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Friday, February 10, 2012

PhilBack Inter-company division: United COE 7th conference Rookie champions

PhilBacks Championship Medal

Nasser sports give United COE a tough game from start to finish. The whole squad was full battle geared against COE, starting the first quarter aggressively pouring in a massive offensive play that constitute as much as 12 point lead in the process.

United COE players before the final match: Photo JMA 9

On the other hand United COE, unable to formulate an effective defense against the perimeter shootout of Nasser Sports spearheaded by Edward Gueco distributing the ball evenly towards his team mates, forcing Paul Mallari – two fouls in the first canto. Opted Playing Coach Rob Cano to benched Mallari for the remaining minutes of the first quarter and called for a time out.

Nasser Sports before the match: Photo via PhilBack

Fresh from the time out COE pull a rally that close the gap before the final buzzer of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Nasser Sport continued to take the lead leaving United COE single digit deficit – finishing it strong towards the end of the quarter. COE had the ball 15 seconds before the buzzer, committed back to back turn over that Nasser Sports converted as the first half buzzer sounded.

UCOE and Nasser Sports after the briefing: Photo via PhilBack

Tough defense has been implemented by both squads; it is a battle of free throws, sending Romy Navarro in the foul line – converting almost every opportunity and Edward Gueco in the other end.

Before the start of the second half United COE talk things over and decided a tight 1-3-1 zone defense that is quiet effective – neutralizing the perimeter shooter of the sports apparel leader.

Third quarter has been a roller coaster for both teams who tried to establish a clear advantage against each other however, it is still Nasser Sports who’s taking the driver seat.

United COE turn the tide as Ramil Cadano tries to control the boards for COE, neutralizing second chance points for Nasser.

Nasser Sports during the briefing: Photo via PhilBack

A lot more drama and emotions pouring in the middle of the third quarter, wherein both teams penalized for technical fouls – Romy Navarro perfect from the foul line converted four points that cut down the lead of Nasser into single ball possession and eventually take the lead in the end of the third quarter with ten points advantage.

In the fourth, United COE continued their tight zone defense – taking the lead. As a counter, Nasser Sports tried a trapping defense in the transition and was only broken down by United COE. 

COE who anticipated trapping and pressure in the inbound executed a perfect counter against it, forming a single line in the inbound and passing the ball towards a running forward; either Romy Navarro or Paul Mallari as the recipient creating a mismatch against a defending guard from Nasser that is left with no choice but to foul.

United COE after the final match: Photo JMA 9

In the process, United COE establishes a clear advantage. Al Nasser Sports unable to wage a comeback and United COE, with two digits advantage carried it all the way to the final buzzer as United COE captured the championship with a score 90 - 79.

Awarding of Championship Medals: Photo JMA 9

The big win was sweet for the team – being a rookie team in PhilBack’s/Western Union 7th conference inter-company division.

The awarding ceremony followed; Romy Navarro as the conference MVP and mythical five are as follows; Romy and Paul Mallari of United COE, Pacer of Heisco, De Leon of Al Ghanim and Edward Gueco of Al Nasser Sports.

Trophies and medals: Photo via PhilBack





MVP                        :ROMY NAVARRO          

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