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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gennady Golovkin proves he's the real deal, finishes Macklin in three, silences skeptics

Gennady Golovkin, 27-0 (KO 24) was a beast on Saturday night. Golovkin proved skeptics wrong and silenced critics on their seats while watching him dismantled Matthew Macklin. Those who believed he was a hyped and overrated fighter, were in disbelief how he battered Macklin in just three rounds. Golovkin’s seek-and-destroy style that hardcore and casual fans love to watch will always stand out. Macklin was supposed to be the toughest test of GGG’s career. But he was nowhere near a hard task to tackle, instead he look like a prey to a hungry monster.

In the first round it was evident that Golovkin had no little respect for Macklin’s power. Golovkin immediately jump at Macklin and throw punches with real bad intention. He was marching towards Macklin as if he was holding Thor’s hammer. The heavy handed phenom from Kazakhstan shook the underpowered challenger that look stunned and frightened with every punch that landed.
In the second round I am asking myself this question, until when Macklin now dropped to 29-5 (KO 20) could keep himself standing. With this question in my mind, I know this is going to be a short walk in the park for Golovkin. HBO should better back-up with good quality under-cards whenever they headline Golovkin, it is going to be guaranteed short night.

Golovkin backed Macklin several times through the ropes. Macklin seemed confused on how to react the situation, whether to punch out off the ropes or to cover up downstairs or upstairs. Macklin had neither answer nor clear defense for Golovkins head and body assault.

In the third round, Golovkin unleashed a powerful shot to the body that put Macklin down for good. Macklin took a knee and was counted out from there.

Prior to the fight, Macklin was regarded as an acid test for Golovkin. Macklin had been in a war with top tier middleweight Felix Sturm and Sergio Martinez.  Although he lost against Martinez, he gave the champion one hell of a fight that if it went through the final bell, for sure he would have taken the title. Against Felix Sturm, we all know who won. However, last night Macklin was overpowered and overwhelmed by a different kind of beast.

What next for Golovkin now that he passed the ‘toughest’ test?

Sergio Martinez, sitting on top of the middleweight hill, would likely be the next opponent for GGG. But with Golovkins performance tonight, I don’t know how willing Maravilla would take the risk. Martinez narrowly escaped the final round knockdown scored by Chavez Jr. in their September 2012 fight. Against Golovkin, he will be treated with more of the same punches. But his awkward style is interesting to watch against a heavy handed stalker.

Andre Ward, the number two pound for pound boxer next to Floyd Mayweather Jr. is another mouthwatering match-up. But I hate to hear Ward calling out opponents to come up or to come down at 168-pounds. A catch-weight at 164 is ideal.

What do you think would be GGG’s best next opponent?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The One: Mayweather vs. Canelo will hold press conference

The fight between eight-time and five division world champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. and super welterweight world champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will host a press conference in Bayfront Park, Tina Hills Pavilion at 301 North Biscayne Boulevard Miami according to Golden Boy Promotion press release.

The open-to-the-public press conference that will be held on Friday June 28 at 1PM (E.T.) will discuss their Super Welterweight World Championship fight taking place on Saturday, Sept. 14 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

The fight, which is billed as “The One: Mayweather vs. Canelo” featured both undefeated fighters. And after the fight there could be only one, which will remain undefeated. Canelo Alvarez will try to erase that “O” on Mayweather’s record and dethrone the pound-for-pound kingpin, which his previous 44 opponents failed to do. The winner will be boxing’s “Numero Uno”.

The fight will be produced and distributed live by SHOWTIME PPV®.

Since this press conference is open to the public, fans are encouraged to arrive early.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A look at Adrien Broner’s performance against Paulie Malignaggi

Photo Credit: Al Bello

COMMENTARY│Expected and considered by some as "the next big thing" in boxing, Adrien "The Problem Broner" scored a split decision victory against hometown favorite Paulie "The Magic Man" Malignaggi at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday.

