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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Donaire vs. Arce: Travieso play as the underdog

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Veteran Mexican star Jorge Arce is the clear underdog in his fight against Filipino star Nonito Donaire 30-1-0 (KO 19) in Toyota Center, Houston, Texas on December 15, 2012. But Arce is confident that he can knockout Donaire.

Well, in my opinion yes why not. Arce 61-6-2 (KO 46) is a volume puncher—offense is his defense. He throws a lot of them as if his way to catch his breath is to throw a punch. The more I feel that he is tired in a fight, the more I see him throw a lot more punches. He doesn’t care how many his opponent will land as long as he throws his own. Arce also has heart of a true champion. He is okay being the underdog but fight the way he used to and not intimidated nor unfazed by the situation.

Arce also continues to come forward and never back down to whatever adversities he will face in the course of the fight because he bleeds easily. I remember when he fought Hussein Hussein—that was classic. Arce was bleeding through his eyes and face but his willingness to win was tremendous and he knockout Hussein in round 10 in the first match. It was a very exciting match that lead to a rubber match that Arce won again just in the second round.

Arce’s fight also with Vazquez Jr. was the same story; he was the underdog, bleeding and was the older lion against the younger Vazquez but come out and won the fight. Donaire also defeated vazquez.

However, what I noticed is that both Hussein and Vazquez are fighters that love to fight toe to toe. This is the type of style that suited to Arce because he throws a lot so the chance of landing more is high against a come-forward fighter.

Darchinyan, another brawler and loves toe-to-toe action but defeated Arce because this guy is a heavy puncher. In my opinion, Arce has problem in his style if his opponent—although fights toe-to-toe but has the power. Arce is prone to be hit. And once hit with a heavier puncher then he is done.

Cristian Mijares, this guy is a different fighter among the three I mention but defeated Arce. Mijares is a technical boxer. He moves around, uses lateral, good footwork, and uses jab. Arce was always off balance when he fought Mijares. This only means that Arce has also a problem with less powerful but technical fighters that is why Mijares won unanimously.

Now, it happens that Donaire, in my opinion is the heavier puncher and a technical fighter too, that will give Arce twice the problem not to mention the age factor. Now, you decide whether or not Arce could pull an upset being the underdog.

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