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Monday, July 23, 2012

Adrien Broner another Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the making

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Adrien Broner wins on Saturday 21 July 2012 against Vicente Escobedo 26-4-0 (KO 15) via knockout in round 5 at U. S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The vacant WBO super featherweight title is at stake only for Escobedo when Adrien Broner 24-0-0 (KO 20) failed to make the division limit at 130 pounds.

Broner at 22 years old is a young and talented but cocky fighter. I cannot deny that this kid has a resemblance of a Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As talented as Mayweather Jr.?

Broner throws a counter left-hook, while the right hand is tight on defense for the right cheek but arm and ready to throw for a straight or overhand right. He can do Money May’s trademark–shoulder roll. This kid also has fast hands and decent footwork. In my opinion he has the ability to emulate what Floyd can do inside the ring.

As cocky as Floyd?

I watch several fight videos of him wherein he tease and taunt his opponent in the ring, bringing his guard down an enticed opponents to come in. Although, I wasn’t able to watch foul words that this young rising star from Cincinnati thrown towards an opponent–he seems to have a tendency to do so.

Adrien Broner also knows how to create scenario that capture a lot of publicity. Either bad or good publicity it is publicity. This is where Floyd is good at–“negative publicity”.

During the weigh in Broner already create buzz that resulted to mix reaction from fans and writers–branding him as disrespectful to Escobedo. Many told that he just made the right decision for he has difficulties in making weight and has plans of moving up.


One of Broner’s moves that add glitter during Saturdays fight is his wedding proposal to his girlfriend. This is the first time so far, I saw a proposal in a post fight interview.

Overall, in my opinion we have another Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the making. I hope Broner can surpass the talent not the cockiness of the so-called villainin boxing.

It is not bad to be like Mayweather as long as cockiness is back-up with talent, dedication and hard work.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Top two open basketball courts in Kuwait Part II

This is the second part out of a Ten-series article, which feature and review basketball courts in Kuwait. I posted the first part on 30thJune 2012–you may find it here.

I already mentioned in the first part that finding basketball court is a major problem here in Kuwait because it is not the popular sport here among locals and other expats; that is why basketball courts were outnumbered by football fields–football being the number 1 sport in this rich petroleum-exporting country.

So to help you guys locate those not-so-easy to find basketball courts–let me introduce to you at least ten of them. So, basketball addict without any further delay here is my second pick.


Marina Park Basketball Court

Marina Basketball Court situated at Marina Park in Salmiya near seaside.

Newly arrived expats that loves to play basketball usually introduced to Salmiya court. In my opinion, this is by far the most popular of all open-for-public basketball courts here in Kuwait. If you ask somebody about basketball court–for sure he/she will tell about Salmiya.

Salmiya is very accessible wherever you are in Kuwait. It will take just a single-ride from a bus whether you are in Farwaniya, Kuwait City or Hawally.

Marina Park has three courts–so it can accommodate 30 players playing simultaneously. Queue is not a problem here; you can play right away as long as you come in group. Out of three courts, you will find Filipinos playing the court beside the public comfort room.

The next thing I like Salmiya basketball court because after playing you can chilax (chill and relax) watching the calm sea with fresh air and it is just a few steps from the court. You may also play then swim or swim then play; up to you.
If you have car, parking is not a problem also.

Accessibility: Good

Court’s Appearance/Maintenance: Fair

Timing: Open until late in the evening.

IMG_7555 IMG_7556 IMG_7557

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Donaire vs. Mathebula Post-fight Analysis: Analyzing Donaire’s performance

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After unifying titles in 122 pound-division, let us examine Nonito Donaire’s performance against Jeffrey Mathebula.

Before the fight boxing followers, writers, experts including fellow bloggers were unanimous that this fight would be a great road-test for Donaire to push his talent to the limit. It is noted that Donaire had fought opponents wherein he was the bigger and taller fighter from flyweight to bantamweight.

How Donaire neutralize Mathebula’s height advantage?

Donaire is too good in closing the gap against a taller South African Champion, in fact he manage to land that signature counter left hook; slipping the long jab of Mathebula and like flash close in and throw that punch.

However, after that knockdown in Round 4 Donaire seek to knockout Mathebula in a single punch, that never happened.

It seems Donaire don’t want to execute Garcia’s instruction to break down Mathebula and pick him in the right time.

I remember how Mosley deceived from his single almost-knockdown punch against Floyd Mayweather Jr. that he keeps on seeking until the last round but was pick apart by Mayweather losing all the remaining rounds.

I am not taking out away anything from Mathebula but he is not as good as Mayweather Jr. in counterpunching and capitalizing the eagerness of an opponent who wish to land a knockout punch


If Mathebula was able to do what Floyd did to Mosley I think Donaire would be eating jabs and counters all night long if he continues to look for that single knockout punch.

Donaire’s should have been patient and not too eager in putting on a good show by doing so. He needs to pick apart systematically and patiently wait for a knockout to come. 