The Cincinnati fighter, Broner, captured the WBA welterweight title from the often regarded as "paper champion" Malignaggi, from this talent-packed 147 pound division. Broner at 23, became three division champion: having won world titles at super featherweight, lightweight and welterweight.

Broner now improved to 27-0 (22 KO), skipped 140 pound division to fought Malignaggi. His move was criticized. He is accused of ducking the likes of Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse, Lamont Peterson, Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado. These fighters would give real problem to "The Problem" and will pose the biggest test of Broner's talent.

Well, fast forward, he chose to fight Malignaggi 32-5, (7 KO) at 147 pound, last night on Showtime. A fight that was somehow perceived, to be an easy job for Floyd's so called "younger brother".

Most if not all boxing aficionados picked Broner to win via knockout or in a very impressive manner. I predicted that Broner will win unanimously in a lopsided battle. I did not predict a KO because Broner is a newcomer at welter and Malignaggi has been fighting in this division for several fights. Instead, I expect Broner to showcase more from his talent and ring prowess to outwit the feather-fisted Malignaggi.

Maybe I am expecting a lot from Broner. But what I should expect from a fighter who is positioned to be the next big thing in boxing? I expect an easy job for a pick out job.

However, although Broner won and remained undefeated, his performance is far from my expectation. Broner started the fight slow as expected, which he always did to size up his opponent. Malignaggi at 32 managed to land jabs and was the busier fighter. Broner has the lower punch output because his hands were too busy on shoulder roll and doubling up to protect from Malignaggi's volume jabs to his head and body in the first four rounds.

Broner, increased his output in the fifth and throw more uppercuts and left hooks that find mark on Malignaggi's head and body. But Malignaggi stuck to his game plan, he continued to keep distance using his jab and clinched whenever Broner got close.

Broner failed to adjust Malignaggi's game plan. Knowing that he can take whatever the light hitting Malignaggi throws. He kept coming towards Malignaggi flat footedly in one direction, using his shoulder roll as the only defense. But it also prevented him to throw more punches of his own.

Broner has the upper body movement of Floyd but without the footwork. He did not use lateral and more head movement to evade Malignaggi's jabs. The added weight made him slow and did George Foreman's move that Muhammad Ali describes as a "mummy walk" prior to their "the rumble in the jungle" fight in 1974.

On the other hand, I saw what I don't expect from Malignaggi; he was able to keep up the next big thing in boxing and was never in a verge of collapse or getting KO'd. He religiously stuck to his game plan from start to finish. The only thing that is lacking is the sting from his punches. If he has decent power I think it would have been a different story.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Malignaggi vs. Broner: Whose mouth will get shut?

Photo Credit Tom Casino/Showtime

COMMENTARY│Hometown favorite Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi of Brooklyn will defend his WBA welterweight title against current lightweight and two division champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner for Showtime’s triple header at the Barclay’s Brooklyn New York on June 22.

Malignaggi and Broner are gifted with tremendous trash talking ability that not anyone can take especially boxing younger generation fans. Verbal assaults against each other in social media all the way to the media workout had been always below the belt. When fight night comes, whose mouth will get shut and humiliated?

Malignaggi 32-4 (KO 7), is one of the worst alphabet belt holders in boxing. Although he fought the biggest names in the welterweight division like Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto, however he never won against this kind of high level opposition. So, how relevant this belt he is having in the welterweight division?

Broner 26-0 (KO 22), other than badmouthing opponent, in fairness has a fantastic talent. He has a superb ability that can back up his trashing. But looking into his resume, he is yet to be tested. He has not fought anyone that challenge and push his abilities to the limit.

The Cincinnati star was also criticized when he came over the super featherweight limit when he demolished Vicente Escobedo in round five for the vacant 130pound in July last year. Since lightweight is a thin division, unlike the junior welterweight division, which is packed with real champions, fans wanted Broner to climb up there and fight more competitive and bigger payday opposition.

