bully thing that first introduced me about boxing (reason 1). However, I can’t imagine that in my high school I tried to bully someone, (persuading him to spar with me though he refuse several times but humiliated me in the end.


Let me tell you, the story that gives me the reason to love (the lessons learned) more about the sport of boxing.


The guy I mention above is a good friend, a classmate in elementary and a now in high school.


Without further ado, let me begin the story.


My whole section in first year high school visited a classmate, (a neighbor also) who’s grandmother died. So, we gathered there. We are around 30 students so only a few could get into the house. Most of the boys stayed outside. We stayed in one of my neighbor that I used to hang out.


I love to hang in there because you know what? they are having a pair of boxing gloves. Yes, I love to go here during weekends and play (not sparring) because the owner is far bigger and older than me. He’s just playing with me as a younger brother. So, I have the idea that boxing is just for fun (not dangerous at all). Not until I tasted the first beating in my life from boxing.

As we gather there, Jojo, the owner of those gloves showed to us. I grabbed immediately one pair and done it myself. Scrolling to each classmate around, my eyes stop to a classmate named Sebio. Yes, because even though we are good friend, he is one of our dominant classmates that used to bully our common friends, (but his is not doing it to me).


So, I have this feeling inside to test him, as to how good he is in boxing, (but  I know he is good in bare fisted fighting) during our elementary he is always having trouble with school mates and our classmates as well. But that is in elementary.


Now in high school, what comes in my mind is that I wanted to know if he had the guts still. When I told him “come on Sebio, let’s try some sparring.”


He replied “No, I don’t know how, the last time I tried, that was in grade 3.” “No way” he continued.


But I am persuading and insisting him to fight me. He repeatedly refused. Then, our classmates started to yell at him saying that “what man, you’re always fighting with us before and then now you have no guts to spar”. Boooooooooo!


Upon hearing those words, he silently gets the other pair wear and whoaah! We are squaring with each other. His ego was really hurt; I can see it from his eyes. While I am smiling because in my heart I know that it is just for fun. I expect a friendly match. But I am totally wrong. Sebio was in a different position, his eyebrows were crossed. He has a different motive.


Before I can even defend myself, he swarmed me with non-stop combination that I could not even defend. The worse thing is that I can’t say stop because I started this. He is all over around me, firing the hardest shot that landed at will. Most are body shots that made me grimaced in pain because all I do is cover my face. I cover especially my nose (I easily bleed from the nose). A solid punch rights through my chest put me in my knees.


My classmates are screaming and jubilant of what just they have seen. I am totally humiliated but it is embarrassing to quit because I have started this. I got up on my feet and started to prepare myself for another furious flurry of combinations from him. But this time, I am ready to counter. Sebio throw a wide cross, while surging forward. I slipped into it, ducking forward and bore a solid counter right hook to his mid-section. He was stunned by that very first counter. Not hurt but maybe he think over about it.


He looks at me, trying to figure out what will be my next move. Now, he’s not swarming me anymore, he tried to throw job, and one two’s that I defended soundly. I can feel my breathing now, and I can see it from him also while our classmates were yelling for more.

I am surprised he said that it is enough. In my mind, I know he’s not hurt by that counter, but he may not want me to regain the beating he just given to me. I feel my lips and my teeth, blood were spilling out. My lips was lacerated, my tongue  was cut, my tooth were shaky.


I wanted to continue, but I think I had enough for the day.


Four lessons learned.


First, never try to embarrass someone in a crowd, for any contact sport.


Second, challenge somebody in any sport in a gentleman’s way.


Third, if you challenge somebody in any sport be sure you are prepared for the worst even if is a friendlies. (Learn how to box, it is a good exercise).


Fourth, boxing is a very dangerous sport, especially doing it without protective gear. (Never try without it).


But this is not the end, of me and my friend Sebio boxing escapade. I eventually take revenge that I will post next time. I tell you how that day changed me.


Though I am not a pro, and never was, but I can relate what is it like to be a fallen fighter, humiliated, and losing confident. The most important thing is how you approach that feeling and from there how you will move forward. Either to improve, or to live in the past or to seek redemption for yourself.

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III Manila Press Tour: 3 Things We Can Expect

The most anticipated trilogy in boxing between two heated rivals pound for pound and boxer of the decade Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III will kick off press tour in Manila.The press tour that will end in Mexico city will start the first leg in Mall of Asia in Manila.

