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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogging and writing about boxing


 Blogging and writing about boxing

In 2006, honestly this is the year when I first have access on the internet, I'm one of those boxing fans that surf the net to find interesting stuff about the sport I love---more than any other sport---that's boxing.

But even before I've got internet access, I already followed boxing. And that's watching boxing match every Sunday morning in the Philippines (Saturday night EST) wherein big boxing cards usually aired.

I can still recall fighting sleepiness just to watch Tyson vs. Douglas on our 12" black-and-white TV set. The fight was on delayed telecast on our local TV network jam-packed with commercials. Don’t get me wrong, the fight isn't the cause of my lethargy, but it was the commercials.

The fight finished at 12 midnight, (12 midnight is very late in the southern part of the Philippines) this was Tyson's first career defeat. The fight was held in our neighboring country Japan in 1990.

Then, the following morning (Monday) I'll be telling the whole story of the fight to my classmates. I just really don't care if they were interested or not.

That's how I followed boxing in the past: watching fights every Sunday, talking to my classmates about the fight every Monday.

In the late 1990's Oscar De la Hoya became a household name in the Philippines, the same time wherein Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao can be seen boxing on local TV network bulldozing opponents on a program called "Blow by Blow".

With the rise of De la Hoya (my favorite non-Filipino fighter, not as a business man though) aside from Tyson, Leonard and Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, just made me love 'the sweet science' even more.

When I got access on the internet, my passion about boxing became more and more intense. The more I found leading boxing sites with up to date information, the more I crave for more.

I think I almost have all the login account to most boxing sites. And I tried to comment every time I visit. But I hate forums. I just hate when I read crazy argument. Boxing, of all the sports, had the most brilliant heads (boxingheads as what they call it) but had also craziest fans and followers.

In 2010, I incidentally stumbled upon into a blogging plat form, I thought never exist. I never thought I can own a free blog site. I never thought I can write my craziest thoughts about boxing instead of messing around boxing websites with my craziest thoughts about boxing.

But blogging is not just about writing stuff. It's about being responsible and fact checking, not offending anyone even when laying down commentaries and opinions.

I'm not having degree in journalism, but it will not stop me from writing about something I'm passionate about. I agree with what World Boxing editor Phil D. Jay wrote in his article.

"I can understand when you hear some arguments on grammar and standard of writing, but not everyone can get a degree in this day and age - with my philosophy being "the more you write, the better you can become".

This is true especially to those who are trying to write in English, but English is not the mother tongue---like me. But as what I have said, there's no stopping me about writing for the sport I'm passionate about.

As long as I can utter the very same words I wrote face-to-face to my subject person, (plus of course fact-checking my works), then I having nothing to worry about.

To those boxing fans that wanted to put your thoughts into writing, but hesitant because you don't have the proper background to back it up, don't stop, and simply write something from the heart.

Here's my personal list of excellent boxing blogs that I recommend worth reading, in no particular order.

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