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Friday, February 28, 2014

Chavez Jr. vs Vera rematch preview and prediction

[caption id="attachment_1599" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Retech's Bum-Rush Preview Chavez Jr. vs Vera II Photo via Chris Farina/Top Rank[/caption]

Chavez Jr. vs. Vera rematch Preview:

Will Chavez Jr. comes out being all by himself on Saturday night? And do his job in the ring without thinking about his legendary father's influence, which can be a factor (again) of the outcome of his rematch with Vera. He might learned his lesson in the first fight; although his father's influence can do him favors, but you can't hide peoples opinion on fight's outcome.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. returns to the ring in a rematch with Texan Bryan Vera on Saturday, 01 Mar. at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, USA following a controversial unanimous decision win in September.

For Chavez, this fight will be his chance to prove that he can be the "Batman" -- not the "Robin" that play the role behind shadows.

Now. being a father himself, he told in HBO presentation titled "Road to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Bryan Vera II" that "I become more focused on what I have." I expected that focus he mentioned in this fight.
"Julia Chavez, that's her name. It's an... an experience... an indescribable feeling when you have a child. Your life changes. I become more focused on what I have, my daughter, may family and... boxing"

On the other hand, Vera's focus is to come and get what exactly he was due during the first fight. And I think he understand that he should do it in a more decisive way and try to force a knockout victory.

Vera, in the previous fight was hit with heavier shots. He's an easy target for Chavez as he pressed forward. Although he landed more and brought the fight to Chavez, judges on the other hand might favor the fighter who landed the heavier blows.

Chavez Jr. vs. Vera Prediction:

I think Vera will try to outwork and out-land Chavez. But Chavez has the needed stamina to keep up the pace until the last round. Chavez would still land the heavier shots that will wobble Vera maybe several times. Vera's efforts to try to outwork, out-land Chavez, the same way he did in the first fight, may not be enough. Chavez will be the stronger, the bigger and more focus fighter.

My final verdict:

Chavez by unanimous decision -- but this time -- he deserve it.

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