Here are the 3 things we shall expect during the press tour of Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III in Manila.

Number 1. SM Mall of Asia (MOA) the largest mall developer and owner in the Philippines.  The 3rd largest shopping mall in Asia. The 4th (Ref. Forbes' World's 10 Largest Shopping Malls) largest shopping mall in the world. It has a land area of 42 hectares and has a gross floor area of an approximate 390,193 m² (4.2 million square feet) and 407,101 m² of total area. 

The mall is located in Bay City, Pasay City, will expect more than 100,000 people including the international media that will cover the event.

Number 2. Manny Pacquiao, also a singer when outside of the squared circle is expected to render a song along with Dan Hill.

The Pacman has hit a single of Hill’s original “Sometimes When We Touch” that has climbed to No. 7 in the Billboard Music Chart. The song was originally sung by Hill in 1977 and after only a year rose to no. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Top 100. 

The performance of the duo has not been announced officially yet as we speak. But expected to be announced soon.

Number 3. Though we can say that it is horribly unusual for the streets of Manila if you will say that there is no traffic jam at all. What we expect is a huge volume and build up of traffic jam that is expected to start from North Edsa all the way to the venue. We advised motorized to map out their alternate routes and to avoid EDSA in general. 

Manila earlier prohibits the use of police siren (wangwang) to any VIP. That includes the President itself that impose these prohibition.

Marquez is also expected to match the hype in Mexico City where the press tour will end.

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez is promoted by Bob Arum's Top Rank, MP Promotions and Romanza Promotions. The bout is scheduled on November in Las Vegas.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Manchester United to Sell up to 30 percent share of stocks in Singapore Market

While tuning in to the BBC World Service Program, the sports segment catches my attention. The Glazer Family, owner of the Manchester United Football Club an English professional football club, based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, that plays in the Premier League plans to sell up to 30 percent share of the team. However, nothing official yet. 

The move is to raise around 650 million US dollars (some financial investors saying up to 1 billion US dollars) in order to pay large trunk of debt and use the remaining money to find new players. The Glazer family, acquisition of Manchester United in 2005 utilizing borrowed foreign money is taking its tool in the interest rate. 

The plan sale of share in the Singapore market is a huge gamble in the Asian market. BPP Professor Chris Brady is skeptical about the target amount of money to raise might not be achievable.

"The Chinese and the all the Asian market are football fanatics and it is a gamble in the current market where old stock market has depressed, but the Glazer family is looking and saying that the club is worth somewhere in the range of 2 to 2.5 billion US dollars, that seem over price to me to be honest and so, it might be that their not gonna be generating that kind of amount."

Manchester United is in enormous pressure to do will and to qualify in the European Champions League where most of their revenue came from.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five Reasons: Mayweather villain, Pacquiao hero of boxing

Five Reasons: Mayweather is villain, Pacquiao is hero of boxing

The best if not the greatest boxer of our time, perhaps were the few adjectives that would describe the similarity between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao and the rest were in contrast with each other.

Here are my top five reasons why Money is the villain and Manny is the hero of boxing. Join me to explore opposing personalities. The fighters that for so long we have been waiting for to face each other in the squared circle, for the sake of the sport and for the fans as well.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. trash talk opponents and disrespect their skills and abilities as a boxer. This strategy work very well for Floyd in promoting all of his fights. His talks intensify fight hype regardless of his opponent's reaction.

An opponent that choose to open fire will enhance Floyd's talking ability that get fight fans excited and expects action packed fight, spend their hard earn bucks for a pay per view subscription or for a ticket.

In the contrary, Manny Pacquiao respects, and does not under estimate opponents. He encourages them to train hard. To be in the best fighting shape and promise fans to give their money’s worth. Manny is true to his word because of his all out aggression and never fail to bring excitement to fans.

2. Fighting styles. Floyd Mayweather Jr's all out offensive talking towards his opponent is completely opposite when he is in the ring. Money is a defensive wizard that possesses doubled if not tripled defensive shield that his 41 foes failed to penetrate.

Money May's defensive style, sometimes can be boring if his opponent choose not to engage. Floyd tends to win on points because for him a win is a win, and it does not care if he satisfies fans.

In the other hand, Manny Pacquiao's humble and angelic praises towards his opponent. However, he is like a monster inside the ring that humiliates opponent in a brutal manner. Like a pacific storm, that Floyd may not weather.

