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Friday, December 28, 2012

RingTv picks Pacquiao-Marquez 4-round 5 as 'round of the year'

RingTv (ringtv.craveonline) picked Pacquiao-Marquez 4-round 5 as the 'round of the year' for 2012. It is in this round that former ten-time and eight division champion scored a knockdown against his long-time nemesis and now tormentor--Mexican boxing icon Juan Manuel Marquez.

In round five Pacquiao was obviously mentally and physically recovered from a knockdown in the third round. Pacquiao was flat on his back when Marquez threw an overhand right that landed flush on Pacquiao's face.

Pacquiao stepped up the pace and went for a broke and Marquez was game. A compact left hand landed on Marquez face made him out of balance and eventually hit his glove on the canvass--technically a knockdown.

Marquez although unhurt adhere to referee Kenny Bayless mandatory eight count. Marquez broken nose was bleeding intensely. Pacquiao equalizing the knockdown now ahead of the scorecards. Sensing all these factors, Pacquiao thinking that he got Marquez continue the onslaught and wobbled Marquez.

However, the Mexican champion answered back countering Pacquiao and ended the round still standing although bleeding profusely from a broken nose. And in the sixth round Marquez finally ended the eight year rivalry knocking out the Filipino superstar cold in what became 'knockout of the year' for almost all of the leading media and boxing sites.

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