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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are you not Lin-tertained? Jeremy Lin Continued New York Knick's Winning Streak.

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Jeremy Lin continues his astounding performance against Sacramento Kings. Lin lead Knicks in their seventh straight victories with career high 13 assists. 

While watching the highlights of the game in NBA site, it was so entertaining to watch how the Harvard graduate play and get the whole team as a recipient of 13 assists.

The play that lifts me up upon my sit was that when he tries to penetrate, unable to see an opening, decided not to lay up, unable to dish out a pass, continue dribbling the ball from underneath the basket going out to the shaded area and again penetrate back and lays the ball in without a problem.

One thing I love about Jeremy Lin is that he does it just like that, as easy as that, no fancy moves just right straight to the hoop and score. 

Most of the time it is Chandler who get an assist coming from Jeremy Lin. Chandler keep on slamming the ball after receiving passes from Lin underneath the basket. 

It is obvious that Sacramento’s defense focus a little bit to Lin, as he was the leading his team to straight victories.

Jeremy Lin create stir early this month that the fans give him a lot of moniker.


  1. Yes, but he got only two points during the all star week although he played only for six minutes?

    Linsanity is it for real? are we just Linsane?