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Friday, December 13, 2013

Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana: Preview and prediction

Broner and Maidana

Here's my preview and prediction of the fight between Adrien “The Problem” Broner, 27-0-0 (KO 22) vs. Marcos “Chino” Maidana 34-3-0 (KO 31) on Saturday, 14 December, at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, USA on SHOWTIME EXTREME®

Broner, 24, is a talented young fighter; few boxing pundits perceived him to be the apparent 'heir' of Floyd Mayweather Jr., once the pound-for-pound kingpin hang his boxing gloves for good. Well, I think Broner had what it takes to be like Floyd Mayweather Jr. talent wise. He has sound defensive skill and has decent speed too. He has a raw talent to say the least that could be sharpened as the young fighter from Cincinnati gain more experience in the ring.

In the opposite corner, Maidana, 30, is tough guy that love to come forward and throw heavy bombs. Maidana's seek-and-destroy style is similar to his countryman Lucas Matthysse, a style, adored by knockout-thirsty boxing fans. What makes Maidana so effective with his aggression is his toughness. Even if he'll receive punishment, while coming forward… man he'll keep on coming because he can take a punch. Maidana is a tough guy that punches hard.

I can see that this match-up is about talent/skills vs. toughness/aggression.

On Broner and Maidana's previous fights.

Broner is coming from a not-so-impressive victory against feather-fisted Paulie Malignaggi. I say not-so-impressive because, without taking anything away from Malignaggi, as a fighter, Broner was expected to show a much better performance than what he actually did against Malignaggi. I mean many boxing experts believed that Broner could knockout Malignaggi. But instead, the recently crowned king of Brooklyn gave Broner so many problems in the first half of the fight, and only to win via decision.

The only question that time for Broner is his power: If he can carry it to the welterweight division. Broner skipped 140 pound from 135 pound and fought Paulie at welter. Although, Broner clearly landed the crispier shots, his speed and timing was somewhat off at that time. Broner have been bothered by Malignaggi's series of jabs, that he need six or more rounds to figure it out.

Marcos Maidana found success mostly on fighters who like also to slug it out. But have difficulties against boxer like Devon Alexander, and fighters that known for speed, like Amir Khan. But these defeats we're 12round decisions. This means he could be out-boxed, but it's least to outlast Maidana. In last three fights, Maidana scored knockouts against Josesito Lopez, Angel Martinez and Jesus Soto-Karass. These fighters wanted to fight toe-to-toe.

My prediction

I think there will be no testing rounds for Maidana here. He will jump immediately into Broner and throw heavy punches right away to the body and see how Broner will react to it. And I think this will be Broner's first time to encounter as hard-nosed as Maidana.

He will take cover to his defensive shell and slowly fought back in the rounds 4 to five. But Maidana's relentless aggression and superior power will be too much for him. Maidana will have no problem absorbing a somewhat diminished Broner power at welter, although lethal at lightweight. Maidana will keep on coming and coming catching up a weary Broner, wherein speed becomes irrelevant factor in favor of Broner.

Why because I think Broner will tire on this fight because Maidana will let him fight every seconds, every minute of every round. And it seems to me that Broner lost a lot of weight during the training, because he allow himself to balloon in between fights. There's something wrong about his discipline outside the ring.

As what I've mentioned above that: this fight is about talent/skills vs. toughness/aggression. And I picked Maidana's toughness and aggression to prevail over the talent and skills of Broner. I've got Maidana by KO/TKO between rounds 8 to 10.

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