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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All eyes wide open: Adrien Broner vs Carlos Molina preview and prediction

All eyes wide open: Adrien Broner vs Carlos Molina preview and prediction

It is very interesting to see how the former undefeated three-division champion Adrien "The Problem" Broner (27-1, 22 KO's) performs against 17 months inactive Carlos Molina. Both men were coming off from their respective defeats in their previous fights. And they're hoping to get back in the winning column in the expense of each other. That motivation alone makes this fight extremely interesting.

But all eyes will be wide open on Adrien Broner. Critics and fans will pay attention to this guy if he can really get back where he was prior to the Maidana fight (fresh, fly and flashy). Broner, Prior to Maidana fight, has been perceived or shall I say being hyped to be the "heir apparent" of boxing's pound-for-pound best Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Well, we can't deny the fact, that Broner has the potential to be the future's boxing best because this kid have the talent and skills to bring to the table against any fighter in his "ideal" fighting weight. He has also the character that he successfully portrayed:  just like Floyd -- playing the role as villain in boxing. His cocky character worked like charm because he catches a lot of attention.

Character/charisma and talent are the key ingredients that Broner already have to become the sport's future main draw. But, what is in question is his dedication and discipline. Boxing above any other sport needs enormous discipline and dedication. Without these key values: a boxer can't hang on any longer, in this sport, than he could imagine.

An evidence that I can say why Broner lacks discipline; is that he ballooned in between fights. And because of that he thought that it's easy to jump to welterweight from lightweight (or just tired making the lightweight limit , which I think he can still make if he don't put on too much weight in between fights). Well, it looks easy though as he managed to win the welterweight belt from light-hitting champion Paulie Malignaggi. But not against real welters that hit hard. Maidana showed him how a real welter connects.

Now in this fight Broner will move back down to 140 pounds, which is the advice of most boxing analysts. He will debut at light welterweight against Molina.

Carlos Molina (17-1-1, 7 KO's) has been undefeated for 17 fights before Amir Khan, who will be seen in action also of the same Showtime card, retired him in round 10. Since then Molina has been away from fighting inside the ring. I think his major problem against Broner on fight night will be ring rust. He's been away for 17 months.

Molina is a massive underdog of this fight. It looks like he's been thrown to this fight to make Broner secure a sure win -- because he (Broner) badly needs a win. Molina was lightly regarded and was get noticed when he fought Khan. But Khan (who badly needs also a win on that fight) overwhelmed him with superior hand-speed. Molina for sure will always come forward to press for a win. He's also tough and rugged opponent that may test Broner's composure at some point.

My Pick:

Molina has got nothing to do more or less, to let Broner's critics upload tons of Broner memes -- with hands hanging on the ropes after suffering a knockdown, and then Rey Mysterio will execute his signature move.
Molina's problem would be ring rust. And as he adjusts during the fight Broner will be racking up points on the scorecards. Although, I love upsets, but I don't see on this fight. Broner will be back being the same "fresh, fly and flashy, rich and famous young man" (these are Broner's words) in this fight to the tune of unanimous decision.


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