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Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. delays next opponent announcement?


Boxing fans are still blank as to when boxing's pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. will pick his next opponent. Floyd's booked to be back in the ring on May, but until now there's no official announcement to whom he will fight next.

From the time of this post, there were 78 days remaining prior to 3rd May; it's less than three months from now. Normally, a fight of this magnitude, were officially announced at least three months before. This is to give ample time for the preparation that includes press tour -- for the official announcement, and time for the fighters to train.

However, until now Floyd is still delaying his announcement as to whom he will fight for his third fight under his massive Showtime 6-fight deal. He fought Robert Guerrero first and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez second, which he defeated via 12-round decisions.

It seems Floyd is having difficulty to (cherry) pick his next opponent. Few days ago, Floyd went to social media and posted this: "P4P king Floyd Mayweather wants to know who you think he should fight next. Go to & vote now!"

The poll initially had Marcos Maidana leading, not until Amir Khan (only Khan and Maidana were the options of the poll) appeal to his fans to support him and ultimately won the poll on Mayweathes's website. Ironically, some media outlets ran the same poll but had Maidana as the clear winner.

Although Khan was ahead on Mayweather's poll, until now there's no official announcement if he ever fight Khan, which seems to me from the beginning and prior to the poll Floyd is inclined to fight. But the initial fans reaction of Floyd was underwhelming.

In a post from his twitter acount Amir Khan is urging Mayweather to take him for the showdown being the winner of the poll.
"It would b an honour to share the ring with @FloydMayweather who will be loyal to his word and to the fans, to fight the winner of his poll"

Floyd's delaying the announcement would eventually hurt the marketing preparation of the fight. Although if he made "delaying the announcement" as a tactic to whoever he will fight to be under-prepared is another question. Floyd can of course start his training with intense focus even if he will pick his opponent a day before the fight.

Even if Amir Khan is confident that he will be chosen by Mayweather still he can't focus his mind to prepare until he's sure that he is the official opponent for Floyd.

What do you think are the reasons why Floyd delayed to much in choosing his next opponent?

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