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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Floyd Mayweather Jr. dismantles Cotto; wins by unanimous decision captures world title

Floyd Mayweather Jr. still unbeaten for 43 fights dominates almost every round against a very game Miguel Cotto from start to finish. Below is Shuttlepen’s round by round recap of the fight.

Round 1: Floyd outboxes Cotto with fast hands, quick combos and uppercuts. Cotto counters but unable to land a clear punch. Floyd’s Round.

Round 2: Cotto wrestle Mayweather up, pushes him towards the corner and pummeles him with combinations but Mayweather was quick to counter, throws a jab and two big right hands. Floyd’s round.

Round 3: Cotto has not done offensively in the start. Big right hand–Mayweather.  Uppercut from the inside lands for Mayweather from the ropes.  Cotto landed to the body and the head. The fighter gets in the center of the ring, Cotto again to the body and then upstairs. Cotto lands a jab, not a good round for Floyd although showed a good defense every time he was in the corner. I give it to Cotto.

Round 4: Mayweather lands overhand right to the head. Cotto lands body shot. Maywaether landed four-punch combo. Mayweather tie up Cotto in the corner and lands uppercut. Left hand–Mayweather finish the round.  Floyd’s Round.

Round 5: Cotto start busy–corners Floyd towards the ropes. Cotto unleashes combination from the corner, Floyd ties once Cotto works from the inside.Cotto plants his head against Floyd’s chest. Right hand lands for Cotto. Maywather answers combos from outside. Cotto’s upper left eyebrow cuts. Floyd’s Round.

Round 6: Jab lands for Cotto,Mayweather nod and smile at Cotto. Cotto lands again a jab to the body. Mayweather now stalks Cotto. Mayweather finish the round with bloody nose. Cotto’s round.

Round 7: Mayweather stays in the center of the ring. Floyd lands jab and uppercut. Floyd’s  so quick on his feet. Right hand–Cotto. Floyd lands to the body and double left hook upstairs. Left hand–Mayweater. Floyd’s round.

Round 8: Uppercut lands for Mayweather. Money leans against the rope, Cotto unleashes flurries but unable to land a clean blow. Left uppercuts land at well for Floyd as Cotto leans forward. Cotto lands left hand to the body. Couple left hand lands for Cotto. Good Round for Cotto.

Round 9: Big uppercut lands for Floyd. Mayweather tie Cotto in the middle of the ring. Cotto pressures Floyd in the ropes. Floyd’s round.

Round 10: Floyds lands right hook and uppercut. Cotto answers body shot. Cotto continue missing his shots. Sneaky jab lands for Cotto. Uppercut– Cotto. A slack round for both fighters but Mayweather obviously wins the round.

Round 11: Right hand lands for Floyd to the head. Cotto stalks Floyd and lands two combos. Floyd ties Cotto in the middle of the ring. Floyd blocks Cotto’s punches. Cotto lands to the head in the corner. Floyd’s lands overhand right from the outside. Floyd lands telling blows. Floyd’s Round.

Round 12: Cotto wrestles Floyd again to the ropes. Money tied up Cotto. Cotto pushes his head to Floyds’ chest. Floyd lands popping jab and left uppercut staggered Cotto. Fans are up on their feet. Left-right-hand lands for Floyd and toys Cotto. Bell sounds to end the round. Big round again for Floyd. 

My score 10 rounds against 2 in favor of the winner via UD Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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