However, Broner dismissed the idea, saying that he will not rush things up and will clean-up the lightweight division before moving up to another division. He then fought Gavin Rees next for the WBC lightweight championship, and won with ease. He is expected to climb up to the junior welterweight next fight potentially facing the likes of Lamont Peterson, Danny Garcia, or Mike Alvarado that could pose real problem with “The Problem”.

Nevertheless, fans were surprise when announced that he will fight Malignaggi for the WBA welterweight title. Why he skip the 140pound division?

Since then the trash talking started to promote a somewhat insignificant fight to both of their careers.

Malignaggi-Broner trash talking each other catches up public attention. I don’t know if this is good for boxing. They did it to promote to what seems to be a useless fight.

With all the verbal assaults, which mouth do you think will be shut come fight night? Who will be humiliated with the defeat? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Malignaggi vs. Broner: Media workout photos and quotes

Photo Credit: Tom Casino SHOWTIME

Brooklyn’s hometown favorite Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi will defend his WBA world welterweight title against Cincinnati’s undefeated and current lightweight champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner on June 22 as the main event of Showtime’s’ tripleheader at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.
The fighters showed (photos below) to the media what they have got in their respective training on a media workout held on Tuesday.

The tripleheader features 12-round bout between Johnathon "Mr." Banks (29-1-1, 19 KO's) and Seth "Mayhem" Mitchell (25-1-1, 19 KO's) and Sakio "The Scorpion" Bika (31-5-2, 21 KO's), of Sydney, Australia,  against Mexico City's undefeated Marco Antonio Periban (20-0, 13 KO's) will clash for the vacant WBC Super Middleweight Championship.

Malignaggi and Broner exchanging heated and sometimes below-the-belt verbal assaults against each other on social media, continued during the media workout, here are some quotes.

Paulie Malignaggi

"I'm going to dominate him, punish him and make him quit on his stool"

"It's not just him coming to beat my ass.  He's forgetting one thing: I'm coming to beat his ass and, that's the plan on Saturday night."
Adrien Broner

"June 22, he's going to wish there's another corner he can run to"

"Paulie is Paulie.  You know, I'm gonna be honest with you, if you're not on you're A-game against Paulie, he can slip away from you.  He's a guy with some tricks up his sleeve, but we're not here for a circus day.”

Whatever Malignaggi and Broner had already been said against each other, only one questions lingers on, whose trash talking will transpire in the ring comes fight night?

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Garcia vs. Lopez: Mikey Stops Juanma in Four

Mikey Garcia officially joins the one percent league of elite fighters in the sport, making former two time champion Juan Manuel Lopez like a club fighter. Garcia stops Lopez in round 4, after knocking him down in the second round. The official time of the stoppage: 1:35 in the fourth round.

Both fighters started the first round cautious, trying to figure its other out. But the snapping jabs of Garcia were dominating. Just in the second round, Garcia perfectly thrown a quick-as-a-cat one-two combination that Lopez never saw it coming. Boom! Down went Lopez on his butt. He never saw it coming.

The knockdown came from a very treacherous attack. Garcia was so calm, seems not willing to engage at that time and content with his jab connecting well on Lopez's face. But all of the sudden Garcia unleashed a cracking one-two punch.

Lopez, not badly hurt, got up and continued the fight.

In the third round, Garcia is landing at well, beating the former champion form Puerto Rico by the punch. Lopez was totally off in his counters, he is just swinging in the air, not able to touch Garcia.

With the win, Garcia will make the title vacant. He was not able to make the division limit 126 pounds coming in during the weigh-in two pounds over at 128 pounds and did not bother to make the weight, because according to him it might affect his health. Mikey said after the weigh-in that his body seems like 'shutdown'.

I think Garcia's win will be put into question somehow for not making the contractual weight. He had two hours to get the right weight but instead of shedding the extra poundage he give Lopez several thousands of dollars.

Maybe those two pounds might not matter at all, but those division limits, were being set for a reason. Two pounds is two pounds.

