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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marquez knocked out Pacquiao in Round 6

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The 39 year old Mexican warrior was vindicated and proved that he was the better boxer, knocking Pacquiao out in Round 6. He perfectly timed Pacquiao’s assault and countered with his fully-powered right hand, a second before the bell sounded at 2:59. Pacquiao went down face first to the canvass for good. It took few minutes before Pacquiao finally sat on a stool.

Before that, Marquez scored a knockdown in Round 3 that put Pacquiao flat on his back. He caught Pacquiao with a beautiful overhand right. Pacquiao seemed not badly hurt and continue the action. In the fourth round Pacquiao fought cautiously and landing couple of lefts.

In the fifth round Pacquiao scored a knockdown to equalize the knockdown earlier scored by Marquez. He caught Marquez with his signature double right jab left straight combo. Marquez glove hit the floor. After scoring the knockdown, Pacquiao got his confidence back. The same confidence that made him reckless on his aggressiveness. This leads to his mistake that he paid dearly.

Marquez capitalized that mistake. He perfectly countered, which I guess team Marquez fight plan—how to counter Pacquiao’s signature combination—double right-jab, left-straight combo.

Finally in Round 6 when Pacquiao throw the double right jab, Marquez duck a bit and position his right hand to counter without moving his feet. Then, throw the counter-right quickly in the middle while Pacquiao lunging in (leaving his left side open) to throw the left. Marquez right hand landed on Pacquiao’s face. The Filipino boxing icon dropped face first. His wife Jinky broke into tears as the MGM Grand crowd erupted.

Pacquiao humbly admitted his defeat, "He got me good. That's boxing," "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose"

Marquez hands finally rose to victory. This is the moment that has been longing for since he first met Pacquiao in 2004. Marquez closed the eight year rivalry in a brutal manner. He made sure of excluding the judges in the equation and not even bothering the referee to count. His big right hand decided the ending of the fight.

Pacquiao’s extraordinary career is put into question. Either he will continue or retire. Arum said he might schedule a fifth fight “Why not”, Pacquiao answered.

The next question is: how about the super-fight between Pacquiao and pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. With Pacquiao’s devastating defeat against Marquez, will this fight ever or most likely to happen? Maybe it will be a mere fight but not super at all.

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