Expect Pacman to initiate action in the entire fight even an opponent tries to back pedal. You can run but you can never hide from him.

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr. after the fight wasted and burned money. Manny Pacquiao after the fight would share his money—helping the poor in his native place—giving away rice, sum of money, and medicine for the sick.

4. Floyd is a law-breaker while Pacman is a lawmaker. Court cases bothered the former that might prevent him from fighting in the future. The most recent case is a bundled stuck of felony and misdemeanor charges for an alleged domestic violence.

Pacman elected Congressman in the House of Representative in his native Philippines. He is taking the lead to realize the first ever hospital in his district.

5. Though Money falls on the negative end on this article, but I admired his portrayal being the villain in the world of boxing. Seldom fighters can do that. Hate him or love him the bottom line is that fans will definitely buy a pay per view subscription or a ticket to watch live, hoping the Pretty boy lost.

Perfect portrayal of a villain makes a hero—a hero. The characters that we need to make the sport we love alive.

Both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao perfectly suit the role they played.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

English Premier League, Manchester United: Defends title, Chelsea draw against Stoke

English Premier League - Manchester United prove that they are the reigning champion and defended the title, over a win against West Brom on Sunday. Manchester United send fresh legs consisting of Tom Cleverly, Fabio da Silva and Danny Welbeck along with debutant David de Gea and Ashley Young.

In the 13th mark Wayne Rooney scored with a beautiful strike in the penalty area that earn the first goal of the match. Winger Nani wasted two attempts to extend the lead until come the 37th minute equalizer from Albion.

Manchester United scored the winning goal in the 81st minute in the second half, when Young's cross was slightly deflected by Reid that went all the way to his goal, that sealed Manchester United 2-1 win.

Meanwhile, Chelsea settled a gruesome battle into draw (0-0) against Stoke at Brittania Stadium. Chelsea three intimidating attempts was spoiled by Stoke Goalkeeper Asmir Begovic.

Chelsea coach wasn't please to settle a draw and was enraged by Stokes offensive tactics.

English Premier League Result:

Aug. 14          Stoke 0-0 Chelsea
Aug. 14 West Brom 1-2 Man Utd.

Aug. 13   Blackburn 1-2 Wolves
Aug. 13        Fulham 0-0 Aston Villa
Aug. 13    Liverpool 1-1 Sunderland
Aug. 13   Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal
Aug. 13            QPR 0-4 Bolton
Aug. 13         Wigan 1-1 Norwich

English Premier League Top 3 standing
                     P   W   D   L   GF   GA   Pts
Bolton          1    1    0    0     4     0       3
Man Utd       1    1    0    0     2     1      3
Wolves         1     1   0    0     2     1      3

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Love Boxing Above All Sports (Part 2 of 10)

When I was a child I keep myself out of trouble. I consider myself real coward those days. I was even bullied by smaller classmates because I am really scared to be in any kind of arguments with them. I grow up also with my cousins which are all girls, therefore I don't have buddy to play wrestling and you know doing macho kid stuff. In school I prefer to be friendly to all my classmates even to those I don't really like. Those classmates that grab your toys, eat your snacks, put frog in your bag. I have written this bully thing in my previous post.


However, being the only kid in the family I have two teenager Uncles at that time. They taught me some macho stuff, by making fun of me. Guess what? they like boxing a lot. I remember every Sunday afternoon they are watching boxing matches. I watch with them those matches while they were shouting and imitating the boxers up against each other.


I wrapped cloth (sometimes old T-shirts) in my both fist and will ask me to boxed with them. In other words, they were making fun of me. In fact they punched my tummy after telling me hold my breath and make my stomach hard enough for them to punch. In return also they will tell me to box their tummy's. This is the influence they get from watching boxing matches every Sunday afternoon that open up my mind also about this sweet science I love.


Second thing also, it might be in my blood as my grandmother telling me that my grandfather used to fight street boxing with the Americans during the Japanese occupation in my country. She told me that American soldiers pitted my Grandpa to boxed with other boys in our town. I really believe what my grandma have told me though I wasn't able to confirm this to my grandpa. However I can tell it from his actions. You know what? because he is a guy who sleeps as early as 8pm, Maybe due to tremendous work in the farm during the entire day that would make him so sleepy. But you know what, if we will rent even five beta-max tapes and play it on even till morning he will watch it. Yes all the way!


