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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ward vs. Dawson Analysis: Did The Weight Matter?

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Andre Ward dominates fellow American Chad Dawson for the WBC and WBA Super middleweight title at the Oracle Arena, Oakland, California, United States. Ward now, 26–0–0 (KO 14) showed superiority early in the fight—knocking down Dawson in the third round.


Since then, Ward is controlling the fight although Dawson 31–2–0 (KO 17) tries to counter. The end came in the tenth round when Ward sent Dawson to the canvass and unable to continue.

Dawson’s defeat was excruciating since he was the fact calling out Ward after a win against Bernard Hopkins and as a result compromise to fight at 168 pounds.

In the post fight interview Ward convey a huge respect to Dawson for calling him out for this fight.

"There's a lot at stake. I take my hat off to Chad. He risked a lot coming down to fight me. He called me out, and you gotta take your hat off to Chad for that. He has nothing to be ashamed about. Chad Dawson is still the light heavyweight kingpin in my opinion”.

It is really a big gamble for Dawson to come down in weight. He has been campaigning in the Light heavyweight Division for some time. I really don’t know how the weight really affects him in this fight.

However, as far as I know for boxers coming down in weight after fighting for several years in his comfortable weight never had a positive effect.

Although I am not taking away anything from Ward, he was clearly dominating and had the arsenal that really look Dawson really bad in this fight, really bad.

Nevertheless, if the fight happened at 175 pounds it might have been a different story.   

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