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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Donaire vs. Mathebula Post-fight Analysis: Analyzing Donaire’s performance

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After unifying titles in 122 pound-division, let us examine Nonito Donaire’s performance against Jeffrey Mathebula.

Before the fight boxing followers, writers, experts including fellow bloggers were unanimous that this fight would be a great road-test for Donaire to push his talent to the limit. It is noted that Donaire had fought opponents wherein he was the bigger and taller fighter from flyweight to bantamweight.

How Donaire neutralize Mathebula’s height advantage?

Donaire is too good in closing the gap against a taller South African Champion, in fact he manage to land that signature counter left hook; slipping the long jab of Mathebula and like flash close in and throw that punch.

However, after that knockdown in Round 4 Donaire seek to knockout Mathebula in a single punch, that never happened.

It seems Donaire don’t want to execute Garcia’s instruction to break down Mathebula and pick him in the right time.

I remember how Mosley deceived from his single almost-knockdown punch against Floyd Mayweather Jr. that he keeps on seeking until the last round but was pick apart by Mayweather losing all the remaining rounds.

I am not taking out away anything from Mathebula but he is not as good as Mayweather Jr. in counterpunching and capitalizing the eagerness of an opponent who wish to land a knockout punch


If Mathebula was able to do what Floyd did to Mosley I think Donaire would be eating jabs and counters all night long if he continues to look for that single knockout punch.

Donaire’s should have been patient and not too eager in putting on a good show by doing so. He needs to pick apart systematically and patiently wait for a knockout to come. 

However, I believed that it is best to knockout your opponent and not let the 3 judges decide to avoid infamous decisions like what happened to Pacquiao-Bradley fight. 

For me the best boxing Judge is the fighters fist, knock your guy out and you are the winner no questions ask.

However, eagerness to do so is so dangerous for you become prone to mistakes that might be exploited.

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