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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mayweather may fight Alexander, not Guerrero in May

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s tweet on Tuesday created buzz and stirred the boxing world. He tweeted that the front-runner for his May 4 scheduled bout is Devon Alexander. I said what? If this is the truth then what will happen to Devon Alexander vs. Kell Brook bout scheduled on February 23?

Recently, the said bout was postponed because Alexander has suffered a bicep injury according to

It appears to me that, what Mayweather Jr. tweeted is the reason why Alexander postponed again the fight.Then, what happens to Robert Guerrero? His name floats as Floyd’s opponent after he dominated Andre Berto at 147 pounds in November.

I don’t want again to hint that Floyd is ducking Guerrero. However, Guerrero poses more threat to Floyd than Alexander. His aggressive boxing style might land a shot similar to Marquez that would put Floyd into deep trouble. Unlike Alexander, who tends to counter rather than attack, would be easier to handle.

Whatever it is, whenever we heard anything from Floyd—it is always a hit. Stay tuned. I think there will be more of this in a series.

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