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Friday, November 16, 2012

Abner Mares wants a Nonito Donaire-fight as birthday gift

Abner Mares who came from a fresh victory over Anselmo Moreno last week—mauling him for twelve rounds and got the unbelievable unanimous decision, tweeted in twitter for a fight with Nonito ‘The Filipino Flash’ Donaire.

“Well my bday is coming up on the 28 of this month, And all I want for my bday is a fight VS Nonito ..#maresdonaire #walkformaresdonaire”
It seems that Abner Mares is very interested for a fight with the Filipino star Nonito Donaire. I’m sure this could be a great fight. Imagine the roughhousing of Mares collide with Donaire’s counter punching skills.

Whose style will prevail? Nonito Donaire’s upcoming fight with Mexican volume puncher Jorge Arce would be a good barometer to test how good Donaire to swarming and mauling style.

However, at this point Mares has a good chance at Donaire, not to mention his out of the book tricks—that is disappointing to watch (Watch Abner Mares vs. Anselmo Moreno highlights last week) from a young and talented guy who could win without doing such tricks.

Here is also a video that talks about the ridiculous judging.

I like this match-up if Donaire get past Arce.

Will a fight with Donaire could be a nice birthday gift for Mares? Well, of course defends on the outcome of the fight—if this one will materialize, he better hope it will be on his favor, otherwise he might  stop asking for a birthday gift like this because this might be a bad idea.

In my opinion—to all super bantamweight boxers—Donaire might not be a cool birthday gift. Money wise yes! then not bad for a birthday gift.

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