However, looking into Lopez performance tonight, do you think he will not get knockout by Garcia, if he (Garcia) make the right weight?

I think Garcia will still knockout Lopez even if he weighed the same. Or even if they were both above the featherweight limit. The execution of Lopez was never near his level before he was knockout by Salido. He looked old and sluggish. He was totally wrecked from the two battles he endured against Salido.
Meanwhile, Garcia was ask if he will fight at 130, he said that If he feel comfortable fighting at 130 come next fight, he will stay there. But if not, and 126 still his division, he will go back down.

Maybe Garcia’s explosive win will be question, but the kid has a very bright future ahead of him. A fight with Rocky Martinez is inevitable for another classic Puerto Rico vs. Mexico rivalry.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Garcia vs. Lopez Weigh-In: Garcia is two-pounds over the featherwight limit and looks so drain

Garcia vs Lopez Weigh-in Result:

Garcia came in on the scales at 128 pounds, two pounds over the featherweight limit. Garcia looks so drain in the weigh-in. It seems he is having difficulty making the division limit. I hope this will not be a big factor in the fight outcome.

I believe he should move up to super-featherweight division after this fight.

Juan Manuel Lopez came in at 125.25 pounds and look ripped. 
The featherweight showdown between undefeated WBO champion Mikey Garcia and Puerto Rican star Juan Manuel Lopez will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark at the American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Garcia did not bother to make another try to make the weight that might pose health problems. This means that he lost his WBO Featherweight title without even setting his foot in the ring.

Lopez at 125.25 will be contesting the title that he once held.

For my preview of the bout you will find it here on THESCUFFLE.COM.

Weigh-In Result:

Mikey Garcia - 128 pounds
Juan Manuel Lopez - 125.25

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garcia vs. Lopez: Prediction, Analysis and Preview

Originally posted on THESCUFFLE.COM
Undefeated WBO featherweight champion Mikey Garcia will face former two-division champion Juan Manuel Lopez at the American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas, USA on Saturday, June 15.

Mikey Garcia was coming from a technical decision victory over Mexican banger Orlando Salido in January wresting the title once held by Juan Manuel Lopez that he will defend on HBO’s “Boxing After Dark”

Garcia, 31-0 (KO 26), is a young and fast rising star that graduated from being simply called prospect, now making way to become member of the sports elite. He is a kind of fighter despite being young; He thinks like a veteran in the ring.

He is very patient and picks his punches very well with total precision. He tends to be very cautious in the ring. And has the tendency to be boring against fellow counter puncher. But against puncher/brawler, it will be very interesting to watch and that should be the case against Lopez.

A win against Lopez would help solidify his claim in the featherweight division and would get his self ready for another potential bigger name in the division, perhaps against brawler, fellow undefeated Abner Mares—WBC champion.

Lopez, 33-2 (KO 30) is coming from two consecutive victories against, Aldimar Santos and Eugene Lopez. He is trying to get back into the winning column after he suffered TKO losses against Orlando Salido.

Lopez is a two fisted fighter who wanted to slug it off punch by punch. He is a fighter that one’s get himself into a brawl stops thinking about defense and just throwing bombs after bombs, not caring if he gets hit as long as he hits. If you are in the opposite corner against Lopez be sure you can absorb wicked punches to your body, or you will drop to your knee.

Lopez cannot afford to lose this fight, if he wants to go back to the status he left before losing from Salido. A win against Garcia would make him beat the man, who beat the man that beat him. It’s a redemption against those TKO loses in his career.

Against common opponent—Orlando Salido

Garcia vs. Salido – Garcia scored a total of four knockdowns against Salido, twice in the very first round and once in rounds three and four. In round eight Garcia suffered a broken nose from an accidental head butt. The fight was stop and Garcia was awarded the title.