I really admire him the way he watch those video tapes. He don't know the boxers are but he can immediately tell the ability and can make comments to a certain fighter as to how he did tactically inside the ring. That maybe what I inherited from him. I love to comment about boxers.


That's the 2nd reason why I love boxing above all sports. Check out the first reason why I love boxing above all sports just click here.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Jones Cup: Day 7, Philippines Smart Gilas Outpointed Japan Secure Semifinal Berth

Taiwan- 33rd William Jones Cup, Smart Gilas prevail in the must win game against Japan in the final day (Day7) of the regular season.

Smart Gilas secured semifinal berth after beating Japan. Korea had a strong chance to finish at number 1 spot in the regular season despite a slim possibility of losing to Taiwan.

Jones Cup: Day 6,Smart Gilas Buried UAE 90-65

Taiwan Day 6  – 33 William Jones Cup,UEA still unable to break their winless card and stumbled once more against Smart-Gilas. Coming from a loss to the mighty Koreans Smart-Gilas rebounded, showing tremendous force to put UEA in a bad situation via wide, wide margin at 90-65.

This development in Jones Cup, highlighted Smart-Gilas to be in the second spot together with Jordan, Iran and Taiwan. This is despite of facing stronger opponents from the beginning of the competition contrary to Korea who started lightweight contenders and establish sure chances of winning before taking on powerful teams in this Jones Cup tourney.

Marcus Douthit again leads the scoring end for Smart Gilas to finish double digit (scored 23) along with Lutz, Lassiter and Taulava who scored 13, 10, and 10 respectively.

UAE will be up against Malaysia in the next game competing for the seventh spot. Philippines will take on a must win against Japan on their next game.

Results Day 6 (Regular Season)

Aug. 11:                 Japan    70-55     Malaysia

Aug. 11: United Arab.         60-95     Philippines

Aug. 11: South Korea         77-85     Jordan

Aug. 11:                Taiwan   47-74     Iran

Previous results click here.

Schedule Day 7 (Regular Season)

Taiwan                  Aug. 12                  South Korea

Malaysia               Aug. 12                  United Arab.

Jordan                   Aug. 12                  Iran

Philippines            Aug. 12                  Japan

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

United States Vs Mexico Friendly Soccer Match Result 1-1

Image by wikipedia

Lincoln Financial Field – The United States men’s National soccer friendly game against Mexico came into draw at 1-1. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann encounters several problems in the defensive end.

Almost at will, Mexico manages to control the tempo of the first 90 minutes. Making passes and positioning the ball where they wanted to. This gives basically the opportunity for Striker Oribe Peralta to score the first goal of the game at the 17th minute mark.

The United States then shifted to attack mode after a slow start, firing the equalizer is Robbie Rogers tapped in a cross from Dane Brekken "Brek" Shea in the 73rd minute.


Coach Jurgen Klinsmann motivation to his player to become more offensive was only evident in the second half.

This was because Mexico is so difficult to defend, passing the ball quickly beating every defender in the soccer field. But a quick counter attack that poses threat will slow down their offense and will consider defense.

Oguchi Oneywu is obviously different player since he injured his patellar tendon. Poses center defense problem.

First half shown the United States confused looking at the ball idle. They need to be focused right from the beginning. A more attack motivated opponent can score right away in real games.


It is a quality second period of soccer to watch. Showing how the United States regain composure and begin to attack. 

Though a friendly game is a friendly game, they must start strong and finish strong.

However, Mexico unable to capitalize offense in the first period when the Americans look confused could have score at least more than 1 goal. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jones Cup:Day 5. Mighty Koreans Dump Smart-Gilas 78-70

Taiwan Day 5 -The Koreans toppled Smart-Gilas to remain undefeated in the 33 William Jones Cup, Hsinchuang Stadium in New Taipei City. Gilas stands now at 3-2 win loss card.

Marcus Douthit scores very well at the first period and scored seven straight points, but unable to get back up from his trigger cold team mates. Though they were up by two to end the second period, an 11-0 run orchestrated by the Koreans left Smart-Gilas 9 point margin.

JV Casio tried to ignite the team to get back on track scoring 15 points of his total 27 points in the last stanza and managed to tie the game. However the Korean capitalized the opportunity of Douthit being in the bench by dominating the boards converting second chance position. Smart-Gilas then vows to Korea via 8 point deficit at 70-78.

