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Sunday, March 9, 2014

'Canelo' vs. Angulo: Saul Alvarez TKO 10 Alfredo 'Perro' Angulo

Canelo vs. Angulo

As most boxing pundits predicted, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (43-1-1, 31 KO's) stopped Alfredo (22-4, 18 KO's) via technical knockout in Round 10 tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada USA for Showtime pay-per-view main event.

In the get-go Canelo was all over Angulo working like I’ve never seen him before in the same work-rate, blitzing Angulo with hard shots that came with great speed. Canelo maintained high level of aggression in the first three rounds and trying to box a bit in the fourth.

This isn't what I expected from Canelo. I thought in my prediction that it will be Angulo – not Canelo – will unleash bombardment early in the fight. But I'm right on the spot that Canelo will stop Angulo in Round 10.

Canelo sustained the pace he started. This answers the question of Canelo’s conditioning, which is a subject to doubt as he tends to fade in the later rounds in his previous fights. Although in Rounds 5 and 6 there was less activity from Canelo. But he still landed the harder shots.

Angulo tried to step-up his offense, but he’s allowing Canelo to escape far too easily – not cutting the ring off effectively, giving more room for Canelo to escape.

In Round 8, the action picked-up again as both men throwing bombs at close quarter taking turns in pounding towards each other. But it’s Canelo who made out the most of it.

The stoppage came in Round 10 as referee Tony Weeks already keeping an eye on Angulo. Canelo landed a big uppercut that prompted Weeks’ to pull the plug. The crowd may not be happy but Weeks had seen enough.

Official time of the stoppage: 0:47's in Round 10

It's an impressive performance for Canelo’s performance tonight.

It seems to me that Angulo has no steam on his punches. Maybe he’s getting himself too drained to make the division limit at 154? Maybe it’s time for him to move up in weight? Not only Angulo should move up, but for sure also Canelo who looked strong and have more stamina at a weight more than the super welterweight limit.

Do you think the weight is the factor tonight for each man performance?

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