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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo: Is Floyd pressured to fight Alvarez?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. posted in his twitter account on Thursday that he will fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on September 14 at the MGM Grand.

“I chose my opponent for September 14th and it's Canelo Alvarez. I'm giving the fans what they want. It will be at the MGM Grand.”

Before even a heated discussion for this match-up begun, Mayweather gave his decision to fight the most dangerous opponent in boxing today.

I can’t help, but to get so excited about this decision Mayweather just took. This is a fight that salvages the most anticipated fight for almost half a decade, the Mayweather-Pacquiao super-fight. But what comes to my mind is that why Mayweather took the decision so soon. I’m not saying it is a bad decision; in fact it is good for the fans and for the sport of boxing.

However, looking into the past decisions of Mayweather in picking opponents, it seems to me that his decision to fight Alvarez is too soon. I anticipate that he will delay this fight and will look for other opponent on his second fight for his Showtime 6-fight deal. This is to build-up more hype and to entice the fans. I am expecting that a Canelo fight will be the finale on his contract.

I can’t hold my gut to say that, is Mayweather took a lot of pressure to fight Canelo now than fighting him last?

We can’t deny the fact that the Mayweather-Guerrero didn’t met expectation. The pay-per-view buys didn’t hit the million mark, which is always a Mayweather number--every time he fights. According to Forbes magazine, Showtime lost $ 12 million. To salvage the contract, I think Mayweather took tremendous pressure to fight Canelo which I believe could bring the most number of Benjamin’s than any other fighter including Pacquiao. In fact, Mayweather agree to fight Canelo above the welterweight limit.

With the above being said, true or not, Canelo, not truly worthy but also dangerous for Mayweather. At 22, Canelo is strong, hungry and experience at 44-0. He has the skill and heart to face the uncanny defense system of Mayweather.

Let the discussion begin that boxing has to offer courtesy of the world’s best—Floyd Mayweather Jr.


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