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Friday, April 5, 2013

Transnational Boxing Ranking Board--The future of boxing

With the existing alphabet belts (sanctioning bodies) in boxing, no one can tell who the real champion is, in every weight division. Each sanctioning bodies has its own version of world champion. The creation of TBRB or TRANSNATIONAL BOXING RANKING BOARD is viable, not as an alternative but as a definitive organization that will determine real boxing rankings.    

What's the use of a boxer called the 'welterweight world champion' if yet there is another four champions who shared the same title on four different alphabet belts?

There is a need to have a organization, that will rank boxers . A ranking board that oversees the entire sport of boxing. Unlike the existing alphabet belts who ranks only their own roster of fighters that pay their sanction fees.

However, there is already an alternative for the alphabet belts that exists for a long period--"The Ring Magazine", that first published in 1922. But in recent years had been drag into questionable changes in their policies on how to rank and crown champions.

"But what do you do when you need an alternative to the alternative?" said Eric Raskin a former managing editor of The Ring magazine and co-hosts the twice-monthly boxing podcast Ring Theory, in his article on ESPN.

In this article, Raskin also explains how TBRB work. As a boxing fan I support TBRB for their effort for the betterment of boxing. I hope, once this board become a solid source of boxing ranking, will not end up being eaten by corruption.

(Full disclosure: I became a member of Transnational Boxing Ranking Board in July 2013, two months after I posted this article.) 

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