Mikey Garcia was a bit criticized for not continuing the fight. He was accused of quitting from the fight after the head butt. Robert Garcia, Mikey’s trainer, being aware that his fighter was way ahead in the judges’ scorecards, insisted that his fighter cannot continue. He knows that it is very dangerous for his fighter to continue fighting, having a broken nose, against a guy who is noted to be very strong in the closing rounds.

However, the blame cannot erase the fact that the 25 years old, fast rising prospect was schooling the veteran Orlando Salido. Salido was out boxed and was beaten by the punch all night long. He was always a recipient of well timed counters from a technically savvy Garcia.

Salido vs. Lopez (twice) – Lopez was defeated by Salido twice via technical knockout. It is a fight that Lopez believed he can defeat Salido into a slugfest. In the first bout, although up on his feet but unable to answer several punishing shots from Salido, the fight was stop by the referee. Lopez pointed out that the fight was stop prematurely.

In the rematch, Lopez didn’t learn the lesson in his first defeat. He met Salido head-on again. And even if he was wobbled several times, he chose to trade bombs after bombs. But Salido’s more powerful and devastating punches prevailed.


Looking into each gentleman's performance against a common opponent, it is easy to say that Garcia has the edge, which I believe is the case for this fight.

However, I also believe that Lopez learned from the mistakes he made from the two defeats in his record. I think he will not rush to engage Garcia in a slugfest because he knows he will be walking ahead to Garcia's precise counters. I think he will fight intelligently this time around.  If Lopez considers plan B, I like to see him slug it out in the latter rounds and to find out how much Garcia can absorb from his power.

Nevertheless, I still think that the skills and slickness of Mikey Garcia will prevail and he will cruise into a unanimous decision.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Save The Dates: Mayweather Jr. vs. Alvarez Media Tour Schedule

The second installment of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s 6-fight deal with Showtime against Saul "Canelo Alvarrez will stage 11-city, two-country media tour that will kick off on June 24 in New York City and will culminate Phoenix and Los Angeles according to Golden Boy Promotion Press release forwarded to me via email.

You can read full details of the schedule here.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Writing for Yahoo Contributor Network: Timing Matters

I've been a freelance writer for Yahoo! Contributor Network (YCN) submitting content for possible publication on Yahoo! websites, for almost a year now. Being a boxing fan that loves to write about the sport, having my work published on Yahoo! is very much fulfilling. As a starter, it is a confidence booster to have my articles posted on their site.

One thing I learned in submitting contents to yahoo is about timing. YCN editors review submitted contents four to ten days after submission. And because of this, it is not favorable to write boxing results. HBO and Showtime stage boxing bouts every Saturday night.

Granted you submit your article right after the fight--it will be published the earliest on Wednesday, which is too late for a news story to be published after four days.

One example is the article I wrote regarding Hopkins-Cloud result. I submitted the article right after the fight, (Saturday night) but it was published after four days (Wednesday). Most of the related stories are already online right after the fight. Anyway, I can handle that because I am not a Yahoo! sport news correspondent (just an aspiring contributor/writer).

I decided to ditch news stories. I tried writing fight and future match-up predictions. This is better; all I need to do is choose a match-up, know when it will happen, and submit the prediction a week before, just to make sure it will be published two or three days before the fight.

However, when I wrote a piece predicting two possible opponents of Floyd Mayweather Jr, yet the timing was off. I can't help but to laugh at the result.

I submitted the article on May 28, but to my surprise Mayweather announced his opponent on May 30. That made my article totally useless. I wanted to blame Mayweather (lol...) for that early announcement.

I have option to delete it before it will be published, but I choose to keep it. I wanted to see if Yahoo! Contributor Network editors will notice it. But to my surprise it was published after five days. So, I told to myself, "better late than never". I kept the article and submitted another one with a headline "Mayweather Jr. Vs. Canelo: Is Floyd Pressured to Fight Alvarez"

Now I understand that timing is very essential in everything we do. I do hope YCN editors will shorten the number of days for reviewing contents. Let say at a day or two.