However, I believed that it is best to knockout your opponent and not let the 3 judges decide to avoid infamous decisions like what happened to Pacquiao-Bradley fight. 

For me the best boxing Judge is the fighters fist, knock your guy out and you are the winner no questions ask.

However, eagerness to do so is so dangerous for you become prone to mistakes that might be exploited.

Donaire vs. Mathebula: The flash continues to shine wins–UD 12

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Nonito Donaire outclass fellow former Olympian Jeffrey Mathebula for WBO–IBF unification bout on Saturday, 7thJuly 2012 at Home Depot Center, Carson, California, United States. 

Early on, it seems that Mathebula sense that Donaire punches are too powerful to handle, tries to fight from the outside, capitalizing his advantages in height and reach.

However in Round 4, Donaire send him to the canvas with that single kiss-the-canvass counter left hook–Donaire’s signature punch that put Fernando Montiel to seizure in just Round 2 of their 2011 fight. But Mathebula being a warrior get up with the bell’s mercy and survive the imminent end of his reign as a champion.

In the succeeding rounds, Mathebula tries to borrow the book of Joshua Clottey, building a solid high-guard wall to cover raining power shots of Donaire that seeks single-blow knockout punch.

Again Donaire hurt Mathebula in the Round 11 and blood keeps on drawing from the mouth of the South African champion that later known to be a broken tooth.

Donaire finishes the last round fast and strong and pull off a unanimous win, now the unified super bantamweight weight supremo.

In the interview Donaire pointed out to become an undisputed 122 pounder before he is good to move up to Featherweight division.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire vs. Jeffrey “Mongoose” Mathebula: Pre-fight prediction/analysis plus facts and figures

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Nonito Donaire vs. Jeffrey Mathebula fight will be on Saturday, 7thJuly 2012 at Home Depot Center, Carson, California, United States. This fight is a 12 round bout for the WBO and IBF Super bantamweight title. 
Mathebula’s numbers

Jeffrey Mathebula 26-3-2 (KO 14) will be fighting for only for the second time outside South Africa. First was in Arena Roberto Duran, Panama City, Panama for a fight against Celestino Caballero which he in fact lost via split decision that was on 30th April 2009.

Mathebula had a total of 31 fights and won 26, 14 via knockout or technical knockout and that is 45.16 KO percentage, while he boxed a total of 197 rounds.


During his amateur career he represented South Africa in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney as a featherweight,  defeating Noureddine Medjihoud of Algeria but lost to Bekzat Sattarkhanov of Kazakhstan.

The South African held titles in IBF Super Bantamweight Title–2012, WBC International Featherweight Title in 2005-08 and IBO Intercontinental Super Bantamweight Title in 2003.

Nonito Donaire figures.

Nonito Donaire, 28-1-0 (KO 18) had a total of 29 fights and 62.07 KO percentage and boxed a total of 158 Rounds.

Donaire’s resume is far more impressive, having a sensational knockout wins against the likes of Vic Darchinyan and Fernando Montiel both were feared fighters in their division.

The Filipino Flash is undefeated for more than 11 years now. His last loss was against Rosendo Sanchez in 2003.


During his amateur Career he won a gold medal at the 1999 US Junior Olympics championships at 106 lbs beating James Kirkland. Quarter-finalist at the 1999 National Golden Gloves at 106 lbs. He won also gold medal at the 2000 United States championships at 106 lbs.

He competed at the 2000 US Olympic trials at 106 lbs beating Ron Siler, Raul Martinez, losing to Karoz Norman and Brian Viloria. Viloria too defeated Nonito's brother Glenn in the semifinals. Donaire held world title in three weight class; WBO Super Bantamweight, WBC Bantamweight, WBO Bantamweight and, IBF Flyweight title.


Although Mathebula had a height and reach advantage and overall size advantage, Donaire seems has the upperhand in all other aspects.

If we look at Donaires KO percentage it only shows his power to knockout opponents. While Mathebula having more total fights fought had less than 50 percent KO rate. However it is noted that Donaire in most of his fights excluding Vasquez fought much smaller fighters.

Donaires vulnerability in this fight is his ability to absorb punches from a guy like Mathebula who is bigger and taller.


Technically Donaire would have the edge but given the fact that both were having good amateur experience and has the ability to adjust styles in real time during the fight would be exciting to watch.

Pacquiao’s recent loss to Bradley lost some glitter in his super shining career, is it Donaires time now to go out from Pacquiao’s shadow and come out flashing? Is this his time to be the Batman not the Robin?

I pick Donaire to have this fight in his resume being the winner by unanimous decision.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Manchester United to sell shares in United States market

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Manchester United, an English professional football club, based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, that plays in the Premier League, according to Yahoo Sports, filed papers in the United States Tuesday to raise money by selling shares on the US market.

The move would raise up to $100 million in the initial public offering, the Britain's all-time top Premier League team said.

Sometime last year also, the wealthiest and most widely supported football team in the world was also reported to sell part of stock shares to Asian Market, particularly in Singapore.