Game Results:
Day 5
Aug. 10:        Jordan  70-87  Japan

Aug. 10: Philippines  70-78  South Korea

Aug. 10:            Iran  69-49  Malaysia

Aug. 10:      Taiwan  92-87  United Arab
Previous Results click here

Day 6 schedule (Regular season)
Japan  Aug. 11  Malaysia

 United Arab .  Aug. 11  Philippines

   South Korea  Aug. 11  Jordan

            Taiwan  Aug. 11  Iran

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pilipinas Smart Gilas 3-1 Jones Cup Game Standing Crushing Malaysia

Taiwan - Team Pilipinas Smart-Gilas back in the winning form after dropping a 4 point loss to Jordan.
Gilas started the game with both starter Marcus Douthit and JV Casio in the bench. Giving them the chance to at least regain their energy after an evident fatigue in the last game.

Both teams in the starting quarter showed up poor ball handling, suffered back to back turnovers until Aguilar made the first basket for Gilas.

Coach Toroman anticipated a blow out against Malaysia, but the Malaysians took the lead 38-37 early in the third quarter.

Gilas bounced back a 24-2 run to control the game and manage a victory via a wide margin 86-68.

Highlight of the game was when Asi Taulava punched Malaysia's Kwan Jing, for allegedly grabbing and punching him. Both were thrown out in the game for their respective actions. While Asi immediately apologize his action might be still playing against  tough unbeaten Koreans.

"He grabbed my balls, squeezed it and then back-punched it," said Taulava.

Game results:
Day 4

Aug. 9: Iran  84-55  United Arab .
Aug. 9: Philippines  86-68  Malaysia
Aug. 9: Japan  67-69  South Korea
Aug. 9: Jordan  75-77  Taiwan
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Jordanian Outmuscled Gallant Smart-Gilas: Jones Cup First Loss

Taiwan - Jordanians give Smat-Gilas Pilipinas their first loss in the 33rd William Jones Cup Eight teams Tournament, after a two-game winning streak, in a close final score of 72-76. Smart-Gilas win against Iran in the opener, that stuns the defending back to back champion and in the following day against host country Taiwan.

Smart-Gilas look tired in the game with the taller Jordanians. Douthit who scored 23 points was held down to only 10 points, as he struggles against the rough housing from the bigger guys. of Jordan aside from bad calls from referee Yuen Chun Yip.

Coach Toroman, threatens to walk out with the Filipino players. "If we see this referee again in our next game, we will walk out, we'll go home," Last game the same referee officiated the game that found to have committed purposely mistake in favor of the host team Taiwan.

Lightweight Malaysia would be the next assignment for Smart-Gilas on August 09, 2011.

Game Results:
Day 1

Aug. 6: Jordan 91-72 United Arab

Aug. 6: South Korea 110-50 Malaysia

Aug. 6: Iran 59-73 Philippines

Aug. 6: Taiwan 99-72 Japan

Day 2

Aug. 7: Malaysia 63-93 Jordan

Aug. 7: UAE 54-102 South Korea

Aug. 7: Japan 58-77 Iran

Aug. 7: Philippines 90-78 Taiwan

Day 3

Aug. 8: UAE 85-92 Japan

Aug. 8: Jordan 76-72 Philippines

Aug. 8: South Korea 77-59 Iran

Aug. 8: Taiwan 104-54 Malaysia

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

William Jones Cup 2011:Team Pilipinas Smart Gilas Outclass Taiwan 90-78

Taiwan - Team Pilipinas Smart-Gilas pickup their second win against Chinese Taipei in the second game of 33rd William Jones Cup.

Focus and composure was the key for Team Pilipinas Smart-Gilas to overcome strict calls from referee as Marcus Douthit called for a technical for complaining a foul at 2:25 mark in the first quarter.

Weng Ting Ching of Taiwan showed overall skills in floor and posed threat but came out short to held Team Pilipinas.

Smart-Gilas clearly in control of the ballgame leading every end of the quarter. Taiwan manage to get close converting every free throw as Team Pilipinas in penalty situations.

Team Pilipinas will be up against Jordan tomorrow August 08, 2011 at 1500H Taiwan time. 

Stats Per Quarter: 21-17; 49-36; 72-58; 78

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smart Gilas Shock Iran 73-59: Jones Cup Opener

Smart Gilas in this undated photo

Smart Gilas first shock by the last minute organizers announcement. Instead of facing Jordan in the opener, 2 time Jones Cup Champ Iran becomes the first assignment.

