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Monday, November 7, 2011

Manny Pacquiao VS Juan Manuel Marquez III: Prediction/Analysis

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The analysis and prediction of the most anticipated fight between fighter of the decade and WBO welterweight champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio (53 (38)-3-2) vs Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Marquez, (53(39)-5-1) in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, scheduled on November 12, 2011 is overwhelmingly in favor of the Pacman.

Let us dissect few boxing famous personalities about their prediction/analysis of this fight.

1. Nonito "The Filipino Flash"Donaire" (WBC/WBO Bantamweight Champion - Speaks about his prediction posted in the Deans Corner of, "too big, too strong and two quick". “Marquez has gotten bigger but he’s not the fast type so it may not matter if the extra weight slows him down,” said Donaire and he’s picking Manny Pacquiao to beat the Mexican by a knockout anywhere between the eighth and 12 rounds.

2. Emanuel Steward (Trainer) - Manny Pacquiao will be too big and too busy for his older opponent, 38-year-old Juan Manuel Marquez according to Emanuel posted on

3. Larry Merchant (Boxing Analyst) - "Off the top of my head, at this early stage, is that Marquez has earned the fight but he's getting older and Pacquiao's been getting better and stronger." Merchant said posted on

While it is true that Eight Division Champion Pacquiao is on top of most boxing analyst, however all boxers defeated by Pacman, it is only Juan Manuel Marquez that gave him the toughest competition wherein the decision could went either way. 


In my own personal analysis, I still go for Pacquaio but in a unanimous decision - if Marquez survive any knockdown in the early stanza  because I believe Pacman will eventually get one if not more knockdowns this time. 

Marquez who focus in building up muscles and weight, might be hoping to withstand Pacquiao's power shots and choose to fight toe to toe which Pacquiao loves to do. However, Pacquiao will rely more on his speed, footwork and timed his power shots anticipating Marquez slower pace as a result of adding more weight and the age factor.

I'm not surprise if I could see a duplicate of Pacquaio vs Cotto fight but with a precise counter punching of Marquez. This are my own personal opinion, what's yours? let me hear from you by giving a comment below.


  1. ah, kaya ka pala nag ask, kasi mahilig ka sa sports.. :)

  2. Hey Retech,

    I am a big boxing fan. Great sports blog you've got here.

    Thank you for visiting my site.

  3. Oh really pinoy_oman!... great!! I will be glad if you could share also your thoughts regarding these fight.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Well, let me tell you this way. There's nothing much exciting to see with this fight. Like what you've mentioned, Juan Manuel Marques is already aged. But based on history, he could still once again stand the fight. I think both this gentlemen has a draw fight before.

    Juan Manuel Marquez will prove his worth as a fighter but again this is another money fight.

    I don't think Pacman's fans will get excited of this fight as well.

  5. Thanks for your comment Pinoy_oman but I doubt if this one could not be exciting. If you have seen the two previous fights - the first was a draw and the fight of year awardee.

    The second fight was classic, that both men bruised evenly due exchanges of fireworks and Manny won by split decision.

    This earned Marquez his last shot for Manny, but I believe this time Manny will shot Marquez mouth for good, and this is exciting, how how he will do it?