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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Marquez III Post fight Assessment: Is Marquez robbed for the third time?

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In the boxing fans point of view - especially the fans of Juan Manuel Marquez, will definitely say that it is Marquez who won the welterweight championship battle held in MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada. Moreover, it is also true to some Pacquiao fans who admitted that he lost the fight.

However, let me assess the fight in the judges point of view. Robert Hoyle saw the bout even at 114-114, while Dave Moretti saw it 115-113, and Glenn Trowbridge 116-112, both in favor of Manny resulting to a majority decision.

In my opinion, both the judges that scored in Pacman's favor might share the very same idea that I have in my mind after the fight because I believed Pacquiao really won. Pacquiao being the WBO champion has the option to stay in the defensive, while it is Marquez's call to initiate the action being the challenger.

However, Marquez chose to be in the defensive/counter punching mode, lacking the urgency to wrestle the welterweight title on the line. What if Manny chose also the same? The fight would have ended in a very boring show, but I saw Pacquiao winning easily without any bruises.

Pacquiao's trademark - putting on a show in all his fights chose to initiate the action and bring the fight to Marquez. This is how in my opinion the judges saw the fight and scoring the fight for Pacquaio and yetcompuBox figures will show also.

However, fight fans who are having very high expectation for Pacquaio to end the fight in a manner they wanted was not satisfied with what transpired in the ring. Let's remember that style makes fight, and it is really true in this match up and we saw not just for 12 rounds but for a total of 36 hard rounds.


  1. I have been waiting when you gonna post your opinion about the recent Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight.

    I think I replied on your previous post that Juan Manuel Marquez gonna survive the fight though as always PacMan always on the winning side.

    No doubt about the fight, Manny Pacquiao has the favor of the judges and it is right by unanimous decision.

    Congrats to Manny and of of course Marquez doesn't left empty handed.

  2. Yes you posted on my previous post, and you are correct in your prediction, and I was wrong to predict a knockout.

    I believed the fight again could go either way, but since Pacquaio is the champion that's why he got the judges nod.

    Thanks for the read.

  3. marquez is pacquiao's kryptonite and so with pacquiao to marquez.

    nothing new to the first first and second fight. but what made pacman win is his aggressiveness in the ring. what made marquez lost is his in ability to surge forward during the time that he need - when he connect while counter punching he should continue throwing punches to back down pacman and i think doing that would make him win.