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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tyson "Batman" Fury

Tyson Fury surprised boxing fans and media present during the press conference of his fight with Vladimir Klitschko. The 27 year old fighter from Bolton came out dressed as Batman. Apart from his vaunted mouth power in trash talking this recent posterity stunt proved Fury indeed entertaining.

However Klitschko had a different assessment. He insisted that his challenger for his October 24 title defense is mentally ill. He branded Fury a "bipolar psychopath". 

But I think, Fury should not be treated like that. Fury did his thing to promote the fight. He's doing extra efforts which is not required. But it actually helped promote the fight. Otherwise yesterday's presscon will be just another presscon in boxing. If he keeps doing like that I would admire him, but not with his below the belt trash-talking.

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