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Basic Boxing Information you need to know as a boxing fan

How to judge a boxing match?

The scoring shall be done on a TEN POINT must system. Judges are to score each round using the following scoring criteria:
1. Clean punching (power versus quantity).
2. Effective aggressiveness.
3. Ring generalship.
4. Defense.

Incomplete or Partial Rounds In the event that the bout is stopped in the middle of the round, the judges shall score ALL incomplete or partials rounds as if they were a complete round.

Knockdowns Judges shall deduct points for knockdowns only when they are called as such by the referee.

Point Deductions Judges may only deduct points for fouls when they are instructed to do so by the referee.
General guidelines for the "10 Point Must System"
Judges should avoid scoring a round even. (Complete concentration and application of the scoring criteria will allow Judges to pick the winner of each round.)

The basic scoring concepts - Round ends, no clear winner 10-10 (Rare)
- Close round/Winning of the round by effective boxing – 10-9
- One knockdown and a winning of the round – 10-8
- No knockdowns, but a clear dominating winning of the round – 10-8
- Two knockdowns – 10-7
- One knockdown and one point deduction to the same boxer – 10-8 (minus 1) = 10-7
- More than two knockdowns – 10-6
- Two knockdowns and one point deduction – 10-7 (minus 1) = 10-6


What are Boxing Styles?
1. Boxer/out-fighter - A classic "boxer" who wants distance from his opponent like Floyd Mayweather Jr.
2. Boxer-puncher - A well rounded boxer who can fight at close range using technique and power like Manny Pacquiao
3. Counter-puncher - A defensive fighter who capitalize opponent mistakes and counter like Juan Manuel Marquez.
4. Brawler/slugger - A fighter who rely so much from power. Best asset is power and durability like Marcos Maidana.
5. Swarmer/in-fighter - A close quarter fighter, stalking opponent. Best asset is durability, and bobbing-and-weaving like Mike Tyson.

"Styles make fights" perhaps the most overuse 'cliche' by boxing writers. Why?
Two very good fighters fighting each other doesn't guarantee good result. Styles not complementing each other will make you look for your bed and sleep. Want detailed explanation about this subject? Click here.

What are the kind of punches?
1. Jab is a quick, straight punch that a boxer usually throws with his off-hand and is commonly used to set up other, more powerful blows.

Below are considered as power punches.
2. Cross/straight – A punch coming from a fighter’s strong hand.
3. Hook – A punch that arc in from the side of either hands.
4. Uppercut – A punch that arc up from below from either hands.

What are the current 17 weight classes?
1. Heavyweight
2. Cruiserweight (200lbs)
3. Light Heavyweight (175lbs)
4. Super Middleweight (168lbs)
5. Middleweight (160lbs)
6. Junior Middleweight (154lbs)
7. Welterweight (147lbs)
8. Junior Welterweight (140lbs)
9. Lightweight (135lbs)
10. Junior Lightweight (130lbs)
11. Featherweight (126lbs)
12. Junior Featherweight (122lbs)
13. Bantamweight (118lbs)
14. Junior Bantamweight (115lbs)
15. Flyweight (112lbs)
16. Junior Flyweight (108lbs)
17. Strawweight (105lbs)

As a boxing fan, we LOVE TO WATCH LIVE FIGHTS. But our problem is where to watch? Other than pay-per-view subscription (for big fights) we rely on live streaming or replays. Check out this links below it might help you.

1. Live streaming-- here in this link you can watch almost all sort of sports "live". For boxing, you can watch live fights like HBO PPV fights, HBO BAD, ESPN2, Friday Night Fights, BoxNation, Showtime PPV and many more. Just click link here.

2. YouTube Channel -- if you have a slow internet connection, most probably your live streaming will be interrupted most of the time. Try to sign-up for a YouTube Channel and subscribe this channel. You can watch every edition of ESPN FNF . Just click link here.

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