Anticipating the toughness of the depending champ, Gilas lead by Marcus Douthit consistent shooting out muscled Iran chipping in 24 points.

The next match for Smart Gilas will be against Taiwan on August 07, 2011.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I love Boxing Above All Sports (Part 1 of 10)

When I am in elementary school, I was the smallest in the classroom. I am only about six years old when my mother sent me to first grade. I supposed to be a visitor in the class. My mother expect me to take again first grade in the following year, but I was able to pass.


Perhaps the youngest, while the smallest in the room, my bigger and older classmates loves to bully me. Not just because I am small but I am really scared to fight back. Scared to received bare knuckle fist upon my face (I always have nose-bleeding when I was a kid). I have one classmate that I am really scared of because he like to boxed at my chest. If he likes my toy, he just show his fist to me and Ill give right away (trembling).


One day, after our morning class, I was invited by one of our classmates to once again have lunch in their house. which is near to our school. I love to go with him because he has a lot of toys. But guess what? the kid I am so scared of was also invited. I cant back out because I really wanted to play there. You know how is it like to play a lot toys as a kid right?


When we start playing, this kid is really bullying me. Whatever toy I wanted to play he will grab it. As if he don't want me to play. So I stayed in the corner of my friends room, and watch them playing. I notice something under the bed. I grab it and found a pair of boxing gloves. To my delight I wear it and start boxing in the air.


I stopped when I see my classmate notice me and straight away took the other pair and start boxing at me. I was so scared. He is yelling at me to fight back. My other classmate yelled also saying "come on lets do it outside!!!". I am in deep trouble, as I see myself squaring off a fellow I am really scared of. But as he punch me right in my face I started to feel something, I don't know, whether to cry or to fight back. Something comes in my mind. Whether Ill fight back or not this kid will not stop. I decided to give it all, because this not gonna hurt like bare knuckles which he usually did boxing upon my chest.


But I don't know, from where  I got my skills, as I see myself betting him, that to my surprise my other classmate is holding me back to stop beating him.


From that day on, his never touched me. The whole story was told in the entire first grade class of what had happened. That, being said not only surprised them but for me as well, how the hell I did that?


That is why I love boxing! This is just my first reason folks. Stay tuned for the other nine. I m gonna till you in a series of post and in between updating you to the latest in world of boxing (like what had happened to Drian Francisco Vs Michael Domingo match up negotiation). The sport we all love.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pinoy Pugilist In a Verge of Clash

Posted by Retech
A lot of Mexican boxers has the opportunity fighting against each other in a huge spectator in the heart of boxing capital in Las Vegas. Boxing fans are willing to pay their hard earned dollars to watch compatriot against each other. This is because they are the best in their division.

One example is Eric Morales vs Marco Antonio Barrera,  a match up resulted into a trilogy watch by millions of fans around the world. This kind of match up we are waiting to happen for Filipino fighters. Shall we say Manny Pacqiao vs Nonito Donaire. That's huge isn't it? But I doubt if this would materialized as both fighters separated by a huge gap in weight and the tremendous amount of respect Donaire for Pacquiao.

If negotiation push through we might see both pinoy pugilist against each other but not in the same magnitude I mention. If things go through as planned, Drian 'Golden Fists' Francisco (20-1-1, 16 KOs) against Michael Domingo (41-15-2, 19 KOs). both are well recognized boxers are expected to clash. With the right hype and support this is gonna be huge.

Much up like this is what we are waiting for Filipino fighters. This will showcase all Filipino talent to attract more lucrative fight offers.

Stay tune for more updates about this bout.

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AJ "Bazooka" Banal Exposed by a Moving Target

AJ Banal (25,1,1,19 KO) last fight against Tyson Cave (15,1,0) is like a bazooka that can not aim and hit the target, Tyson who claim himself as the combination of Muhammad Ali and Prince Naseem Hamed did very well in teasing and joking around. AJ's focus was tested this time, wherein at times he showed frustration and losing composure throwing wild punches.

It is very essential for a fighter to stay calm whatever his opponent will bring to the table, Mind games is like a termite that attack from the inside. Whatever physical training a fighter went through might be useless if he is caught mentally by his opponent, because he is susceptible to commit mistakes.

A blink of an eye in committing mistakes during fight pays a brutal price, though not in the case of Cave who don't have enough power in his hands to rock opponents with a single shot.

Well, a win is win for AJ. Congratulations!


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