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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kuwait expatriates wage increase likely in 2012?

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Just to make both ends meet, Filipino expats in Kuwait continue to endure their respective jobs although some were unhappy with the salary they get. Everyone is hopeful for year 2012 to at least receive even meager salary increments from their employer.

According to Kuwait Times, Kuwait is likely to adopt general salary increases ranging between 20 and 40 percent of base salary for public sector employee”.

But then, there is no certainty if the expatriates working in the private and even in the public sector could also get the said salary increases. Sources from Kuwait Times also added that, “the increase would cover all Kuwaitis working in the public and private sectors, as well as retired citizens and those covered by social insurance.”

If this is the case then, our hope for such blessings this year is unclear. But I will not end my story here. I continue browsing the web hoping to find out positive news for us.

A source from AlWatan Daily disclosed that “expatriates working in the public sector will receive a raise worth 50 Kuwaiti dinars in which will be paid starting April. The cost of such raise is estimated to be KD 700 million wherein 600,000 employees will benefit from it, including 30,000 citizens who receive social aids, 130,000 retired employees, 230,000 civil servants and the others who work for the private sector”.

It is very obvious that the reported raises are initiated particularly for the Citizens and expatriates working in the public sector and the private sector as the less priority. In my opinion also, private companies might not able to comply. It will depend upon the financial stability of the company.

Still our sole hope is upon the mercy of our employer including me who work in the private sector.

Meanwhile, speaking of wages hike/raises, Q8NRI.composted in 11th January 2012 that Kuwait including Bahrain may have the lowest pay hike among the GCC countries in 2012. What a sad note. While it is Qatar has the highest pay, employees in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman are likely to see the best pay hikes among Gulf nations this year, according to an expert in the recruitment industry.

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