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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Donaire's 'no-show' on PSA causes pinoy scribe social media beef

Dennis “D’Source” Guillermo and Joey S. Villar had an ongoing twitter and facebook beef. It started when Guillermo posted the following lines on twitter,

“Is it just me, or do you find this story comical? Why can't Sports Writers understand why a fighter chooses to...”
The link will lead to an article posted on entitled Donaire snubs PSA award.

Then Joey Villar, which I believe the writer of the above linked article replied,“@dRealSource You're an asslicker I guess. Can't Donaire just say he can't attend and not leave the PSA hanging?

Then a series of back and forth bashing continued on both social media that went too ugly.

Guillermo, a sportswriter that covers Philippines, boxing and MMA, is trying to justify why boxing champion Nonito Donaire not able to show-up PSA ceremony in Manila.

Donaire is in deep training in the US prior to his April bout with slick Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux, which is considered his toughest foe.

In the other hand, Joey Villar a sports writer for The Philippine Star, is trying to stress out why Donaire, if chose not to show up because of the very obvious reason, was not able to at least send email, or any means of communication whatsoever to inform that he cannot attend.

Renowned sports writer Ronnie Nathanielsz also expresses the same idea on tweeter saying, “Nonito should have sent a message to PSA that he couldn't attend the awards because he is deep in training. Understandable.”

Donaire then replied, “Ronnie, I never received an official letter from anyone stating I was awarded so those writers who informed me”“w/o the letter I did not know who to address my nonattendance to.”

After Donaire’s reply Ronnie expresses agreement on Donaires situation saying, “Don't worry Nonito.Its no big deal.You can't fly halfway around the world to pick up an award when training”.

However, Joey Villar and Dennis Guillermo continued their battle on twitter which I think would not be necessary. We can agree to disagree and move on from there.

Bottom line is we need more athletes’ that will move to greater heights and that will continue to inspire more people. That is, what it is.

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