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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Top two open basketball courts in Kuwait Part II

This is the second part out of a Ten-series article, which feature and review basketball courts in Kuwait. I posted the first part on 30thJune 2012–you may find it here.

I already mentioned in the first part that finding basketball court is a major problem here in Kuwait because it is not the popular sport here among locals and other expats; that is why basketball courts were outnumbered by football fields–football being the number 1 sport in this rich petroleum-exporting country.

So to help you guys locate those not-so-easy to find basketball courts–let me introduce to you at least ten of them. So, basketball addict without any further delay here is my second pick.


Marina Park Basketball Court

Marina Basketball Court situated at Marina Park in Salmiya near seaside.

Newly arrived expats that loves to play basketball usually introduced to Salmiya court. In my opinion, this is by far the most popular of all open-for-public basketball courts here in Kuwait. If you ask somebody about basketball court–for sure he/she will tell about Salmiya.

Salmiya is very accessible wherever you are in Kuwait. It will take just a single-ride from a bus whether you are in Farwaniya, Kuwait City or Hawally.

Marina Park has three courts–so it can accommodate 30 players playing simultaneously. Queue is not a problem here; you can play right away as long as you come in group. Out of three courts, you will find Filipinos playing the court beside the public comfort room.

The next thing I like Salmiya basketball court because after playing you can chilax (chill and relax) watching the calm sea with fresh air and it is just a few steps from the court. You may also play then swim or swim then play; up to you.
If you have car, parking is not a problem also.

Accessibility: Good

Court’s Appearance/Maintenance: Fair

Timing: Open until late in the evening.

IMG_7555 IMG_7556 IMG_7557

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